Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cold be gone!

Totally wish people would keep their germs to themselves! Going to chug lots of water and throw back the good old vitamin C, this cold doesn't stand a chance!!! I got work to do BAM

I am pretty lucky because since starting my journey I haven't been really sick, but even a slight cold impacts on my performance :( Today I literally gave it all I had and nearly passed out on poor Julian. We did this awesome circuit hope to do it again, but so glad when it was over! Totally thought I was going to face plant when I did the TRX push ups wow they were tough.

I totally and utterly love Perfit Ballarat, I never ever thought I would love such grueling workouts I mean the very mention of exercise used to have me in the corner curled up in the fetal position hehe

Today I said some really dirty words, I told Julian I enjoyed running.... I know its horrible I should wash my mouth out with soap hehe But I am finding running easier each session and I am loving that even when my head is telling me give up it hurts that with Julian's help I can push through and pull off those last few reps :)

I am really proud of my commitment to my training at Perfit Ballarat, I am so excited to be working with such an awesome team of guys that are passionate about their work. I am also really excited that they are introducing a program for kids, I told my daughter about it and she is so pumped and cannot weight to go to mummies gym and workout like mummy hehe so cute, even my son wants to join in (might actually help tucker him out hehe)

School holidays are coming to and end *insert happy dance here* so time to get planning, I have to come up with some new killer programs that I can put into action in the gym and I will also be busy with my client list now it is growing (totally excited) and make sure that I have everything in order so that I commit my time to my clients and give them my best every time just like Julian and his team do for me :)

I am also so excited, I got some more assessments back and I have yet again passed with flying colours which makes me confident that I have made the right decision and career choice, I never felt this excited or motivated when I was studying law, I cannot put into words how awesome it feels!

I was feeling rather low today, lonely and pathetically sookie, had a bad day with my little boy but now since sitting down and thinking about all the awesome stuff I have going for me has made me so happy again. Its proof that sitting down and thinking about the positive stuff really does help make the negative stuff melt away!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, January 29, 2012

No excuses

So you have your kiddies home, no one to babysit and you gym gear is in the wash or the cat is stuck on the roof....

Well that's no excuse!!!

We all have living room floors and if you don't have gym gear the great thing is you can workout in the nude, just close the curtains first don't want to frighten your neighbors hehe. So I have put together a little routine that I do when I am stuck at home and thought I would share it with you all :)

Now I have got some basic equipment at home, an exercise bike, a fit ball, resistance band and a nice cooshie mat but I am going to pretend that I don't have any of that so that if your a beginner to at home workouts you can easily follow this workout :)

If you have floor boards grab a nice big towel or blanket but be careful you don't slip on it, grab a kitchen chair and grab either 2 tins of food or bottles of water (make sure they bother weight the same and of same shape)

2 minutes jogging or walking on the spot
Holding onto the wall for balance swing leg out to side 10 times then swap leg
Holding onto the wall for balance swing your leg out front 10 times then swap leg

Sit-ups 15 reps
Push-ups (on knees if you like) 10 reps
Squats wider stance toes pointing out slightly 15 reps
Toe reaches 15 reps
Triceps dips on the kitchen chair 10 reps
Walking lunges up to 10 reps each side

Cool down by walking on the spot for 2 minutes then stretch for 5 minutes

Repeat this circuit 4 times, time yourself so that you can try to beat your time next time :)

I think that planning for the unexpected such as kiddies being home sick from school means that it cuts out the excuses, also the early you know you will need to train at home the better because the early you get your exercise done at home the less likely you are to make excuses and then once your done exercising you can get on with your washing hehe

Any questions don't hesitate to ask peeps :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Your in the drivers seat of life....

Sometimes its the simple things we forget, the simple things we take for granted.....

Today I realised something that I had totally forgotten 'I am in control, I am in the drivers seat of my life' this means I control my actions and reactions, I control what I can and cannot do but most of all I am in control of the direction my life is heading and who shares that direction with me.

Something so simple yet so easily forgotten in the hum drum of life, because we get so wrapped up living for others that we forget to live for ourselves. We get wrapped up in making other people happy that when we do finally figure out that we are not happy so go to change that we then get called 'selfish'. Also in my journey I have noticed that when people don't understand what your doing they just become negative and hate on everything you do or say in order to obtain your goals, I get it all the time on my Facebook page, where I like to post photos of females bodybuilders or athletes that have rock hard bodies, I then get criticised or told how disgusting the girl looks! Seriously if you don't like something then fine but why try and bring someone down by making such harsh comments? Why not just look at the pic and say 'damn she works hard' and then move on or don't look at all, pretty damn simple I reckon!

I am slowly learning that making myself happy is NOT selfish and in fact by making myself happy I have made others around me happy because they enjoy how high energy I am and how full of life I am, all because now I am doing what I want, I still have times where I feel a little down or disorganised but I think that's all part of being a responsible adult!

