Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Perfect time too....


Yup that's right peeps, its that time of the year where you can sit back and have a good think about where to begin the big clean up, life gets so busy that things get left to pile up and gather dust and I am not just talking about in the house or car I am also talking about FaceBook and other social network facilities that you may use.

So the overwhelming question is where to start????

I have decided to start in my living room which doubles as my office, So not only will I de-clutter the lounge I will de-clutter my desk, filing boxes and also my laptop along with all my online stuff. The lounge room is an important room as its where my family gather to spend quality time together but of late its been sort of a dumping ground and my desk has pretty much become the dumping ground for well everything that is in the form of paper lol so it certainly need to be organised along with all my business files. I did a de-clutter a few months back but with the Xmas rush things have become messy and cluttered again and I kinda feel that when my house is disorganised that my life becomes disorganised..... May sound silly but its true for me so time to get the clutter under control!

It is also the time of year where everyone sits down and makes their new years resolution, a fancy way of saying they are setting goals for the new year ahead, I am the type of girl that always has a goal that I am working towards and set goals of either short term or long term targets. I do however like to use the new year to evaluate, reset and make new goals/plans, so I will sit down tonight and crack on with that.....Although off the top of my head I have already gained most of my goals for 2012, thanks to the help of Perfit Ballarat and Athletes With Attitude Ballarat, there have been some wonderful highlights in 2012 that have set the wheels in motion for big things to happen in 2013 so excited to finally be able to say that I am HAPPY :)

I am going to be making 2013 the year of organisation due to that being my only downfall this year, pretty bloody awesome to think that the only thing that's slipped is my being organised in and around the home, so bring on the year of organisation, no more hunting for clean undies or my keys lol everything is going to be in its right place at all times.... well ok most of the time ;)

Well I am off to get started, I hope you are all set to have an epic new years celebration I know I am :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Monday, December 10, 2012

The inner retard...

Ok we all have it, that inner voice that tells us when we have done something stupid or should of chosen option B..... I like to call this inner voice my inner retard.... If anyone is a fan of Christopher Titus (sp?) they'll know exactly what I am talking about and I know one reader who I will be making very happy lol

So I have been on an emotional roller coaster... It is yet to derail but if I am not careful it just may tip due to heavy load lol

One minute I feel skinny, the next I feel fat, then one day I will feel like an athlete in the making and the next I feel like I'm training for the coach potato Olympics.....BLA is all I can say!

The one thing that has kept me going and makes me happy is my new training routine. I am still at Perfit Ballarat (they cant get rid of me that easily) and with their new crossfit classes I have branched out into group crossfit sessions, I am booked in for Tuesday's and Thursday's but what I really love is that I can book myself in easily over the Internet via their members website and do as many sessions a week as I want!

I think what I love the most about crossfit is I go in there wanting to do better than I did last time, to support my fellow crossfitters and to have a good giggle at my interpretation of handstands :P

So this is how I beat my inner retard... I find something positive to focus on, like training or something else that makes me feel good such as my car.... What alot of people fail to realise is that weightloss isn't just a physical thing, its not just about consistent exercise and consistent clean eating... Its also about consistent positive talk and constantly ignoring the inner retard!

Right time to get ready for some cardio :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Monday, November 19, 2012

Taking my time...

Yup I certainly have been taking my time :)

I have been enjoying hitting the gym at my own pace just doing my own thing! Sometimes life can get too fast and we don't make time to enjoy things, the exact reason for me taking time out.

My one on one sessions with Perfit had come to an end so I thought why not take a couple of weeks off to just enjoy what I have created in my body and fitness, I rekindled my love with my own gym and creating my own little routines, thanks to the wonderful team at Perfit I was able to easily make up programs that gave me a total body work out that didn't take up all my precious time off and also I was able to be creative and come up with alternate exercises because my gym doesn't have kettlebells nor much space in order to do such things as farmer walks, I also got a giggle or two when other gym goers were looking at me as if to say what the F@#%K are you doing lol

But as much as I am loving training myself I miss Perfit, so I contacted Julian and asked him about bootcamp, his reply was I am not a bootcamper I am a crossfitter.... Have to admit I got a buzz reading that because in my mind crossfit is for athletes not fatties like me :P So I am going to head in next week and get stuck into a fundamentals class and this time I will be doing group sessions instead of one on one, I think it will be a great way to workout out hard with the motivation of others and also a little bit of fun too :)

The only negative about taking time off from my busy schedule is that when I relax my body seems to catch every sickness under the sun.... Not happy Jan! This time round I have been suffering badly from dizzy spells, which have been a right pain in the butt because they come on at anytime....But as I whinge I must confess I haven't been to the Drs about it because well I am a wuss I hate Drs and avoid them at all costs but I think this time round I may need to relent and go get a check up *inner toddler screaming NO*

Well I must be off I am up early to take my daughter to get her cast taken off her arm :) whom ever said sport was safe didn't take into consideration my daughter having two left feet hehe the poor thing tripped over during a relay practise run and broke her left arm and has been in a cast for the past 4 weeks...Shes so looking forward to getting the cast off and so am I she needs to wash her hair big time! I attempted to do it in the bath but nearly drowned her hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, November 11, 2012

Lazy bum I am....

Oops, I am so lazy no new post in AGES!!!

I promise I am still here my beloved readers :)

So the low down on what has been going down in the house of Em.....

Training has been going flat out, I am now sitting on 75kg (The lightest weight I have ever ever been!) I am definitely fitter and very close to my first goal of 70kg before Xmas.... But I am nowhere near as excited as I thought I would be, infact I am so caught up in that next goal that I haven't enjoyed where I am at now, with my Perfit membership up I am thinking of taking the time out to just maintain and enjoy till the new year AND no this doesn't mean become lazy, it means MAINTAINING so my exercise and diet will remain the same with just a few tweaks..... When your goals take over your life you need to take a step back and find that balance again! Its not failure and it is not stopping it is simply a pause, time out to recollect and come back stronger :)

I posted before about needing a hobby, something that didn't involve fitness or diet or work and I have finally stumbled across something that has made me super excited... Mazda rotary..... OMG my first cruise has gotten me hooked!I got to dress up all cute in a pinup style and cruise around the beautiful route that was decided by the Melbourne crew, there was also an awesome market on at the last stop.... all I can say is WOW... I am now looking at doing up my own Mazda not a rotary engine though but I am going to look into getting a new engine built for my little beast... But first to save up those pennies :)
I have my next cruise coming up on the 17th I am so excited, I even have my outfit all picked out hehe I am also going to make some cute little cupcakes because its a special someones Bday and set aside Thursday to get the car detailed inside and out! Yup you can say I am a little excited ;)

I am so fighting the urge to hit the gym right now having a hard time thinking about what else I have been upto hehe clearly I am not a very exciting girl lol

Well I am going to leave it there and go fold the washing that is screaming my name hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Thursday, October 25, 2012

beware rant may be contained in this blog....

Good evening fellow reader,

Today was an epic day of work, gym and then fun an games with my new fur baby around the lake before dinner..... Whilst my day was epic there were a few irritations that I just must share!

Today at the gym there was this one guy that I just wanted to SLAP he was constantly on his phone chatting, he would half heatedly lift a little then bam he was on the phone chatting away yet again and if that wasn't annoying enough he was then playing on the phone during sets as well....Seriously if you need to use your phone move away from other serious gym users and stop sitting on machines and messing with others routines also you can text your mates as to how awesome the gym is when really your doing NOTHING and honey don't forget your legs to grow too having a chest of steel and legs like tooth picks just looks silly... Em says NO! The gym or even the lake where I do cardio is my place to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, me time..... it might not be the way others see it but why wreck it for the people that do?

Luckily I was using mostly dumbbells and was able to cruise through my workout all but to end it by going to the bathroom and being greeted by a white toilet that well was no longer white.... without making people vomit seriously if you dirty something you clean it up, would you leave your bathroom in that state let alone your toilet? Well I bloody wouldn't and if my toilet was left that way the offender would be scrubbing it with their head lol

Well from there I then went to the supermarket to pick up dinner supplies, I went to pull in only to find that the car next to me was parked on an angle and had the front end of their car in my spot! My mummy taught me to be respectful when parking and to always make sure that I am in my spot properly as to not impede others ability to park.... obviously not all mums taught their kiddies that!

Seriously what has happened to society???? Where has the respect gone????

