Sunday, January 29, 2012

No excuses

So you have your kiddies home, no one to babysit and you gym gear is in the wash or the cat is stuck on the roof....

Well that's no excuse!!!

We all have living room floors and if you don't have gym gear the great thing is you can workout in the nude, just close the curtains first don't want to frighten your neighbors hehe. So I have put together a little routine that I do when I am stuck at home and thought I would share it with you all :)

Now I have got some basic equipment at home, an exercise bike, a fit ball, resistance band and a nice cooshie mat but I am going to pretend that I don't have any of that so that if your a beginner to at home workouts you can easily follow this workout :)

If you have floor boards grab a nice big towel or blanket but be careful you don't slip on it, grab a kitchen chair and grab either 2 tins of food or bottles of water (make sure they bother weight the same and of same shape)

2 minutes jogging or walking on the spot
Holding onto the wall for balance swing leg out to side 10 times then swap leg
Holding onto the wall for balance swing your leg out front 10 times then swap leg

Sit-ups 15 reps
Push-ups (on knees if you like) 10 reps
Squats wider stance toes pointing out slightly 15 reps
Toe reaches 15 reps
Triceps dips on the kitchen chair 10 reps
Walking lunges up to 10 reps each side

Cool down by walking on the spot for 2 minutes then stretch for 5 minutes

Repeat this circuit 4 times, time yourself so that you can try to beat your time next time :)

I think that planning for the unexpected such as kiddies being home sick from school means that it cuts out the excuses, also the early you know you will need to train at home the better because the early you get your exercise done at home the less likely you are to make excuses and then once your done exercising you can get on with your washing hehe

Any questions don't hesitate to ask peeps :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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