Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Cold be gone!

Totally wish people would keep their germs to themselves! Going to chug lots of water and throw back the good old vitamin C, this cold doesn't stand a chance!!! I got work to do BAM

I am pretty lucky because since starting my journey I haven't been really sick, but even a slight cold impacts on my performance :( Today I literally gave it all I had and nearly passed out on poor Julian. We did this awesome circuit hope to do it again, but so glad when it was over! Totally thought I was going to face plant when I did the TRX push ups wow they were tough.

I totally and utterly love Perfit Ballarat, I never ever thought I would love such grueling workouts I mean the very mention of exercise used to have me in the corner curled up in the fetal position hehe

Today I said some really dirty words, I told Julian I enjoyed running.... I know its horrible I should wash my mouth out with soap hehe But I am finding running easier each session and I am loving that even when my head is telling me give up it hurts that with Julian's help I can push through and pull off those last few reps :)

I am really proud of my commitment to my training at Perfit Ballarat, I am so excited to be working with such an awesome team of guys that are passionate about their work. I am also really excited that they are introducing a program for kids, I told my daughter about it and she is so pumped and cannot weight to go to mummies gym and workout like mummy hehe so cute, even my son wants to join in (might actually help tucker him out hehe)

School holidays are coming to and end *insert happy dance here* so time to get planning, I have to come up with some new killer programs that I can put into action in the gym and I will also be busy with my client list now it is growing (totally excited) and make sure that I have everything in order so that I commit my time to my clients and give them my best every time just like Julian and his team do for me :)

I am also so excited, I got some more assessments back and I have yet again passed with flying colours which makes me confident that I have made the right decision and career choice, I never felt this excited or motivated when I was studying law, I cannot put into words how awesome it feels!

I was feeling rather low today, lonely and pathetically sookie, had a bad day with my little boy but now since sitting down and thinking about all the awesome stuff I have going for me has made me so happy again. Its proof that sitting down and thinking about the positive stuff really does help make the negative stuff melt away!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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