I am happy to say that even though I wanted to park in that spot and make it ever so difficult for that person to get into their car and maybe teach them to park properly in future.... I didn't, I pulled out and parked opposite, although I was tempted to write learn how to park in lipstick on their windscreen but i didn't want to wreck my fav lippy lol

So the moral to my rant is that even though others seem to no longer care about others feelings/space etc I still do and I will always try my best to follow my upbringing and be respectful to others :)

Ok rant over, I am starving....time to eat :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Follow the yellow brick road....

My yellow brick road has always been my goals, but lately I haven't been tackling my goals with my usual fire....

I have relied so heavily on outside advice that I have become a bit lazy with thinking for myself, life being so hectic makes outside help a must but it isn't an excuse for me to stop thinking for myself, it also mean that I am not really doing it for myself, I am not owning it..... if I am just doing as I am told and going through the motions how can I feel attached/fulfillment when I am not wholly responsible?

Yesterday after the men's group fitness class I got chatting to an older fellow that well I must admit I just thought he was old and cranky but he has an EPIC physique on him! Anyway my opinions of him changed after we chatted (that good old saying mum used to drill into me is right 'you cant judge a book by its cover') this man really knows his stuff, he isn't a bodybuilder he is just training for a long life.... he said to me that maybe I should stop focusing on getting skinny because maybe I am just not meant to be skinny, my first initial reaction was f#$&k you but now that I have had time to think about it he has got a point, I really haven't enjoyed being me, I have been so focused on what I should and shouldn't eat, what exercise I should and shouldn't do....I haven't actually taken the time out to enjoy the fact that I am fitter and healthier than I have ever been, the scales are at an all time low and the cm have melted off me.....

So the moral of the story is to make sure you own your journey and make sure you enjoy!

So I am going to start taking back control, there are going to be some decisions to make and some changes put into action..... Stay tuned peeps :)

So one way I am going to start enjoying the new me is by doing more family activities starting with family bike rides, my daughter when with my step dad for a ride today and the smile on her face was priceless and I know my son was itching to go too, so we are going to go bike hunting :)
We also go on regular weekend family walks with the fur babies but I was thinking we might start doing it more often, I was also thinking I might go back to either Pilate's or belly dancing for something active but fun :)

Any way I must go wash the dishes and fold some washing before I fall asleep on my lap top hehe

But here before I go here is an upto date progress comparison pic from the 8th of August (left) and the 12th October (right)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Behind the eight ball....

Feeling a little overwhelmed and behind lately.....

I need to priorities and get things back into a routine, but with work being all over the place its really hard then study on top of that along with mummy duties and training... its all just a bit much so thinking I need to find myself a job with solid hours so I can then rebuild my routine.

The house is spotless, I have prepped my meals for tomorrow even my kiddies lunch boxes are packed, my work routine is set and hoping to finish the last of assignments tomorrow and get them submitted so that then the rest of the week I can focus on food prep, training and setting some new goals :)

I have totally lost track of where I am in MP as I haven'[t been tracking properly, naughty me! But I have printed off the following weeks tracking sheets and already have my menu set out :)
I have so far lost 5kg so this is proof that even with mistakes this program works, it'[s a learning process and all about making next week better! SO that's my plan, be extra organised and making sure I write down exactly what I am eating, NO CHEATING!

What I really love about MP is that now when I do eat off plan the worst I do is eat say a tortilla wrap or slice of wholemeal bread out of my window, I have enjoyed a piece of cheesecake too but I don't feel guilty because I know that it was enjoyed and now I am back to clean eating.

My house is a safe zone thanks to MP's purge and pillage :) Which really is good because the last week has been action packed and filled with a lot of emotional upheaval but I have managed to coast through it fairly well, dropping the ball occasionally though.

With the emotions has come the 'cant be bothereds' I haven't been sleeping the best either but on a positive note I have managed to kill every training session and make some good gains :)

I am so itching to go to for a run now....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Thursday, September 27, 2012

School holidays and dark chocolate....

All I can say is thank the gods I am organised with meal in the freezer!

I have been kept super busy with my two monsters plus my niece monster hehe ok so they really are cute monsters :)

I have been working a bit and also studying, plus training like a women possessed well ok a women consumed by a cold but hey its something hehe

So I am smack bang into week two of Metabolic Precision, I have missed a couple of meals but mostly I have stuck to the plan, every 3 hours I am consuming metabolically precise meals my water consumption could be upped but right now for week two I am in a great place :)  I have done my weigh in but need to do photos and measurements.... will do them in the morning.

I have been enjoying some dark chocolate and a glass of red wine...God I love MP hehe

This week has also been a sad and memory filled..... It has been a year since my grandma passed away and not only was she on my mind but also the way in which she lived her life and it got me thinking about the way I am living my life.... My Gran was one fierce little women, she was strong and super driven and if something got in her way she would make sure it moved or else hehe I can see her now hand on her hip wagging her finger with that I told you so look on her face hehe If she were here today she would be telling me that life's a bugger but that's no excuse not to live it they way I want to!!!

So with that in my mind its time to dig the heels in and go for what I want harder then ever and make whatever stands in my way regret it ever got in the way of me!

Love you little Gran X

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X never lose sight of your goals!!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Week 1 done and dusted...

Reflection time:

I was getting a lot of compliments this week of how good I am looking, which made me feel so positive and happy and made eating and staying organised easier!
I decided to jump on the scales and with one eye opened I saw a nice drop in weight, which yes I know isn't the only way to gauge my progress but it is awesome to see that the way I am feeling is finally reflecting in the scales :)
My clothing is fitting better and I am feeling fitter as recovery from training is really fast and muscle soreness is almost nothing!

This week I did however manage to get sick with a damn head cold, I found myself feeling utterly exhausted Friday so I took the day off training and just slept... I slept the whole day away something I never usually do, I then used the weekend to just sleep and generally bum around in my PJs hehe
At least getting sick made me feel about some of the negative comments I got this week, well not negative but not positive remarks, I was just told I looked tired but I put that down to the fact that i am working/studying and playing mum its like three full time jobs hehe Oh oh but the funny comment I got from the Kamart door lady was that I looked serious, looking buying softener was very serious business lol

Feeling heaps better today I ended up cleaning out my bedroom, I applied the rules of the MP cupboards to my bedroom wardrobe and draws oh and floor cause I was running out of room in the wardrobe and draws lol.... I bagged up a heap of old fat clothes and clothing I will never wear again (which is most likely a good thing as my fashion sense well I didn't have any when I was bigger lol) I took it straight to the op shop and I feel absolutely amazing for it! I now have heaps of room for the new me :)

I then did some shopping and then came home and did a big cook up, chili beef and fritters for me and cookies and cup cakes for my kiddies :)

Tomorrow it's back to work for me and back to training.... Which I cant wait cause I feel ever so laaaazzzy hehe

Well it's time for me to shoot off some emails then head to bed.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, September 16, 2012

It is on like donkey kong!!!!

Oh yeah, it is on like donkey kong (god I love saying that hehe)

I have a yumi MP chicken casserole in the slower cooker and I just took some yumi savory beef off the stove going to let it cool before I pack it up ready for the week ahead :)

The MP body transformation challenge starts officially tomorrow, I am so excited and so determined to give it 110% I have meals prepared and ready to pack, I have trackers printed out and I have my training all planned out.... I feel awesome!

The second time I did a 12 week MP program I was sick, but thanks to MP I stayed focused and managed not to gain weight when my doctor prepared me to gain at least 20kg in a very short amount of time, thanks to my amazing coach and the boys I managed to change body shape and maintain my healthy ways even when I had no energy to do so..... I know I didn't give 100% to my second round yet I still managed to maintain my weight and lose centimeters, proof that even when your half on the program you can make changes!

But no more half hearted attempts here, I am on the road to a fitter, healthier me and I am going to win this challenge hehe..... But do you know what, I am going to be a winner no matter what because I will have achieved my ultimate goal of stripping the fat forEVER!!!!

So here is a little run down of what I have planned out for this weeks training, I have Perfit Tuesday and Friday morning the boys will put me through my paces with heavy weights mixed with cardio ewww that so should be a dirty word haha (cardio that is) actually funny thing is I have told the boys they are not allowed to use that dirty word when we train hehe, I will then be training myself Monday and Thursday at Anytime fitness using a program that my coach has written up for me (I am so special)  so that's training.... Nutrition I have planned out veggie omelet's for breaky, savory mince for lunch and chicken burgers for dinner, I also have made an extra meal of chicken casserole just in case I run out of mince or burgers, I will have shakes in between meals, I have set reminders on my phone so that I remember when its meal times.... Oh bugger but I did forget to get powerade for my pre-workout shakes bugger that I will do tomorrow morning..... Other than that I have everything set to go :)

Well its now for another important step...Get plenty of rest so off to bed I go!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Thursday, September 13, 2012

It's almost game time....

