Friday, January 13, 2012

Naughty me!

Well last night I was very naughty and ate CRAP! I had sugary processed foods and boy oh boy did I pay for it, not only was I bouncing off the walls at 1am I then had the sugar crash in the morning boo hiss......

Note to self: Now that sugar has been eliminated from diet it really does not agree with me!!!

I put last nights naughty behavior down to being off my food for the last couple of days, I know right me off my food very strange but all is well today I am back firing on all cylinders as it were :)

So today was a MASSIVE training day, I had Perfit at 9am and I got the lovely Michael and I am very proud to say that I managed a damn good workout even though I think I was still somewhat asleep hehe, then at 12pm I had Ben who I impressed by not whinging :)

I topped my day off with an awesome dinner with the girls I enjoyed a nice salad and grilled calamari.

So a few things I have learnt:

#Bingeing happens, don't berate yourself instead make the next meal clean and drink plenty of water to flush those nasties out

#Make sure you take notice of the small changes, whether it be the changes in your body or the changes in your attitude, every little change is a step closer to your goals

#Put in all that you've got into every training session no matter how little sleep you had because it will make you feel heaps better especially after a bad meal or emotional day

#Revisit your goals, refresh them or add to them, make sure you know exactly what you want and what you need to do to achieve them

#Put post it notes around the house with motivational quotes, your goals or even pictures of physiques that inspire you so when you are feeling low or go off track you can remember what your doing, why your doing and turn a negative into a positive

Well I am going to crawl off to bed now as my legs are smashed, I went for a walk after dinner to get some fresh blood into my legs and I am pretty sure that my legs are now asking for a divorce hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

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