So ask yourself, what makes you really happy? So happy you are bouncing off the walls, glowing with life and have the biggest smile all day long!

Yesterday I welcomed Heather to team EP, she is my first client and this women is an example of glowing with life, Heather is a real trooper and is totally committed to her goals and to me as her trainer and I cannot tell you what a wonderful feeling it is! I feel so totally pumped and motivated by Heather's energy and totally looking forward to working with her in the coming weeks :) Yesterday I experienced what really makes me happy, what makes me glow with life and I love it!! I cannot wait to build team EP and get these wonderful ladies moving towards their goals, this is what life is for, this is why I do what I do :)

No more living for others, start living for yourself, live with passion, do what makes you happy and expect nothing but the best from yourself..... It may not happen over night but it will happen hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lesson learnt...

The hard way!

Blaaaaa I will apologise in advance for this ramble as I have server gym brain!

So last night I decided to stay up and study, work on my business plan and generally enjoy some quiet time while enjoying some social time, so the story that is about to follow is totally and SIW moment (Self Inflicted Wound)

So somehow I managed to wake up and turn my alarm off and proceed to fall back asleep, 8:30 I realise what I have done and sprint outta bed, sculled a Thermojet (my saviour) and flew out the door and arriving at at Perfit Ballarat with 10mins to spare! Michael happily beaming at me (so not cool) 'You look like you just got outta bed' well hey at least it was the truth and I hadn't spent hours trying to look good and failed lol

So today was all strength....Top idea but I totally had NONE I really didn't realise just how important correct eating before a workout was let along the correct amount of sleep.... So after nearly face planting numerous times during pushups we then moved onto another circuit which again was strength related and then another and then topped it off with core work which usually I would be happy cause it meant laying down but unfortunately Michael had other ideas, the plank while balancing on the fitball hmmm as you can imagine I looked bloody elegant NOT although in the horror that was my very stomach turning workout I did manage to push out some pretty awesome reverse crunches :)

At the end of the session I was utterly shattered, I was shaking and sweating bullets! But I got through it (didn't swear too much lol) and I feel bloody awesome for getting through it :) Ooo and I also noticed my triceps are coming along in strength YAY

So all up today I learnt the hard way that nutrition is important leading up to training and that I need more sleep if I am going to train at my best, strength was compromised and that annoyed me and my stomach wasn't happy being empty so I felt rather dizzy, its awesome that I got through it but never ever ever again will I do that again!

Well time for me to get my butt in gear lots to do :)

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Self care

This morning while dying my hair I got to thinking about what it takes to for me to give so much to training, when I rock up to training no matter what I am there to give it my all and the consequence of giving my all is DOMS.

Now for me DOMS are earned, they are what I strive for to let me know that I have worked to the point of breaking the muscle down ready to repair and rebuild it to be stronger for the next session! But what alot of people don't consider is what they put into their bodies and how they take care of their bodies after training is just as important as the training itself!

So today I wanna talk about looking after yourself after training so hard:

Firstly stock up on Epsom salt, its very cheap and something I swear by its so simple just dump a nice bit of Epsom salt into your bath along with some lavender oil if you want to get really fancy and make sure the water is nice and hot but not scalding, then soak away your aches and pains :)

Another one thing I swear by is massage, whether this be self massage with some good old Palmer oil or if you book in for a sports massage on a regular basis. Getting fresh blood into your sore muscles is key to good recovery, try doing some light cardio that gets your breathing up but nothing too high impact I usually opt for a walk around the lake to get some fresh air and a bit of sun but don't forget to wear a sun hat and sunscreen boys and girls!

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!!!! If your not fueling your body with quality protein, carbs and fat then you wont be getting the results your working so hard for. This is where I like to supplement, I use protein powder to boost my protein intake, protein is the number one muscle building source and critical in recovery and to boost that I also use glutamine which aids recovery but also helps the immunity system. I think if your serious about creating a healthy body whether it be for a certain purpose like myself I want to compete in bodybuilding, female figure division or whether it just be so you can live a longer healthier life you should look into what you eat, because what you eat DOES determine how your body will look.

Rewards, I think its really important to reward your efforts on your none training days! No this does not mean go out and eat a big piece of chocolate cake with you coffee, I'm talking none food rewards, like go get a new haircut or buy those smaller pants you have had your eye on. The trick is to constantly reward your efforts, I love buying bodybuilding magazines, they keep me motivated while also giving me inspiration for new ways to eat and train plus added bonus of shiney men to look at hehe. I also love having lazy mornings in bed with a black coffee and my laptop... the trick is to be proud and excited about every achievement no matter how big or small!

This whole weightloss thing isn't easy, so a bit of self care and lots of spoiling yourself is a great way to keep you motivated and on track, so go for it, no more putting it off just GO FOR IT :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

What an awesome day!

