Thursday, January 26, 2012

Lesson learnt...

The hard way!

Blaaaaa I will apologise in advance for this ramble as I have server gym brain!

So last night I decided to stay up and study, work on my business plan and generally enjoy some quiet time while enjoying some social time, so the story that is about to follow is totally and SIW moment (Self Inflicted Wound)

So somehow I managed to wake up and turn my alarm off and proceed to fall back asleep, 8:30 I realise what I have done and sprint outta bed, sculled a Thermojet (my saviour) and flew out the door and arriving at at Perfit Ballarat with 10mins to spare! Michael happily beaming at me (so not cool) 'You look like you just got outta bed' well hey at least it was the truth and I hadn't spent hours trying to look good and failed lol

So today was all strength....Top idea but I totally had NONE I really didn't realise just how important correct eating before a workout was let along the correct amount of sleep.... So after nearly face planting numerous times during pushups we then moved onto another circuit which again was strength related and then another and then topped it off with core work which usually I would be happy cause it meant laying down but unfortunately Michael had other ideas, the plank while balancing on the fitball hmmm as you can imagine I looked bloody elegant NOT although in the horror that was my very stomach turning workout I did manage to push out some pretty awesome reverse crunches :)

At the end of the session I was utterly shattered, I was shaking and sweating bullets! But I got through it (didn't swear too much lol) and I feel bloody awesome for getting through it :) Ooo and I also noticed my triceps are coming along in strength YAY

So all up today I learnt the hard way that nutrition is important leading up to training and that I need more sleep if I am going to train at my best, strength was compromised and that annoyed me and my stomach wasn't happy being empty so I felt rather dizzy, its awesome that I got through it but never ever ever again will I do that again!

Well time for me to get my butt in gear lots to do :)

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

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