Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The road to happiness

This morning after chatting to someone special I realised a few things about myself that I kinda knew before but sort of ignored at the same time cause it was just easier that way.

My life has been a roller coaster ride, there has not been one year in my life that there wasn't a family break down, marriage break up, the loss of a loved one or the failing of big plans.... What this all equals to me is weight gain (some losses too) for me weight is just a symptom of the stresses in my life.... This is no excuse nor am I using it as one, it is what it is.

Like any symptom there is a cure :)

Last year was a very crappy year (for many I dare say) but I think you need to hit the bottom before you can rise above it all to the top, 2011 set me up to be the happiest girl ever! It set me free from the confines of my baggage (my past and present) it set me up to realise that good things do happen and happiness can be found and that there are GOOD people out there!

So my cure was finding TRUE happiness, whats yours?

Back in May 2011 I was a size 20, today I am a size 14 :) I am surrounded by wonderful people and no longer carry the baggage that weighed me down so heavily!

While finding happiness and the right people to surround myself with I also, de-cluttered my house got rid of all my 'fat' clothes (no more corsets boo hoo) and thoughtfully tossed out anything that had negative memories attached to them, just one package to send away and then my house is purged of all negative energy! While de-cluttering I also made my kitchen 'safe' I put all my kiddies foods out of sight (out of sight out of mind) and with the help of Perfit and my course I made my cupboard and fridge friendly to my hips hehe, I find if my house is cluttered and messy that its a rippling affect on other aspects of my life!

I also think its very important to make goals, these goals will help plot your journey in life they are like your road map, have this road map displayed as a reminded of where your going and why your working so hard put 'post it' notes on the bathroom mirror, fridge and even on the car dash! While you have your 'post it' notes out why not post some motivational quotes and sayings around the house too :)

Ooo and last but not least surround yourself with the people that support your goals (lifestyle) if these people TRULY love you that will support you no matter what... well I wouldn't support you if you wanted to be a clown, I draw the line at clown school hehe.... If people are judging you and criticising your goals then they are not worth the energy it takes to fake a smile!

You only get one life, don't waste it on baggage that will only weigh you down!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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