Metabolic Precision what is it?
It is a holistic approach to living a healthy life! It approaches nutrition and exercise in a manner which is easy to understand and apply to any current lifestyle.... I like to think it takes the bullshit out of nutrition and exercise :)

Please check out the MP home page for more details and to find a MP certified practitioner near you:

Metabolic Precision has helped me more than I actually realised and it wasn't until I was doing a talk about my journey at a Perfit information night that I realised just how far I have come thanks to MP!

So I am very excited and pumped to be apart of the next MP body transformation competition starting Monday (17th Sep) I am going to use this weekend to get my kitchen in order, fill the cupboards with MP friendly foods and purge the nasties that may be lurking in the very back of the cupboards/fridge/freezer.... Although I am very lucky because I have maintained alot of what I learnt in my first 12 week MP program, so this is more tweaking and making sure that I stick with it 110% ( I did do an MP 12 week program on my own but wasn't as successful as I could of been because I got lazy with tracking and meal preps)

In other news....
I am really loving my training program right now, I am feeling fitter and stronger! Its great now that we have tweaked my training I have energy to smash training each time :) I am working alot lately so my body has been taking quite the beating but thanks to AWA I am now sleeping really well which has helped to aid recovery so muscle soreness and fatigue has been reduced greatly! I also find that even though I am tired by Friday I am still smashing out awesome sessions, which always has me leaving with a smile on my face.

Now that studying has come to an end I have been thinking alot about what I will do next, I am seriously considering getting certified in MP as I really am passionate and excited by the program and would love to be able to share my knowledge properly, I was also thinking I would also like to get certified in some form of combat class (group fitness) so this this weekend when I have some time I will sit down and do my research :)

Anyway time for me to get changed and head out....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Throwing down the gloves....

The gloves are off and its game time :)

This was taken in July, I can still remember how bloody exhausted I was after my first ever attempt at Crossfit Perfit style! Julian took me for this session, I think the poor bugger was relieved when I finally got the concept of get ya guts out hehe....

I remember how hard it was in my first session and the few sessions to follow there after but I pushed through and I grew not only physically fitter but also mentally stronger thanks to these tough sessions :)

So what I learnt through these tough sessions I am now applying to my diet.... I have always battled with my diet, I have managed to clean it up A LOT!!! But I want it to be perfect (Yes I am only human and mistakes happen but you know what that excuse just doesn't cut it for me!) I want to make my diet super clean because next year there is no room for mistakes, so why should there be now!

Thanks to Metabolic Precision nutrition is made simple, its now just a matter of timing and getting the right nutrients at the right time. Preparation is key with any successful program and if I am honest..... I have been bloody slack plain and simple!

So enough of being a lazy bum in the kitchen its time to give this diet thing the same arse kicking that I give my training  :)

Nothing worth having ever comes easy, I have worked bloody hard to get to where I am today.... Through exercise and clean nutrition you too can gain your dreams!!!
Keep smiling and train HARD X

Monday, September 3, 2012

You live and you learn....

Life is full of lessons, some are good and some are bad, but either way you learn from them and live to not repeat the bad ones again!

I am slowly learning that what I have accomplished is a great thing and that what I am striving to become is rather sort after, personal trainers (good ones) can change peoples lives in a hugely positive manner, trainers can help their clients recover from injury, lose weight, improve health and overall boost their clients confidence...What a gift :)

I have been inspired and motivated by some of the best trainers in the business and I am proud to call them not only my trainers but also my friends (even family) everything I am is thanks to these wonderful people :)

I plan on passing on the wealth of knowledge that has been passed down to me and through my own experiences good and bad I hope to change peoples lives in a positive way just like mine has been changed!

On that note more on my transformation..... My wonderful coach Julian has invited me to participate in the next metabolic precision challenge, its a body transformation challenge and not only will I gain a sexy bod but I am also in the running to win $5,000 now that would be massively handy as it would pay for my comp prep :) So its time to get cracking and really track everything that goes into my mouth, timing is everything and I know this is one of my down falls so this is an awesome opportunity to pull my finger out and do my coach and myself proud :)

Time for me to get some shut eye, but if you have any question about metabolic precision or Perfit don't hesitate to ask :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Nip and tuck.....

I have been asked alot about how my body mostly my skin is looking underneath the clothing and I pride myself on being honest and sharing as much as possible so that my readers get the WHOLE story and not just the bits that sound good.

So it has been 7 days on my new stack thanks to my wonderful sponsors at Athletes with Attitude, they now have 3 awesome locations... It all started in Geelong and then Albert park and now my home town Ballarat (I am so spoilt hehe)
It has also been 4 weeks since my amazing coach handed me my new program, with his watchful eye and a few tweaks here and there it is now PERFECT!!! I cannot thank Julian Gaylor head coach and owner of Perfit Ballarat for all of his support and also to the wonderful Alex and Anthony for putting up with me :)

So here is a pic of me in all my glory, as you can see I have some awesome tiger stripes (stretch marks) around my tummy and hips. I now have a handful of boob left and my tummy is looking a little ummm saggy......
I can look at this pic and I don't see those before mentioned things, I see definition coming in through the whole torso, I have never been able to feel ribs before and now I can count them! I can also feel my hip and pelvic bones and I so didn't even know I owned them lol..... I guess what I am trying to say is that even though I have no boobs and stretch marks and at the moment my tummy doesn't look too good I am happy with my progress and in a very positive place right now :)
I have in the past been thinking alot about getting a tummy tuck and boob job, but when I look at this pic I actually think that I am happy to wait and see, my body is still dropping fat and tightening up so if I am patient I may be rather shocked (like I was when I saw this pic) of how I shape up.... So I guess the moral of the story is to be patient, work hard and be consistent and just watch the changes come in :)
Right well time for me to go give these stretch marks of mine some TLC with some body butter, then call it a night... Don't forget looking after yourself on the outside is just as important as what you put into your body, So lots of body butter, lots of water and heaps of health veggies and fish oil!
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Out of disorganisation comes a smile...

I am so FKN excited and happy.....

Life was a jigsaw that well I tried to bash bits together hoping they'd fit haha at the time it was what I thought was best, but now I know differently :)

With the dust settling this week I can see things clearer, I know what I want and I am now doing everything in my power to gain them!

This week I started placement in order to finish my masters of personal training, at first I was rather shocked by the lack of organisation and enthusiasm (although when I originally started it was the same way but different mentor) I came away feeling really upset by the lack of commitment I was given, but somehow I dug deep and decided to take matters in to my own hands and just turn up the next day ready and willing to help out wherever I could. I was chucked into an RPM class, it was a dark room filled with spin bikes, it was daunting because I really didn't know what I was in for.....
I got participate and learn from Stacey, a lovely fitness instructor who took me through how she likes to run her class, technical cues that I needed to know and also how to set up a spin bike correctly then it was go time! I survived, sweated my butt of and all with a smile on my face (yup I am mad haha) then I had a lovely chat with her after the class before moving onto the next class which was run by Troy, it was a boxing class (Ouch my shoulders) I managed to yet again enjoy the class with a smile on my face (no swearing at all I promise, the Perfit boys will be shocked hehe)

I also got to help out behind the desk, greet clients and talk general chit chat which as you can all guess I love to talk hehe....

It was great learning how a gym is run, classes where never my thing but I do now have a new found respect for instructors :)

I have definitely come away feeling like this is it, this is what I want to do, finally I have found what I am good at and what makes me happy!!!

I can't wait to go back tonight, I think even Troy my mentor is happy with my progress and never know I may find myself being offered a job there :)

Anyway must run, I am going all girly today and getting my hair and nails done along with a few other girly things, might even get a tan! Gosh my friend Nicole will be shocked at her wedding tomorrow, not only am I wearing a dress that's not black I will also be sporting nails and a tan hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Saturday, August 18, 2012

May contain nuttiness :P

What a week!!!!

Right so I have been a little quiet due to being a little bit insane...ok ok ALOT insane hehe

Totally hit a mental wall and it really came to light on Friday, I have been struggling with the scales due to me being too girly yup it the clinical term for it hehe well its my clinical term for it :P Anyway long story short the scales haven't changed in a long time although according to my doctor due to my hormone levels I should be size of a house...Which clearly I am not :) So in fact I am living proof that if you keep pushing no matter what you will eventually get to your goal!

