Friday, January 20, 2012

I hate being a girl....

Well sometimes I do hehe

Bloody hormones, I totally hold them responsible for my hissy fit at Perfit this morning and then later almost puking during a leg session at Anytime fitness under the torturous guidance of Ben!

I am now feeling utterly exhausted, but I chalk that up to an SIW (Self Inflicted Wound) due to not eating properly today bla I only have myself to blame I totally should of done the shopping but I got so wrapped up yesterday in planning out my Biz (I totally have a name and a logo woo hoo)

So tomorrow is a new day I will hit the shops early then come home and cook up a storm, thinking a nice greek salad and grilled chicken and salmon yumi and both are great served cold the chicken and salmon that is hehe

So today was epic! I found some new inner strength to push through while also finding a different volume of whinging hehe. I am having trouble with my hips again, I have been to the doctors about it but they say that its just a weakness and will be fixed over time with exercising, well I am thinking I will do a bit more research into it myself and see what I can do because I am not the most patient of people and I want this fixed ASAP so that I can get on with my training!

Ooo so excited I got my car back this morning, the replacement boot is nearly ready to go on so my car will no longer look all sad and sorry for itself and then I am going to give it a good clean and finally start tramp stamping her hehe I have some awesome stickers from sponsor Athletes with Attitude that are just begging to be put on and I am also getting my logo made up to go on my window and I will suck up to Julian and see if he has some Perfit stickers to slap on her too :)

Right time to stop procrastinating and go do my dishes and fold the washing before I hit the books hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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