Perfit Ballarat was the first on today's "To Do" list, I had a blast and got totally killed by Julian! I can feel every single squat that's for sure, I am so super proud of my efforts today, I was even on two steps with 20kg kettle bell getting deep into each squat! Something I would never have been able to do a few months back! I then did this nasty circuit that totally hit my body for six, but this is what I love so much about Perfit, every session is fresh and new :)

So after I crawled back to the car I grabbed myself a black coffee and my mum (get this) a soy decaf cappuccino (ummm that's so not a coffee that's almost as bad as my weetbix without banana lol) any way back to my day hehe, then meet my mum and my kiddies at the park enjoyed the fresh air before the heat kicked in and then came home, would of stayed a little longer but my little man was feeling sick so bought him home for a cool bath which fixed him up :) Then did what all wonderful parents do told them to amuse themselves while I study hehe..... Hey I made them lunch and dinner so I am not all bad hehe

Got heaps of reading done, I am about submit another assessment and I have made a time to meet with my very first client, I am just a little excited ok I am secretly doing a happy dance but shhh its our secret hehe cant wait to welcome this lovely lady to my team and unveil my business name and plan :)

I even fitted in going shopping and tidying around the house! Bloody hell I am turning into super women....Nah her outfit so isn't my colour hehe ooo speaking of colour (totally off topic and very girly of me here) I have been using a gradual self tanner and damn I am loving it, I keep getting comments on how healthy I look and even got told I look way younger than I am now that's awesome hehe its also doing wonders for the elasticity of my skin, with losing so much weight its a great idea to make sure you give your skin alot of TLC so that it can snap back into shape and not sag! I swear by both bio oil as it helps to lighten up my stretch marks (sorry boys hehe) and I also love all the Palmers range smells awesome and my skin is absolutely glowing :) Oh and of course plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated!!

Well time to treat my body to some cardio and yoga before i hit the books again :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plotting to take over the world....

Well ok maybe not but hey gotta think big and aim high :)

Right well I have been thinking heaps, yup my head hurts hehe! I have been thinking about how I can get my Biz started without costing an arm and leg to set up and I have come up with some great ideas! The less it cost for me to set up the more I can give back to my clients, because I remember how hard it was to make the budget stretch when I was married with young kiddies and what its like being a single parent trying to make ends meet!

I am working my butt off to complete my certificate 3 & 4 in fitness (almost finished cert 3) and already plan to further my knowledge in all areas of fitness.... I think you never stop learning and in this industry staying upto date is key to results :)

Anyway..... today I was thinking to myself how awesome the response has been to me starting my business and that it would be to get a few clients started now, so I was thinking of offering 5 readers the chance to train with me for free for 8 weeks!

I will need to do my research first but I reckon this is a great idea, so stay tuned :)
So let me know what you think peeps :)
On another note I want to take this time to thank Ben Sellars my personal trainer at Anytime Fitness Ballarat for an awesome 8 months of his time, Ben helped me to start my journey towards a healthier body but he is now leaving Anytime Fitness Ballarat to start his journey as a stay at home daddy, I wish him all the best in his new career and will be sending him a cute floral apron because he will need it for all the housework he will be doing as well hehe.
I am really going to miss him he was a huge influence in my training and set a high bench mark, great thing is because of Ben I now know what I want, I know what kind of a trainer I want to be and I know that if I can survive training with him then I can surivive anything hehe.
Thanks for everything Ben you will be missed.
Well its time to eat but first I better get my kiddies out of the paddling pool before they turn into prunes hehe
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Total rest weekend who'd of thought

Yup you so read right I have had two consecutive days off from training! Go me

I feel so good as well, it really was what my body needed.

I got a few more assessments back from my course provided AIPT yesterday, so over the moon as I have passed them all :) I am so excited the end is getting closer and closer!

So lets talk food, I love food hehe but food doesn't always love me :( oh so sad but then I have to think to myself whats more important to me.... Being able to anything I want for that moment of pleasure followed by the moment of complete body hate or that feeling of 'boo hiss' I want cake followed by GOD DAMN I have a ribcage under there hehe

So these are some simple changes I made under the guidance of my awesome team:

# Eliminate bread
# Substitute pasta with basmati rice
# Add in lots more colourful veggies
# Add in more lean cuts of meat my fave is chicken and fish
# Cut out cappuccinos
# Cut out most take aways, convenience foods, lollies and potato chips
# Add in one cheat meal on a Sunday preferably during the day
# Drink lots of water
# and last but not least make sure I am eating 6 small meals a day (usually every 3 hours)

Now I am by no means perfect and I make stuff ups here and there, but you know what its not about the mistake its about how you you recover from the mistake that makes the difference!