So I hit the wall on Friday, sent a very bla message to my head coach telling him I am a failure his prompt reply was 'Answer yes or no... Are you giving up?' which I replied in a heat beat with NO WAY..... So there it is I am not a failure because even though the scales aren't changing I am not giving up! A very wise man my coach :)

Then today I went in for an appointment with Eric manager at the Ballarat AWA store, I was also greeted by Glenn the owner and his gorgeous better half.... Oooo and the gorgeous Stacey was in too which was a lovely surprise. So we got to chatting about why I am not seeing any changes on the scales, health issue is now under control so shouldn't be too much of an issue anyway I was told to throw the scales away and go on clothing fit....So being the good girl that I am I have gone and hidden my scales in my car hehe, I am starting a new supplement plan and changing my training up and you know what I am bloody excited about it all, I finally have my mojo back YAY!!!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Motivation to keep going.....

On the left March 31st 2012 and on the right August 9th 2012.
So with about 5 months hard work I can see small changes, more definition and tone!
Slow and steady wins the race, I can do this :)

Failure is not an option!

There is no such thing as failure in my books! There is just falling downing and then picking myself up again to try again, but this time try a new strategy!

Two weeks of my new program has left me feeling nothing but soreness in every part of my body, well ok not my big toe or my nose hehe.... I have felt tired and the lack of results are totally screwing with my head.

But after taking Friday off and chatting to my coach via text I have come to the conclusion that yes he is right this program is brutal but you know what I can do brutal!

So I have had three days off training and diet and my body has fully recovered, tomorrow I plan on hitting training and diet from a new vantage point.... I think since deciding to compete next year I have just freaked myself out and become a bloody negative nacey on myself so enough of that shit.... Tomorrow I am going to keep it simple, I have fish and steamed veggies all ready to cook up in the morning to take with me, eggs ready to scramble for breaky and protein powder and supps ready to be packed also. I have my program all packed and my pre and post workout meals planned, my motivation levels will be filled to the brim because I am catching up and training with two gorgeous girls in the morning so I am set :)

So each day I am going to see as a new day, plan each meal to the letter and also my training and social time. I now my end goal is the bodybuilding stage but right now I am going to just focus on building healthy habits and routines in my training and diet :)

In other news, I am all set to get some fresh ink... I am so excited as I am finally doing a tribute piece to my life, starting with my gorgeous kiddies as they are my crowning achievement :) This sleeve is going to be colourful and bright with a hint of wisdom and cheeky charm hehe will be taking the design ideas in and my awesome artist is going to create something unique just for me, so excited!!!

Well its time for me to get my beauty sleep.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Abs of steel....

Well OK nearly haha

Here is an update on my transformation:

I can see some changes coming in to the abs an obliques, I am pretty damn excited to see these small changes because I have felt like I have been at an utter stand still for months now! Today while training I also notices that my Lats and Traps where popping out, all those heavy shoulder presses with dumbbells are paying off :)

I have to admit I have been thinking that I have bitten off more than I can chew lately, my  new program is totally kicking my arse I have been suffering from DOMS for 10 days straight! Its been messing with my head making me think I am just not cut out for this stuff, that maybe I am just meant to be this shape and that I should just be happy now that I am fit and healthy (my original goal for myself) but then after seeing this pic and myself training in the gym today I have decided that those thoughts are coming from my inner fat chick and as far as I am concerned she can jam those words up her....nose hehe

I have come to the realisation that its about focusing on one day at a time, one workout at a time :)

So my new program was developed for me by my wonderful coach, it has me hitting the gym on my own 3 times a week lifting heavy for 3 sets of 8-12 reps. It works my entire body and its all about stimulating new muscle growth! I am into my second week of the new program and mixing that with my 2 Perfit sessions a week I have to say I am finding that its hard work, but in a good way, my body is fit and strong but now I am challenging it, making myself workout outside my comfort zones so of course its going to hurt and feel TOUGH! I have to dig deep and know that what I am doing is going to help me to get my body ready for stage :)

There is nothing more frustrating than not seeing results from your hard work, but there is always an answer and the answer to my plateau is that my head isn't in the right place..... I know what I want and how to get it and I am doing what needs to be done but.... I think that I am so focused on losing weight that I am not enjoying it, its not making me happy and if I am not happy then whats the point? So I am going to have a brain storm on how I can make my goals fun again and make myself happy! I know I am on the right path and that this goal is what I want more than anything in the world so now to come up with a way to enjoy it :)

On other things.... I am nearly at the end of my year off uni and thinking I should put some thought into what I should do next, so either go back to my double degree in law and psychology or if I should do a business management course so that I'm in a better position to run my business, I have to admit I don't miss the whole deadlines and reading of thousands and thousands of jargon filled papers on law hehe but I do miss psychology, so the though had crossed my mind to do sports psychology but that requires alot more uni time...... The great thing is that I have nothing but opportunities so its a matter of picking a door and opening it :)

Oh I also got to go to my daughters little athletics day boy oh boy was that fun to watch although at times rather scary, it was raining really heavy so the track was slippery so there were a few spills that made me gasp! But one that really had me worried was when a girl slipped and then went sliding for 2 meters down the track, the first aid officer left nothing to be desired that's for sure but luckily it was just a graze.

Time to go and wrangle my kiddies in to their beds, wish me luck hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Doubt creeps in

Week 3 and things are getting tough, I weighed and took measurements and there have been no changes! It's really given me a punch in the guts, I feel I've worked so hard and my diet has been cleaner than ever, but still no changes.

I'm feeling very disheartened!

My funk has affected my eating, timing and laziness has crept up on me too. I am still training hard but training is only a small part, to shred fat it all comes down to clean frequent eating that keeps the metabolism burning full speed all day!

Yesterday I received my dress for my friends wedding, I tried it on and I looked and felt amazing! It fitted like a glove, I started to think about shoes and jewelry and what I'll do with my hair and makeup.... For the first time ever I'm going to wear colour my friend is going to freak hehe. This really did help me but unfortunately due to today being such a mess time wise my eating was not super clean but I did eat 6 meals and remember my supps so that's a positive step back on track :)

I also have been practicing in my high heels, wow never did I think a pair of shoes could make me feel so feminine and sexy! I'm so in love with them, take a look on my Facebook page as I can't post pics from my iPhone blogger....

Sometimes I think I get so carried away with numbers that I forget that when I started my journey it was all about being healthy, right now I am very healthy! I'm no longer morbidly obese and my fitness and mental well being are at an all time high! So why am I now letting the scales and tape measure upset me? I think because I'm challenging myself to get on stage, I'm out of my comfort zone and requiring a lot more from myself....

I realise this isn't a bad thing, this a learning experience for me and what I've learnt is that I need to put aside the numbers and focus purely on each individual day, have each meal prepped and stop being lazy and reaching for the easier option or worse skipping meals!

So tomorrow no more negative thoughts, time to just dig in and be patient changes will happen I just have to be more consistent and focus on what counts and that's training and clean eating!

So no more thinking, time to just DO!!!

Keep smiling and train hard peeps X

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Playing dodge cake...

I think I have just created a new sport haha

OK no I haven't... but due to my kiddies going away on my birthday next weekend we have been celebrating my birthday this weekend, boy have I been spoilt rotten :)
But as we all know with birthdays comes birthday cake! Today marks the end of week 2 of pre-comp dieting and there is no way in hell that I am going to ruin all my hard work, so I stood strong well sat actually hehe and said No thank you woo hoo go me :)

Although I will admit I did feel a little rude because my mum had slaved over my cake at 6am in the morning, but in feeling guilty I justify it in saying that everyone in my life right now knows I am in pre-comp prep and know that cake is a no no... so that made me feel a little better hehe

What I am finding really awesome is that I am in such an awesome head space right now, diet is easy as I am sticking to veggies and chicken or veggies and fish for each meal (all my solid and liquid meals are in accordance to metabolic precision) I am also taking a multi vitamin, flax oil and fish oil capsules along with protein shakes (3 solid meals and 3 liquid meals) I am feeling energised and not one bit bitchy or should that be not any bitchier than usual hehe, I am powering through my new training program and finding that I am recovering well.

