Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Self care

This morning while dying my hair I got to thinking about what it takes to for me to give so much to training, when I rock up to training no matter what I am there to give it my all and the consequence of giving my all is DOMS.

Now for me DOMS are earned, they are what I strive for to let me know that I have worked to the point of breaking the muscle down ready to repair and rebuild it to be stronger for the next session! But what alot of people don't consider is what they put into their bodies and how they take care of their bodies after training is just as important as the training itself!

So today I wanna talk about looking after yourself after training so hard:

Firstly stock up on Epsom salt, its very cheap and something I swear by its so simple just dump a nice bit of Epsom salt into your bath along with some lavender oil if you want to get really fancy and make sure the water is nice and hot but not scalding, then soak away your aches and pains :)

Another one thing I swear by is massage, whether this be self massage with some good old Palmer oil or if you book in for a sports massage on a regular basis. Getting fresh blood into your sore muscles is key to good recovery, try doing some light cardio that gets your breathing up but nothing too high impact I usually opt for a walk around the lake to get some fresh air and a bit of sun but don't forget to wear a sun hat and sunscreen boys and girls!

Nutrition, nutrition, nutrition!!!! If your not fueling your body with quality protein, carbs and fat then you wont be getting the results your working so hard for. This is where I like to supplement, I use protein powder to boost my protein intake, protein is the number one muscle building source and critical in recovery and to boost that I also use glutamine which aids recovery but also helps the immunity system. I think if your serious about creating a healthy body whether it be for a certain purpose like myself I want to compete in bodybuilding, female figure division or whether it just be so you can live a longer healthier life you should look into what you eat, because what you eat DOES determine how your body will look.

Rewards, I think its really important to reward your efforts on your none training days! No this does not mean go out and eat a big piece of chocolate cake with you coffee, I'm talking none food rewards, like go get a new haircut or buy those smaller pants you have had your eye on. The trick is to constantly reward your efforts, I love buying bodybuilding magazines, they keep me motivated while also giving me inspiration for new ways to eat and train plus added bonus of shiney men to look at hehe. I also love having lazy mornings in bed with a black coffee and my laptop... the trick is to be proud and excited about every achievement no matter how big or small!

This whole weightloss thing isn't easy, so a bit of self care and lots of spoiling yourself is a great way to keep you motivated and on track, so go for it, no more putting it off just GO FOR IT :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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