Preparation is key to any success story:

* Plan ahead, if you know your going to be away from the house for a meal then take your meal with you have it all ready to go in the fridge so that all you need to do is put it into your insulated bag and put it by the door with your handbag or manbag for you guys that are reading hehe

* Do a big cook up on a lazy weekend like today, then when the week gets hectic you can just pull a meal out of the freezer and heat

* Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming when you are a savvy shopper you can by steam fresh veggies and salmon (just remember if your getting a marinated peace of fish to read the label don't want anything too salty or added fat) bang them in the microwave and BAM there is your meal! sometimes you will find that is healthier than fresh veggies cause you never know how long the fresh veg has been sitting around at the supermarket where as frozen veg is snap frozen as soon as its picked fresh.

* I always pack extra, even when I think I am going to miss one meal I will pack two just in case!

* Always have a bottle of water with you, AWA now sell 2 liter water bottles a great way to know how much water your consuming while your out :)

I find the more prepared I am the less likely I am to eat off plan or worse miss a meal!

Hope your all having a wonderful lazy Sunday.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Friday, January 20, 2012

I hate being a girl....

Well sometimes I do hehe

Bloody hormones, I totally hold them responsible for my hissy fit at Perfit this morning and then later almost puking during a leg session at Anytime fitness under the torturous guidance of Ben!

I am now feeling utterly exhausted, but I chalk that up to an SIW (Self Inflicted Wound) due to not eating properly today bla I only have myself to blame I totally should of done the shopping but I got so wrapped up yesterday in planning out my Biz (I totally have a name and a logo woo hoo)

So tomorrow is a new day I will hit the shops early then come home and cook up a storm, thinking a nice greek salad and grilled chicken and salmon yumi and both are great served cold the chicken and salmon that is hehe

So today was epic! I found some new inner strength to push through while also finding a different volume of whinging hehe. I am having trouble with my hips again, I have been to the doctors about it but they say that its just a weakness and will be fixed over time with exercising, well I am thinking I will do a bit more research into it myself and see what I can do because I am not the most patient of people and I want this fixed ASAP so that I can get on with my training!

Ooo so excited I got my car back this morning, the replacement boot is nearly ready to go on so my car will no longer look all sad and sorry for itself and then I am going to give it a good clean and finally start tramp stamping her hehe I have some awesome stickers from sponsor Athletes with Attitude that are just begging to be put on and I am also getting my logo made up to go on my window and I will suck up to Julian and see if he has some Perfit stickers to slap on her too :)

Right time to stop procrastinating and go do my dishes and fold the washing before I hit the books hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The road to happiness

This morning after chatting to someone special I realised a few things about myself that I kinda knew before but sort of ignored at the same time cause it was just easier that way.

My life has been a roller coaster ride, there has not been one year in my life that there wasn't a family break down, marriage break up, the loss of a loved one or the failing of big plans.... What this all equals to me is weight gain (some losses too) for me weight is just a symptom of the stresses in my life.... This is no excuse nor am I using it as one, it is what it is.

Like any symptom there is a cure :)

Last year was a very crappy year (for many I dare say) but I think you need to hit the bottom before you can rise above it all to the top, 2011 set me up to be the happiest girl ever! It set me free from the confines of my baggage (my past and present) it set me up to realise that good things do happen and happiness can be found and that there are GOOD people out there!

So my cure was finding TRUE happiness, whats yours?

Back in May 2011 I was a size 20, today I am a size 14 :) I am surrounded by wonderful people and no longer carry the baggage that weighed me down so heavily!

While finding happiness and the right people to surround myself with I also, de-cluttered my house got rid of all my 'fat' clothes (no more corsets boo hoo) and thoughtfully tossed out anything that had negative memories attached to them, just one package to send away and then my house is purged of all negative energy! While de-cluttering I also made my kitchen 'safe' I put all my kiddies foods out of sight (out of sight out of mind) and with the help of Perfit and my course I made my cupboard and fridge friendly to my hips hehe, I find if my house is cluttered and messy that its a rippling affect on other aspects of my life!

I also think its very important to make goals, these goals will help plot your journey in life they are like your road map, have this road map displayed as a reminded of where your going and why your working so hard put 'post it' notes on the bathroom mirror, fridge and even on the car dash! While you have your 'post it' notes out why not post some motivational quotes and sayings around the house too :)

Ooo and last but not least surround yourself with the people that support your goals (lifestyle) if these people TRULY love you that will support you no matter what... well I wouldn't support you if you wanted to be a clown, I draw the line at clown school hehe.... If people are judging you and criticising your goals then they are not worth the energy it takes to fake a smile!

You only get one life, don't waste it on baggage that will only weigh you down!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cant stop smiling even though....