On the topic of new training program Julian is working closely with me, I really enjoy working with Julian because he really seems to get me and when I am not fully understanding something he comes up with a way of simplifying it so I do get it :) We are working in a crossfit style and it really is blitzing my body, I found myself having to tighten my pants today while I was doing a round of cardio on the spin bike, as I went to stand up my pants fell down.... I went all shades of red hehe but luckily the gym was rather empty today. I really loved last Friday's session with Julian, not only did I leave there feeling like I had achieved something but I also felt like I had gotten to a new level in my training, I pushed through the pain and the feeling of puking although a bucket was there just in case hehe I am now really pumped to see what my next training session is :)

On another topic, I am so super excited!!!! The Athletes With Attitude Ballarat store is having there open day on my birthday (28th july, this Saturday woop woop) I am so totally pumped, it's about time ballarat got serious about fitness and if anyone can do it Glenn (owner of AWA) can do it :) It's also very exciting because since AWA has been in town people are coming up and talking to me in my gym and asking me for weightloss advice and telling me how much of an inspiration I am to them because Glenn has told them all about me and my success, I am absolutely on cloud nine! I always told myself that if I could touch just one persons life and inspire them then I would be happy... I have done that and more and I am absolutely over the moon :)

Well it is time for me to go prep for tomorrow, chicken needs cooking and supps set up along with shakes and gym wear needs to be put in the dryer....Lots to do tonight so that tomorrow all I need to do is wake up, eat and drop my kiddies off and start my day woo hoo :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Weekend wrap up

Jasmine is getting into her pj's while William sings in high notes in the shower hehe such is life :)

This weekend was my kiddies weekend with their dad, so I spent my time amongst wonderful company in Geelong. I kept up with my training and my pre comp prep diet, now when I say pre comp prep I mean this is the diet that is going to get me ready for the comp diet.... I guess you can say this is sort of a practice run, I am giving myself almost 12 months in order to get ready for my stage debut, 6 months to strip the fat and see how I come in and then 6 months to build muscle and then decide what division I will enter.

I am going to get help from my wonderful sponsor Glenn owner of Athletes with Attitude and get some finer details off him in regards to weight and body fat percentage just so I have an idea of where I need to be numbers wise before I step on stage. I am so lucky that I already know who I am going to get to make my bikini and help with posing routine and music, I am also very lucky to have some awesome AWA girls that will be in comp prep mode when I am so I will have a massive support there..... Hmmm what else.... Oh how could I forget, my wonderful coach Julian owner of Perfit Ballarat is also a huge supporter and help for my pre comp prep and we are training in a new and exciting way which I had my first sesh on Friday and all I can say is OUCH, an awesome ouch though, as Julian worked very closely with me and helped me with form and technique, I worked so hard I was shaking it was AWESOME, I just know that I can do this :)

Actually I must say that Friday's training and coaching session were huge, not only did I train harder than I ever have before but I also learnt alot about myself, my abilities and how I'm an impact on others! Julian really is an amazing coach, he helped me to see things in myself that I didn't see, he has helped me to become a better ME! I now realise that even the negative people in my life have something to offer me and that is a lesson in how not to be and that in itself is priceless and something that I should be thankful for :)

On a less serious not I bought my very first pair of practise high heels, they are super sexy that have a black heel and soul with pink tribal tattoo designs on them they are so me, not sure I will be able to wear them on stage but I am in love them either way hehe, I felt amazing in them I might even go as far to say I felt sexy hehe oh and I didn't look as silly walking in them as I thought I would..... It was funny though when I asked the lady if they sold training wheels to go with the high heels hehe, the lady was also very helpful with tips on how to make wearing the shoes more comfy. I am also very lucky to know a gorgeous girl that can teach me how to walk with confidence in my new sexy high heels :)

Things are really falling into place now, I am so excited to have a date to work towards and learning all the finer details is making it seem more real....

So bring it on... Week two begins tomorrow with super clean diet and cardio to make my fat cells cry hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Sunday of epicness!!

Where do I begin!!!!!

Today was the Athletes with Attitude lunch, I got to meet alot of new people and boy oh boy did I love it, I was really nervous at the start cause I was in a room with alot of BEAUTIFUL people that really know what fitness is all about and totally looked the part.... I was really nervous because I knew I would have to get my butt up for pics and I felt like I really didn't deserve them because I wasn't in shape....

But I quickly snapped out of it, I was pushed into the gym where I posed for some pics and the lovely photographer made me feel so comfy and was like just imagine how awesome its going to be to be able to look back on these.... I was able to have a sneak peak at them and have to admit I was shocked by them I think I looked good :)

Talking to my absolute idols Jess and Bell and getting pics with them was just the icing on my calorie free cake today, I have followed these wonderful, gorgeous girls journey's and so so excited that I not only get to watch Jess grace the stage for the first time but I also have sorted out where I am going to get my bikini, posing and tanning tips from :)

I am so lucky to be surrounded by such a wonderful and supportive group of people, who all have a common goal and what I really loved is it didn't matter what sports background they came from they all got together and mingled....It was so super motivating :)

So I am now home and totally pumped to organise the next 6 months of my training! So lets have a look at where I came from and where I am now....
So it is time to get serious, no more excuse, no more getting sick and NO MORE NEGATIVITY!!!! 

In a year I have come so far so just imagine what I can do in the next 6 months! Going to a few comps in this time too so the motivation levels will be topped up and I always have my AWA family to turn to when the going gets tough :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps X

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Brain overload...

Right so I have been super sick for the past week now with a damn cold! But I cant whinge too much because I caught it from my little boy so I cannot do my usual I hate the general public rant hehe

I have been house bound since Friday (I was kiddie free too) but have to admit by Monday I was feeling rather depressed, couldn't train due to my respiratory system being compromised and my energy levels were low (rolling outta bed gassed me) so it head me into a downward spiral of despair...Long story short I ate shit, barely moved....

I don't like going out while I am sick because I hate the idea of making someone else suffer my misery (Oh so dramatic I know hehe) I especially dont want to give my germs to trainers so I stayed away from Perfit, I did however on Tuesday decide enough was enough so decided it was high time I did some research on the 'common cold'..... So it turns out that before symptoms develop your already germ infested, your most contagious the first 4 days and your still somewhat contagious until all symptoms have gone..... So I went to the gym on day 5 made sure I wiped down machines after use with the disinfectant wipes that Anytime fitness supplies, made sure I didn't sneeze or cough on anyone and made sure that after I used a tissue I used hand sanitizer.... I sound like such a germ freak haha don't even ask how many tins of glen 20 I have been through, starting think I should take out shares in it hehe

I also decided to look up some ways to combat future colds, I don't really want to get the cold and flu injection (yes I have heaps of tattoos but I hate needles and avoid them like the plague hehe) So found some good herbal remedies that I am going to give a try... Echinacea and Garlic have immune boosting properties that can help build better resistance to the common cold, Echinacea helps to stimulate and increase production of infection fighting cells while Garlic helps to bolster the immunity system. Green tea is also good for strengthening ones immunity system which is awesome because I already have heaps of organic green tea and love it :)

So I went out today on the hunt for echinacea and garlic capsules, OMG do you know how many brands and ways in which they package these two herbs! I have to admit in my state I was not in the mood to be reading labels well it was slightly impossible due to my eyes running hehe Not only was that mind boggling but so too was the price range.... So I am going to continue my research and track down the best place that I can get these herbal remedies from. The thing about these remedies is like all supplementation you need to take them daily and b consistent with them or they wont work, so finding a cost efficient product that is quality is going to tough but at least its keeping me busy :)

I have found that researching has really helped me to stay positive, this cold came at a bad time it knocked me on my butt and also made me rather depressed (eww) life gets to much sometimes but I have come to realise that sulking and being miserable is no way to be, its not getting me closer to my goal in fact its getting me further away from my goals! I have to learn to not let negative things to affect me, so from now on I am going to challenge negative things with positive ones and learn to grow a thick skin.

Life is an amazing journey, full off lessons :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Pic's and stuff...

I clearly have too much time on my hands, I was laying on the floor and running my finger tips over my tummy and I was like WOW I could feel ribs, i wasn't losing my fingers in fat and also my skin was feeling super super soft! So I totally had to share a pic hehe

I have had a rough week, so being able to see changes like this makes all the tough stuff melt away and somewhat be worthwhile. This week was so bad that I was ready to chuck it all in and just go it alone, I have delt with comments in the past that have upset me but comments coming from someone that you highly respect and trust is hard to handle, I am so very lucky to have such a wonderful and supportive bunch of friends because i think without them I would of chucked the towel in and quite! But then I look at my latest pics and think.... Fuck 'em if they dont know me by now they never will and its their loss cause I can do this, it is me thats doing all the hard work in the end, and its certainly paying off!

