Sunday, January 22, 2012

Plotting to take over the world....

Well ok maybe not but hey gotta think big and aim high :)

Right well I have been thinking heaps, yup my head hurts hehe! I have been thinking about how I can get my Biz started without costing an arm and leg to set up and I have come up with some great ideas! The less it cost for me to set up the more I can give back to my clients, because I remember how hard it was to make the budget stretch when I was married with young kiddies and what its like being a single parent trying to make ends meet!

I am working my butt off to complete my certificate 3 & 4 in fitness (almost finished cert 3) and already plan to further my knowledge in all areas of fitness.... I think you never stop learning and in this industry staying upto date is key to results :)

Anyway..... today I was thinking to myself how awesome the response has been to me starting my business and that it would be to get a few clients started now, so I was thinking of offering 5 readers the chance to train with me for free for 8 weeks!

I will need to do my research first but I reckon this is a great idea, so stay tuned :)
So let me know what you think peeps :)
On another note I want to take this time to thank Ben Sellars my personal trainer at Anytime Fitness Ballarat for an awesome 8 months of his time, Ben helped me to start my journey towards a healthier body but he is now leaving Anytime Fitness Ballarat to start his journey as a stay at home daddy, I wish him all the best in his new career and will be sending him a cute floral apron because he will need it for all the housework he will be doing as well hehe.
I am really going to miss him he was a huge influence in my training and set a high bench mark, great thing is because of Ben I now know what I want, I know what kind of a trainer I want to be and I know that if I can survive training with him then I can surivive anything hehe.
Thanks for everything Ben you will be missed.
Well its time to eat but first I better get my kiddies out of the paddling pool before they turn into prunes hehe
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)


  1. Set your goals & keep up the good work. On your bad days look at the good ones. What worked, what didn't and aim for the clouds.
    You can do it. With the end goal in sight, Never lose the vision of where you have come from as the this defines the new you.

  2. Thank you Clusey23 :)
    I am going to work my bum off (literally hehe) I am loving my journey and loving being able to share it with such wonderful people, thank you so much for dropping by and reading my blog :)