Today was one of those days where you feel like you have run a marathon but yet not moved out of the starting blocks hehe

I had a car accident late last year, a ford territory ran into my rear and its finally getting fixed! Picked up the paint and took it and the boot to the get painted and then dropped my car off to get the alternator fixed then I will put it in for a service and then give it a wash, then I'll be broke but my car will look new again :) There was a lot of time spent buggering around to get all this done but I know it will be worth it!

Before all the stuffing around this arvo I did manage to have an awesome brekky with my sister although she did have to rescue me because i locked my keys in the car (blonde of me I know hehe) when I went to get coffee the I did a killer chest session and a little cardio while Peace of Mind Gardening (My big sisters little business) worked there magic on my jungle of a front garden.

I am also very lucky that my sister is such a smarty pants with accounting and business stuff, she really helped me to start thinking logically about how to plan out my business and we think we have come up with a name for my biz too.... I cannot tell you how excited and nervous I am!!
I have a lot of work ahead of me but I know I can do it, I have meet some really amazing people all of them so very supportive and helpful and I cannot thank them enough and I hope to have a long working relationship with them all and be able to represent them not only in my Biz but also when I step on stage and unveil what hard work, determination and expert support can create :)

If it wasn't for Glenn and the Athletes with Attitude crew I would never have started my journey to finally losing the weight for good, they gave me the confidence to find a new gym Anytime Fitness Ballarat an amazing gym with an awesome manager Haley who not only keeps the gym running smoothly but also makes you feel more than just a number and then came in Ben who I affectionately nicknamed The Drill Sgt he literally broke me down and rebuilt me and now I am making huge gains! And then the last piece to my fitness puzzle is Perfit Ballarat, Julian and his team are like no other gym in Ballarat they offer something totally different to what you would typically do in a gym and they have taken my fitness from snail to hmmm a turtle on pre-workout hehe. Without all of these pieces I would not be where I am right now and I cannot thank them enough, I really appreciate their help and continued dedication to my fitness goals and if I can be half as good as these guys I know I will do well :)

Right well time for me to hit the books and then cardio to get some blood flowing after sitting on my bum for so long hehe.

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Monday, January 16, 2012

Got my thinking cap on!

I have been tossing up ideas for my own business since starting my PT course just before Christmas, I haven't put a lot of thought into it until today....
Been thinking about ways I can start my PT business without a huge layout of funds, how I would run a session, session lengths and costs etc and now thinking its time to do research and look into a business management course, due to getting a lot of interest from friends and Facebook and even my own mum who is out on an injury is asking for my help :)
So its time to get serious and not only finish my certificates but also to come up with a viable business plan and name!
I really think I have a lot to offer, after years of trying every diet, shake and pill known to give so called quick results and also many hours slogging away in the gym and getting no where fast! I also know how hard it is to look in the mirror each morning and how hard it is to stop those nagging thoughts of disgust, when I was turned away from gyms and personal trainers saw me as high risk due to being morbidly obese. When I did finally got the courage to go to the gym and get help from a PT she turned around and told me that I was better off following my own program because it was far better than any she would write for me! Losing weight is a tough journey, if it weren't lets face it we would all be healthy and obesity would be not be of concern and there would no longer be deaths due to obesity!
When I look back on my exercise/diet history I no longer see it as failed attempts, I now see it as a learning experience because without all that crap I wouldn't be in the position I am in now, surrounded by amazing inspirational, supportive people and I wouldn't have the drive and determination to be the person I am today.
So now to think about how I can put it all together into a business *insert happy dance here*
Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Tempus Fugit!

Time flies!

Wow its nearly bedtime already, so I have planned out my study load in my diary and a few bits and pieces for my business and I have scheduled in my training sessions! All that's left is to write out a shopping list :)

I submitted another assignment to be marked today, I am on fire with my course!

Today was cardio, I felt like I was being watched the whole time and it turned out I was hehe a big black hairy spider dirty perv! There was a supplement testing afternoon at my gym tonight, I grabbed my post workout protein hit of Proto Whey in chocolate it was great so chocolaty it almost felt like I was being naughty hehe I enjoyed chatting to the lady but couldn't help feeling that she didn't really know much about the products. I was happily wearing my AWA t-shirt and couldn't help but think how lucky I am to have people that actually know the products that they are selling :)

Time to get my beauty sleep as I have perfit in the morning and I know Julian will be smashing me with lots of running cause I love it so much (not)

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend bliss

I swear the weekend came along faster this week and left in hurry! Guess that old saying of 'time flies when your having fun' is true :)

So Friday I was totally blitzed after Perfit in the morning and then Ben in the afternoon, I then drove the kiddies to their dads ready for their weekend sleep over (talk about bliss but shhh don't tell them that hehe) enjoyed a nice dinner with my girlfriends before having an early night. Saturday was great lunch out after blitzing my chest at the gym (by myself) my weights have gone up on inclined bench press and also on the fly machine so happy :) then in the evening I went to watch the wrestling at my local sports centre, I much prefer UFC but hey it got me out of the house for the night hehe.