I swear my boobs have either grown or gotten a mirical lift hehe!

So with a week till my AWA meet and greet I have shed about 3kg and lost a dress, but I must confess my results would of been better if I didnt slacken this past week (Naughty me!) but I have this week to see what else I can pull off, I am going to get a mini make over and get my nails,hair and even a tan done and buy a nice new outfit and shoes :)

So exciting!!!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, June 25, 2012

Refueling weekend...

All I can say is BUGGER....

I decided to make the weekend a refueling weekend but unfortunately its turned into an extended weekend BLA

I think this is now an insight into what bodybuilders might go through after comp season?

I feel like all I want is carb filled sugary/salty foods, I have not eaten anything too bad and I havent been able to eat alot because my tummy has certainly shrunk but the cravings persist and  I was even craving the silliest of things like burn chicken and burnt bacon along with lots of garlic! Also guilty feeling grew boo hoo

so kiddies what can we learn from this, well nothing negative because negativity does not help any situation! So the positive side is that I managed to give my all to my new diet for two whole weeks wwithout cheating and managed to lose a whole dress size! I have also proven that even though it was bloody tough and I felt that I was losing my mind that I could do it and most of all I have learnt that i am stronger than I ever though possible!

I thought I was a food addict, I thought there were certain foods thats I could never live with out (chocolate, pasta, garli bread) but this diet proved to me that I had the strength to say no...

I think this was more of my head taking over, I felt after I gave into the cravings over my refueling weekend that I didnt really want them.... I think that even now I am just thinking/craving things for the sake of it! So my inner toddler is going to stomp its foot and say NO MORE hehe
So what else have I been experiencing....

Along with my feather brain, I have been experiencing mood changes and with these mood changes I think it makes negative people gravitate towards me, I got cut off by a lady in the parking area so I yelled out to her asking her if she got her license out of a fruitloops packet and then I got cut off by an old duck in the loo let me just point out that firstly there is two liters of water in my bladder and its not going to wait its turn for no one hehe and second of all the toilets were vacant all 6 of them! yet she wanted the one I was half in...Needless to say I mumbled under my breathe that she should stick her head in the loo and flush...when I say mummble I think I mean yell hehe... So the message here is dont get in the way of a dieting women hehe

Luckily my mood has been enhanced by my weekend :)

back to the tretches I still have 13 days left to crank up the diet and exercise and see what I can achieve.... Bring it on :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feather brain....

Right so I have been really strict on my diet, no bread or pasta and keeping all carbs low in energy....

This equals one feather brained Em!

In the last 10 days I have lost 3kg and I think also a few brain cells hehe.... I went out to breaky the other morning and nearly left without paying, thank goodness the owner knows me very well, I think I was so focused on not eating the toast that was on the side of my plate that I totally forgot to pay hehe But that's not the end, in fact that's just the start :P I then decided it was time to go and buy some new music, get my mind off toast hehe so I went down to JB and left my purse in the car, then went into BigW and totally forgot why I was in there bahaha

Luckily though I think my brain is returning (I think hehe)

Apart from being tired in the evenings I am coping really well with my new diet (I hate that word) as I have outlined in another post my diet isn't anything stupid I am just being smart about carbs, I have heaps of veggies with each solid meal (3 in total) I am loving how my tummy is coming in I can finally see more definition between my waist and my hips YIPPEE

I will be taking some new pics next week and will post them up for you all to see :)

Well I have shopping to do and a house to tidy....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

It is on!

The count down has begun, I have 20 days to see what I can pull off!

So what have I been doing, I have been consuming 6 meals so roughly eating every 3 hours I have been mixing it up with liquid meals and solid meals (3 of each most days) I am eating high protein low and high carbs (High carbs are only after training) I am also consuming omega 3's with each meal too.... I am training heavy weights twice a week and then interval training for cardio 2-3 times a week.

So far I have lost about 2kg and the tops that were tight last week when I bought them are now loose :)

It is proof that if you truly stick to the plan 100% you will make changes fast! In my first 12 weeks of MP I still had foods that were not part of the program or perhaps weren't exactly spot on but healthish.... Now I can see just how powerful eating the right foods really is! I mean I knew what was right and wrong but now that I am actually doing whats right I can see huge changes.

I went into Athletes With Attitude Ballarat today and so glad I did as I got a wonderful dose of motivation from Suzanna, it's really lovely to have such wonderful support from the whole team at AWA as they all have experience and understand what I am going through. I've been feeling a bit tired and flat but left the shop feeling on top of the world :)

It was also great on the weekend when I went into Anytime Fitness Ballarat and my coach was there training and he offered to spot me if I need it, its really awesome to see that even out of work he wants to help :)

I am really feeling in control and on top of the world right now, I have been able to say no to cake and hot chips, taken all my meals out with me and stuck to drinking long black coffee when I am out socially.... Having something to work for that you really want is super motivational and really does help to keep the focus! I am so excited about the AWA met and greet, I am super motivated and so excited to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with amazing professional athletes that I have looked up to and been inspired by :)

The next 20 days I am going to give it all I've got and I know I am going to see some awesome changes and so too will everyone else, not only will I do AWA and Perfit proud I will also make myself proud, because never before have I been so determined, I am amazing myself with my commitment to diet, something that has always been my weakness.... food! But no more, I am going to make food my bitch, its going to work for me not against me! Bring it on :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stuff 'em

Good morning my loyal readers, today I am going to share with you some opinions that you may or may not agree with so grab a coffee get comfy and enjoy....

I am tattooed, I have many body piercings and I have ATTITUDE! I am crude and swear and when I am passionate about something I will let it be known and I will fight for what I think is right (even if at times it may be wrong in the eyes of others) I am who I am and I am never going to change, so you can either love me as is or BUGGER OFF!

I wont do what others think I should do, I will do what I think I should do! People have to realise that their expectations of others may not be what that person expects from themselves! I am very lucky to be surrounded by people that 'Get' what I am doing, a gorgeous besty of mine was telling me about how she has changed her eating to be more healthy (clean) and that people at work are now saying to her 'why are you eating that, you don't need to lose weight' my gorgeous friend was stunned and didn't know how to reply... What business is it of anyone what you eat? I am so proud of my friend for wanting to 'be healthy' she runs every day and now she wants to clean up her diet shouldn't her work mate be patting her on the back saying good on you?

Society has such a screwed up idea on 'being healthy' they think that healthy is about losing weight and then going back to their normal behavior once the weight is gone.... come on doesn't take a genius to tell you wants going to happen.... Your going to gain it back and then some in a very short amount of time.... being healthy is a lifestyle choice thus its for life!

What also amazes me is that when you tell people that your preparing to get on stage they think that your diet must consist of what you'd feed your pet rabbit..... Em say's no people! I am preparing for an AWA sponsored athletes gathering and I want to see what I can achieve in the next three weeks so my diet (a term I use loosely) has been tightened up, no chocolate and no junkie or sugary foods.... I am still eating carbs (high carb sources after training and low carb sources with every other meal) I am not depriving myself at all, today for lunch I am having satay prawns on a bed of steamed veggies.... Clearly not eating like a pet rabbit!

I also got a dig on my facebook saying that curvy is better than skinny bitches (something along those lines) and I would of gladly appreciated the comments if he didn't refer to skinny women as bitches also there is a huge difference between skinny and healthy bodies! I cant understand why people can't appreciate the finer details of what I post on my facebook, such as the hard work and dedication that each of those girls in the pic's put in to their bodies, the confidence and determination that those girls posses or the simple fact that these girls love what they are doing... why be a critic? if you love you the way you are then more power to you, if you don't love you then do something about it, don't go hating on others just because they are doing what you can't!

