Thursday, January 12, 2012

Study brain!

WOW what a day!

I Have spent most of my day buried in a pile of books and paperwork, but believe it or not i am winning hehe

So let me give you a quick run down, I am currently a full time student doing a double degree in law and psychology but decided to take a small holiday after 2 years of solid study no holidays due to the fact that I am through Open University Australia, this way is flexible and allows me to raise my 2 children (daughter 9 and son nearly 5) I decided to take some time off to focus on my fitness and focus on me!

So no idea how long I am going to take off but to be able to focus on what I am really passionate about makes me so very happy :)

So I signed up to gain my certificate 3&4 in fitness, to say I am loving it is an understatement hehe I am doing my course through AIPT you can choose flexible learning or on campus and thankfully the campus is local, its at Body and Soul Ballarat which I am excited about as I have never worked out at the gym. What I love is the motivation I am getting from my learning and being able to help others and give them educated advice :)

Doing this course and putting me first this year has made a huge difference in me, I am working out harder and paying more attention to what makes me happy and in the long run its not just making me happy but also my kiddies because they see how happy I am, my kiddies even enjoy eating what I am eating and exercising like me its so awesome to see and it feels so good to know that I am a more positive role model for them!

I guess the moral of my story is that once you start putting yourself first everything else falls into place, I am so lucky to be surrounded by supportive people that are helping me and I am so lucky to be able to help others in return :)

So apart from study today has been easy, no exercise today due to tomorrow being a huge day of training which is going to be interesting because my hamstrings are still in a world of pain but its to be expected because when I first started out building muscle with Ben I had no real muscle mass in my hamstrings or glutes but I have come a long way since then! I am now doing arse to the grass squats with little assistance, walking lunges, leg press with 50kg on each side plus the sled equals 103kg and I am once again loving dead lifts again the changes in my legs is amazing, its been bloody hard work with tear and lots of sweat but DAMN its worth it.

Anyway time to hit they hay and get rest ready for tomorrows kill session!

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

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