Sunday oh Sunday my friend hehe I use Sunday as my day off plan, active rest so usually just a nice walk around the lake or a bike ride at the gym with my friend followed but today I was so sore so instead I went straight for an awesome bacon and egg brekky and then went shopping before I picked up my kiddies and came on home.

Its now lazy time in front of the TV watching police academy with my kiddies before they hop off to bed and my books are open ready for that moment of silence hehe :) Although I was just thinking soon I wont know myself as my youngest starts school in Feb, so I am going to be able to plan out more training sessions along with more study time (hmmm my housework is never going to be upto date hehe but so not important as long as the kiddies and i have clean undies its all good right hehe) I am so going to cry when he toddles off in his over sized uniform and bag bigger than him on his back!

I love weekends, gives me chance to take stock of my week, figure out where I need to make changes and also where I have made improvements so I can give myself a pat on the back hehe. This weekend I realised just how far I have come, not only is my body changing shape but so to is my emotional well being, I have managed to take back control of alot of aspects of my life and its really showing! I am happier and stronger and learning to no give a flying duck what others think, I am so pumped and cannot wait to start my journey to stage and with the Arnold classics and the FitX Expo just around the corner I am starting to get very excited! This year is going to be my year to travel around all the different shows and finally see my wonderful friends and AWA team hit the stage and get the inspirational juices flowing :)

Time to hit the books, silence has fallen on the house...well ok the dog is snoring so its not all that quiet hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Friday, January 13, 2012

The inner fat chick

I have gone from squeezing into a size 26 to a size 14 yet I still cannot shake the thinking that I am still 'fat'.

I do not weigh myself compulsively so its not the numbers, in fact numbers on both the scales and measuring tape are going down nicely at every 4 week fitness test. It is more the way I think and feel when I see myself in certain clothing, it is purely a mental state of mind and I know for a fact that this state of mind plagues many individuals losing weight!

So what do I do?

Firstly I try and take note of my inner dialogue, so the things that I say to myself on a regular basis 'I'm to fat to do that, I look fat in that dress, I cant do that I'm to fat/big/unfit....' then try to counteract this negative inner dialogue with something positive and as I slowly start to fight myself the easier it gets.

Secondly I get dress up, get all prettied up and take some photos next find the photo of myself at my heaviest and put the new photo next to it and see the differences, see even though my friends and family are telling me how great I look until I compare those photos and see the changes for myself I don't believe it.

Thirdly I go out and treat myself to a day out on the town, get dressed up, go shopping, go for a coffee, go get a hair cut or an eyebrow wax, get a tan or get my nails done and for one whole day just think about ME, what I have done, how far I have come and be proud of MYSELF, right in that moment nothing else matters!

Its not easy to lose weight, its not going to happen over night and a lot more will change than just your dress size and its not always going to be a fun journey but I think that this journey is the most worthwhile journey I have been on since becoming a mum, it is both rewarding and educational I am now fitter, stronger and more driven and I know that this is just the beginning :)

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Naughty me!

Well last night I was very naughty and ate CRAP! I had sugary processed foods and boy oh boy did I pay for it, not only was I bouncing off the walls at 1am I then had the sugar crash in the morning boo hiss......

Note to self: Now that sugar has been eliminated from diet it really does not agree with me!!!

I put last nights naughty behavior down to being off my food for the last couple of days, I know right me off my food very strange but all is well today I am back firing on all cylinders as it were :)

So today was a MASSIVE training day, I had Perfit at 9am and I got the lovely Michael and I am very proud to say that I managed a damn good workout even though I think I was still somewhat asleep hehe, then at 12pm I had Ben who I impressed by not whinging :)

I topped my day off with an awesome dinner with the girls I enjoyed a nice salad and grilled calamari.

So a few things I have learnt:

#Bingeing happens, don't berate yourself instead make the next meal clean and drink plenty of water to flush those nasties out

#Make sure you take notice of the small changes, whether it be the changes in your body or the changes in your attitude, every little change is a step closer to your goals

#Put in all that you've got into every training session no matter how little sleep you had because it will make you feel heaps better especially after a bad meal or emotional day

#Revisit your goals, refresh them or add to them, make sure you know exactly what you want and what you need to do to achieve them

#Put post it notes around the house with motivational quotes, your goals or even pictures of physiques that inspire you so when you are feeling low or go off track you can remember what your doing, why your doing and turn a negative into a positive

Well I am going to crawl off to bed now as my legs are smashed, I went for a walk after dinner to get some fresh blood into my legs and I am pretty sure that my legs are now asking for a divorce hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Study brain!

WOW what a day!