Life is to be lived people, learn about things before you hate on them!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 2 of MP

OK so week one wrap up.... I cleaned out my home and made it safe (luckily apart from a few bars of chocolate my first clear out from the first MP program has stuck) I then did a cook up and restocked my freezer which had been depleted as I was living on it because I had become a little lazy...Not anymore though. I have lost .5kg so far and I feel as I have a new form of energy, although this time round I am finding it hard to fit in all my meals each meal that I am having are MP correct :)

So I am now in the middle of week 2, I am still full of energy and loving trying new meals and getting stuck into my training with new strength gains being made.... My water intake is up and my meal timing is improving although I know I am going to get told off for over training as I have been hitting the gym with my friend alot as I am her gym buddy and she is working her butt off to get ready for her wedding (I reckon this should let me off the hook with Julian right??? hehe nah he's gonna tell me off :P)

I have been really really strict with my food, no room for error! I have a meet and greet with the AWA team and other AWA sponsored athletes and there will be photos taken and I really want to see what changes I can make in the next 3 weeks. I think that being super strict has set me up for cravings because on the first 12 week MP program I didn't have cravings because I was more flexible (naughty) where as this time round I am being hard on myself NO MISTAKES! So I had a really bad craving for chocolate last night and allowed myself 2 pieces of dark chocolate (which is allowed on MP) and it just didn't cut it, so I made up an awesome recipe that Julian gave me and it totally hit the spot :) I am going to stick fast and not cave in again, instead I will try and find MP alternatives and if that doesn't help I will keep myself busy...More blogging hehe

So this week I have been feeling a bit off, not with training or diet but with confidence in myself and my skills.... I have been tossing up whether or not I go back to uni or not and still cant decide, the next study period starts very soon and I have about a week to decide whether to continue or not, I love law and psychology but am I really going to use it? But then I fear am I going to be a good enough personal trainer do I have what it takes? I have awesome trainers and look up to them and feel that I will never be as good as them.... I lack confidence in myself and my skills although I am still learning, I have been thinking maybe I need to finish my certification on campus in a proper tafe course so that I get more hands experience and this will help bust my skills and confidence!

I guess my 'Inner fat girl' is playing a part in this too because I still worry that I am not skinny enough to be a personal trainer, how can I teach people when I am still losing weight bla bla whinge whinge... You know know typical 'fat girl' thinking! I am not going to let this negative self talk win, I have made huge changes and really love the way I am looking and feeling and this is something that I want to share, I want to share my journey the ups and the downs and prove that it can be done I also want to prove that with the right support the journey can be that little bit easier :)

I have been so lucky to have the amazing support of Julian and the team at perfit and the support of Glenn and the team at AWA, they are both my support but also my role models and I hope to one day be half as good as them :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend rambles...

Don't you hate it when your away from the laptop or iPhone you always come up with awesome ideas but by the time you need that awesome idea you have forgotten it.... That's what has happened to me, I had an awesome topic for my blog and now its gone :(

So I am flying by the seat of my pants here peeps, sorry in advance hehe

Having one of those self doubting days today.... Feeling fat, ugly, the scales haven't changed and the I hate all my clothing as its either too big or too small attitude is so taking over.... Oh god I sound so whinny BLA

So I think its time to have a look back, I am ever so focused on the future that I forget where I have come from!

Back in the day when I was fat I never would of dreamed of employing a personal trainer (let alone becoming one) and I never would of dreamed the strength that I would posses! I was very much house bound, I wouldn't go out and I wouldn't be doing this! I am so much happier, I am bubbly and full of enthusiastic energy that can sometimes be annoying hehe but I am me and you know what I genuinely love being me :) But I think sometimes I forget that because I am so focused and dedicated to getting on stage, I don't actually take the time to enjoy where I am at, it wasn't until I was a pic from an AWA stand was posted that I realised you know what I ain't that bad to look at!

So its time to make sure that I stay focused and on target for stage but that I also remember just how far I have come :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Metabolic Precision week 1

If you haven't been following my blog then you may not know what Metabolic Precision is.... MP is a nutrition and exercise plan like none other, it is a 12 week program but at the end of the 12 weeks you either continue on or you begin another 12 weeks program where you consolidate and tweak your goals which will in turn make the 12 weeks fresh and new and you can keep doing 12 week blocks until you achieve your goals. What is so fantastic is that this program is not just weightloss focused it is focused on a total body and mind transformation, it will work for anyone at any point in their life! This program is not just a 12 week program it is a lifestyle that is easy and maintainable.

So how do you go about learning more, I highly recommend my coach Julian Gaylor from Perfit Ballarat but if you are not in the Ballarat area you can jump on the Metabolic Precision homepage and find a MP coach in your local area. Julian has been an amazing support, his role as an MP coach is to help you learn how to impliment the program into your lifestyle and along the way give you tips and advice on how you can make each meal count! For me personally I found that the one on one coaching sessions helped me to focus, to understand why timing is important and also to help consolidate what I had read in the manual, it is also a very positive and supporting experience because if I made a mistake Julian would give me ideas of how to over come the mistake if it were ever to happen again. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Julian or even me :)

Right so I am currently in my first week of my second 12 week MP program (wow that's a mouthful hehe) the first week is all about learning what the metabolism really is, daily influences and the 3 objectives that are essential to gaining your dream body. So I am re-reading the chapter and going back through the 3 essential objectives, making sure that I make each meal metabolically precise and that my exercise consists of 2 ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) sessions and 2 RE sessions (Resistance Exercise) this will mean I am sticking to the 10 point guideline set out in the MP manual.

So here are my measurements:
Bust- 97cm
Waist- 92cm
Hips- 123cm

Here is my side pic:

So this week I have stocked up on all the essentials (protein powder, fish oil, flax seed oil) my cupboard has been stocked with yumi protein thanks to Glenn and the team at Athletes with Attitude Ballarat, my freezer is filled with veggies, chicken and fish, my fridge is filled with eggs, fresh veggies and herbs..... I have pre-chopped all my veggies ready for my breakie omelette's and I have bottles of water all set to be sipped on during the day ooo and I also have my pre and post workout shakes packed ready for tomorrows RE sesh at Perfit Ballarat and in the oven I am slow cooking some lean steak ready for tomorrows post workout steak wrap YUMI!

Right now I am off to pack my kiddies lunch boxes, lay out my gym gear and put on some washing then I can relax and do some homework :)

Preparation is key peeps!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where to start????

Starting at the beginning is always best haha

So I have moved into my lovely cosy home, that is actually so well heated that we can sit around in T-shits and not get frost bite hehe... My ex landlord was quite the nasty pasty pasty and reminded me of a nasty little chiwawa that I would gleefully kick over the back fence (now wouldn't it be funny if he read my blog hehe) anyway he whinged and whined that I left the house in a state, my agent pretty much laughed at him and told me not to stress so that's what I am doing :)

So it took me two days to fully move in as I was doing it by the car load until I was able to get the boys to help me out, I finally unpacked the last box on Sunday....Damn it felt good! So I am officially all settled in :)

I officially signed up as an Athletes With Attitude sponsored athlete and boy oh boy does it feel amazing! I literally feel like doing the happy dance :) The support that I am receiving from the AWA team is amazing but the best bit ever is being able to help others by sharing my experiences, this 'weightloss' thing is bloody hard work and you know what I think it cant do it without the right advice and support! So not only do I get all my supplement needs from Athletes with Attitude I also get alot of motivation and inspiration to keep going :)

Through AWA I have also had the pleasure to meet some amazing people, just yesterday I had coffee with the gorgeous Jess who is stepping on stage for the first time this year (October) I am very excited and totally thrilled to call this girl my friend! She is a huge inspiration, so down to earth and has been such a huge support to me, this girl is just super inspiring! her body transformation is jaw dropping and her dedication to her dreams/goals is unwavering and has totally rubbed off on me :)

Ooo and lets not forget the gorgeous Rhi, a newbie to the world of supplements, I meet Rhi at AWA Ballarat store and we just hit it off, sharing a weight loss journey similar to mine we get to swap stories and recipes and give each other that motivational kick when needed :)

Then just today as I was going in to buy some new AWA T-Shirts I meet Samantha who is training with the boys down at Perfit and is also doing the Metabolic Precision coaching with Julian, we got talking about the program and the training and food prep... reckon we could of stood there for ages just gas bagging hehe I loved it!

I am so motivated and totally buzzing.... Helping people really is an awesome feeling :)

So lets talk dirty...Diet that is hehe.... So while I was moving my diet was oh so DIRTY in fact it was down right filthy!!!! I was so so so so so sick... I think I had about every take away meal known to man blur.... But this laps in diet has proven to me that what I am doing is working for me, that my lifestyle that I have worked hard to build is and always will be the only way that I will eat! After 4 or so days of poor eating I became bitchy, tired and lethargic.... 1 day of clean eating MP style found me feeling energised and pretty much 100% again, although when I cardioed I literally sweated out all the yuckies that I had put into my poor body... While eating poorly I noticed that my training was suffering but now its back on track :)

So I am starting my next 12 week Metabolic Precision program, this doesn't really change as such its more my goals for the 12 weeks have change for example I want to tighten up my metabolic window so I am using it more effectively and I also want to make sure that I track better this time round because I did let that slip towards the end of my first 12 week program. This time round I am also going to make specific blog entries that just cover the MP 12 weeks along with pics and measurements so that then you guys can get a better idea of what MP is all about (of course you can also contact Julian head coach at Perfit Ballarat)

So let me share a pic with you that I took last week, its a close up progress pic of my tummy I took it on my iPhone so its real no photoshop here! To avoid that crinkly old lady skin I have been using heaps of Palmers body cream and oil along with Bio oil and also by making sure I drink heaps of water and take lots of fish oil and flax seed oil... working inside and out to get results like this :)

Right so I think I have blabbered on enough, so should of given a warning that caffeine will be need before reading this post hehe :P

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Late night rambling....