I Have spent most of my day buried in a pile of books and paperwork, but believe it or not i am winning hehe

So let me give you a quick run down, I am currently a full time student doing a double degree in law and psychology but decided to take a small holiday after 2 years of solid study no holidays due to the fact that I am through Open University Australia, this way is flexible and allows me to raise my 2 children (daughter 9 and son nearly 5) I decided to take some time off to focus on my fitness and focus on me!

So no idea how long I am going to take off but to be able to focus on what I am really passionate about makes me so very happy :)

So I signed up to gain my certificate 3&4 in fitness, to say I am loving it is an understatement hehe I am doing my course through AIPT http://aipt-px.rtrk.com.au/ you can choose flexible learning or on campus and thankfully the campus is local, its at Body and Soul Ballarat which I am excited about as I have never worked out at the gym. What I love is the motivation I am getting from my learning and being able to help others and give them educated advice :)

Doing this course and putting me first this year has made a huge difference in me, I am working out harder and paying more attention to what makes me happy and in the long run its not just making me happy but also my kiddies because they see how happy I am, my kiddies even enjoy eating what I am eating and exercising like me its so awesome to see and it feels so good to know that I am a more positive role model for them!

I guess the moral of my story is that once you start putting yourself first everything else falls into place, I am so lucky to be surrounded by supportive people that are helping me and I am so lucky to be able to help others in return :)

So apart from study today has been easy, no exercise today due to tomorrow being a huge day of training which is going to be interesting because my hamstrings are still in a world of pain but its to be expected because when I first started out building muscle with Ben I had no real muscle mass in my hamstrings or glutes but I have come a long way since then! I am now doing arse to the grass squats with little assistance, walking lunges, leg press with 50kg on each side plus the sled equals 103kg and I am once again loving dead lifts again the changes in my legs is amazing, its been bloody hard work with tear and lots of sweat but DAMN its worth it.

Anyway time to hit they hay and get rest ready for tomorrows kill session!

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Rest day...Well sorta hehe

Boy oh boy, I am in DOMS heaven thanks to my own leg session on Monday and Tuesdays session with Julian at Perfit!

I cannot tell you just how unfit I was, I mean I couldn't do my shoe laces up without cutting off oxygen which I have found to be quite handy when breathing hehe. Running was nothing but a dream to me and being able to see my abs well I just believed I didn't have any! Well just recently I have started running, I started on Christmas night (no a better time!) I was at the beach and I had my music pumping and thought what the hell and I loved it, I felt like I was flying! So that night I mixed running and walking and I managed a 3.1km run and 3.1km walk the following night I managed a 4km run and a 4km walk, I even found a 3rd gear in my running an managed sprints!

I could not of done this without the specific training that I do with the boys at Perfit Ballarat http://www.perfit.com.au/ (I really need to learn how to make links in) the boys are all fantastic and put up with my crap, but a few quick tips: Julian loves it when you tell him you hate him cause then he knows he's doing his job (killing you) and Anthony has now made a rule that I am no longer allowed to swear or else i will be made to do burpee's (ummm NO, bad Anthony! hehe) These guys are just awesome so down to earth and really care about my goals and make me feel confident in my abilities even when all I wanna do is quite!

Then there is weight training, most of it I do on my own but one day a week I work my arse off with Ben Sellars at Anytime Fitness Ballarat. I am amazed at what I can do and the weights I can push around, My PB for lat pull down is 40kg with perfect technique and pumped out 3 sets of 6 and my PB so far on leg extension is 60kg on leg extension :)

When I first started out on my journey in 2006 I was totally alone, it was bloody tough and I had a hard time sorting out what information worked and what didn't. I cannot put into words how lonely and hard my journey was! It wasn't until May 2011 when Glenn gave me the courage to go find quality trainers and accept nothing but the best! Now that I have found it my journey is 10 times easier, the support and encouragement that I get from my trainers is AMAZING and I will never be able to thank them enough!

Some tips when looking for a GOOD trainer:
#Find a trainer that when you look at them you you feel inspired!
#If possible book a trial session or free assessment so that you can ask questions, ask about their specialisations and if they are experienced in the areas in which your interested in.
#A good trainer will have be a good listener, and be able to work around your specific goals and health conditions that you may have such as pregnant, arthritis etc.
#A good trainer will keep accurate records of your progress so that you can see where your going right/wrong and get motivation when your feeling dissatisfied with where your at.
#A good trainer will not only train you but also be your friend, it is a working relationship but the bond is such that you feel you can trust them and share with them not only the worst but also the best mile stones so its important that you get along, personality does matter and will affect how well you work together.
These are points are very important to me, I love being able to stir my trainers (they give as good as they get hehe) I also love looking at them an knowing that they practise what they preach and they give quality advice without the bullshit!
It has been a long road to get here but now I am thankful that I have a bunch of amazing people in my life supporting my goals, this year is going to be my year! I am planning on playing spectator at as many bodybuilding competitions that I can and making the most out of every meal and every training session!
So what are do you want for your body this year?
Keep smiling and train hard :)

Monday, January 9, 2012

Abs are made in the kitchen!

I don't care how much exercise you do, you cannot I repeat CANNOT out run a bad diet!
The good old saying 'Abs are made in the kitchen' is the truth!
For a long time diet was my down fall, I would slog it out at the gym then go eat Macers (I know I know but that was the old me) and then wonder why i felt bloated and remained the same. Well i have learnt a lot since getting serious about my weightloss journey.
So what changed my mind?
I decided that for things to change I needed to change my approach, no more excuses! I went to the opening of a supplement store in Geelong, I had followed the owner Glenn Gattellaro on Facebook and thought why not go down and see what was on offer. I was blown away by Glenn, he really offers more than quality supplements! Glenn inspired me to find a new gym and get stuck into training and eating right, his no bullshit attitude is what makes Athletes with Attitude the place I go to when needing quality advice and motivation, I recommend anyone that is serious about getting in shape whether it be to lose weight, gain mass or get ripped for the stage Athletes with Attitude is your one stop shop! I have learnt that you cannot put a price on good health!
I am in the middle of tweaking my supplements under the guidance of Glenn, I was keeping it simple with Protein powder and a pre-workout but this year is going to be my year for massive changes so to compliment my diet I am adding a few new products which I promise I will reveal this week :)
I am very proud to announce that as of a couple of weeks ago I was offered a very special sponsorship by Glenn and I now get to represent Athletes with Attitude and show people what the right advice, support and hard work can achieve! I want to thank Glenn and the team at Athletes for this amazing opportunity, I cannot put into words just how much it means to me to have the support of an amazing company :) Check them out on Facebook, there are two great locations, Geelong & Albert Park
So lets get down to it, what do I eat:
Lots hehe....
Number one priority is good clean protein, I get this from lean chicken and also from my protein powder.
Second is good clean carbohydrates that give me slow release energy, so lots of fibrous vegetables and before workouts I like to enjoy a banana to give me that added burst of energy as its a little faster to release energy into my body.
Third is water, I chug down a good 2-3 liters a day
I also take a good quality women's multi vitamin, glutamine, calcium and fish oil capsules
I can hear the moans already, the oh but that's bland or boring, how about treats?
Well you know what food isn't a treat or a reward, food is plan and simple our fuel resource! If you want your body to perform at peak levels then you gotta fuel it with quality foods!
Oh I so sound like a pro right..... Wrong I still make mistakes, I still have off days where I cant be stuffed cooking but you know what I am learning!
So how do I manage to juggle it all.... Preparation! Preparation is key to my success, I am still learning but I am now figuring out ways to make cooking easier and meal prep time faster :)
#Bulk cook ups of chicken breast fillets
#Bulk salads made into individual serving containers
#Shopping list/ Menu planners
#Meal time reminders on my iPhone
Having things pre-packed takes the mystery out of meal times, means I can chuck it into my meal organiser cooler bag and head out the door with confidence and know I will stay on track :)
I have learnt if you want something bad enough you will do whatever it takes to get there and whatever it takes to maintain it! Build a routine around food preparation, build a routine of when you will eat and make healthy clean eating a lifestyle not a diet that has a start and end time!
Another great Lesson I learnt is never be afraid to ask :)
Keep smiling and Train hard peeps :)

A shiney new blog for a shiney new year!

Hello Guys and Girls,
Welcome to my new blog, this will be my place to share with you my journey to a fit healthy body! There is no crash diet or quick fixes to be found here!
This is a no bullshit, no excuses spot where I can share all that I have learnt, the wonderful people that I have meet along the way and the way in which I have slowly transformed my life to be a more healthier one :) I will share with you tips and ideas that have helped me to lose over 50kg, there have been ups and downs, stops and starts but here is where the excuses stop and the clean living begins :)
So here is a before pic (left) and a progress pic (right) to show you where I began and where I am at now.
You can also follow me on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=569541836
So here a quick run down of what I am doing right now:
Twice a week I do one on one training with the boys from Perfit Ballarat you can visit their website here: http://www.perfit.com.au/ we do a lot of drills such as sprinting and body weight and kettle bell exercises
I also train with a Ben a personal trainer at Anytime Fitness Ballarat once a week we focus mostly on bigger muscle groups and going heavy
I train at Anytime Fitness Ballarat 3-4 times a week doing a mix of weights and cardio to get an idea of the facilities checkout http://www.anytimefitness.com.au/gyms/au-1026/ballarat-vic-3350
Tomorrow I will post up what my eating consists of and what supplements I use to compliment my eating.
If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask :)
Keep smiling and train hard :)