The awesome things that I have learnt from Metabolic Precision I am no applying to my packing of my house, pillaging and purging......

I pick up the keys of Friday so the plan is to move everything on the weekend and then have Monday to Thursday to clean the old house so I can get my bond back. So while I am packing I am also making sure I get rid of anything that is no longer in use, broken (put in the I'll fix it one day pile and never fixed lol) things that were given to me but never used and things that now no longer have meaning to me.

Its amazing what you accumulate over time, I have been in this house now for just over 2 years and the collection of bed linen, kitchen utensils and lets not forget the Tupperware hehe.... It got me thinking to how I gained weighted, it didn't happen over night it like my kitchen cupboards accumulated over the years, its a shame that my weight cannot be cleared out over night like my kitchen cupboards hehe but I have now learnt how to lose the weight and keep it off :)

In my cleaning efforts I came across a few empty bottles of Palmer's Body creme and I realised I hadn't really mentioned about how I take care of the outside just as much as I do the inside, being so big the chances of my skin becoming that of saggy walruses hide where high and this worried me because I am only 28! So upon the advice of a past trainer I started using Palmer's range of cremes, my fav is an oil based gel as it really sinks into the skin without that greasy feel, I also use Bio oil on my stretch marks which has helped to fade them :) I am really happy with the way my skin is looking, there are stretch marks but they no longer look as if someone has hacked at me with a blunt knife! I do have a little loose skin on my lower tummy and inner thighs but I have noticed that its starting to become softer and more smoother.... I also make sure that I take a quality fish oil, flax seed oil and drink plenty of water, eating clean foods has also helped my skin too.

While patching up paint (damn blue tack took the paint off oops) and going through paper work I started to think about all the things I haven't done in the past due to one reason or another and I couldn't help but smile that I am doing the one thing I have always wanted to do but yet never had the chance to do..... Getting tanned, making my nails, hair and makeup pretty and girly and even wearing those high heels seems so much closer than before, Not only do I have the wonderful support from my sponsors at Athletes with Attitude I also have the wonderful support of my trainers at Perfit Ballarat and staff at Anytime Fitness Ballarat, I literally have butterflies as I type I am that excited hehe

Hmm so what else can I add to my mad rambling hehe Oh yes I have been tossing up the idea of going back to uni, initially it was to finish my double degree in law and psychology but it wasn't until I was talking to my wonderful sponsor Glenn when he asked me would I use it and in all honesty I wanted to scream NO cause my heart lies in fitness, my passion is throwing the iron around and my dream is to make a name for myself in bodybuilding.... So with that said I am thinking I will find a course that fits my passion, not what I think I should do :)

And on that awesome decision I am now going to slip away to bed....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here's a little comparison

Ok sorry about the photo quality, I take all my pic's on my iPhone, myself I did have a photographer planned but she never showed up so until I find someone else I have been taking them with my iPhone which I kinda like because it keeps it more real for you guys :)

On the left is a pic I took on the 31st of March and the right on the 20th of May. I am really happy with the progress I am making, my tummy is looking better and better I am so over the moon :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oozing awesome....

Damn straight haha

I took a week off from my own training and god damn I feel Fkn awesome!

Today I am going to head in to the gym for some light cardio (yep that's right I am going to force myself to go light, the focus is just getting the body warm and the blood flowing to my well rested muscles) in my time off I have managed to put my 14 days notice in, organise help to move me and organise a house party cause that's bloody important too hehe

So I have been having fun in the kitchen and coming up with new Metabolically Precise meals that taste oh so naughty but are oh so good for my ever shrinking waistline :) I even made the best damn roast on the planet and was able to enjoy every mouthful knowing it was going to help me towards my goals, I don't care what anyone thinks.... if you are determined to get your body into the best ever shape then you need to be mindful of every mouthful because each mouthful of the 'wrong' foods equals a step in the wrong direction! I have had to remind myself of this fact, it has become my mantra in tough times.

I thought it would be a great time to give you a bit of info on what figure competitions are all about, see the minute you tag on bodybuilding to the end of it people start thinking of muscle bound men such as good old Arnie or worse the big green hulk haha.... But this is so wrong, figure is all about showing off the female curves and beauty while also showing muscular tone (not size as such) and muscle symmetry, in a competition there is usually 2 rounds the first round is performed in high heels and bikini the girls perform quarter turns to the right, this allows the judges to observe and judge each girl for symmetry, presentation and other aesthetic qualities. The second round is similar to the first but the judges are now comparing each girl and looking for over all condition and symmetry and critically judging each girl against the next. Figure is all about being feminine and the judges are looking for this, so I guess in some respects its very much like the good old fashioned beauty pageant.

For me though this isn't about winning, its about me challenging myself and striving for the best body I can create! When I step out on stage for the first time I will be doing it with the loo at what you can do with hard work kinda attitude :) I am so much closer to stepping on stage, there is alot of hard work ahead of me but I am more determined that ever to totally own it! I love the way training makes me feel and I love being able to share my story, this journey of mine has just begun so watch out peeps there is heaps more to come :)

OK well enough talking time to go get ready for the gym *insert happy dance here* I have totally been off for too long cause I am so not organised hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things are on the up and up

This week has just been WOW...

I am so blown away by how all of a sudden everything has just fallen into place, firstly I got some awesome news about my health which has been a massive relief but also has explained ALOT so now I don't feel so totally and utterly insane anymore hehe but also I now know what I need to do to hopefully put an end to the daily battle and see even more awesome changes in my body! I also want to send out a big thank you to Julian Gaylor owner and my coach at Perfit Ballarat, without your constant support and help I would never of been able to cope and also a big thank you also to Alex and Anthony for putting up with me and making training work around my energy levels (or lack there of). I battled through my health scare on my own but when it started to effect my training I was able to confide in Julian what was going on he was so understanding, Julian is not only my coach but also my friend and you cant say that often in life!

Along with that wonderful news I also got a phone call today from my lovely rental manager at Ray White Ballarat that I have been accepted into a lovely 3 bedroom home, it has a wonderful secure backyard and a great entertaining area that is also secure. The house that I am currently in was up for sale for about a month but when it didn't sell they decided to give me a 60 day vacate notice, there is some pretty nasty things happening between the landlord and his father inlaw so the faster I am out of here the better, the father inlaw was trying to blame me for the house selling and has even been watching my house and made threats to my agent...luckily Gail is one tough lady and has stood up for me :) The painter has been through and fixed up a few dints in the walls so now all that's left is for me to get the gardens up to date and pack, then I am out of here and no longer have to stress about the psycho father inlaw!

So with all this good news I have decided that I am going to have a total clear out, with my health now on the mend and a new house I can honestly say that I am ready to move on and look positively to the future knowing that I have already accomplished so much, now I can strive for even more :)

I have also decided that I am going back to uni, I have so much more that i want to learn but also i want to finish what I started! As much as I have loved my holidays I have totally missed my uni routine and using my brain, when I am ready to get Envy Fitness fully up and running I will then look at cutting uni to part time but I am not ready to get Envy Fitness fully operational yet...But soon Envy HQ will be in full swing :)

So this week has not only been full of good news its also been one of rest and reflection, getting my mind back into the game and evaluating what I really want to do in life. I have sat down and planned out training for the rest of the month and also planned out menus and shopping lists to see me through till the end of the month :) I have even added in some awesome new Metabolic Precision recipes into my menu and also came up with some awesome new HEALTHY lunch box foods for my kiddies! Which reminds me....I totally forgot to tell you, my kiddies have been getting picked on for taking 'weird' food to school, firstly i was angry and very upset at the behavior of these children then my daughter (10) turned around and said to these children 'I'm lucky because my mum makes the time to make me healthy, yumi food...Your mums don't' I was flawed, my little girl is a tough little cookie, so super proud :)

Any way I must dash and feed my kiddies because my little man has just informed me he is starving while pointing to his very sucked in tummy hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)