Saturday, January 21, 2012

Total rest weekend who'd of thought

Yup you so read right I have had two consecutive days off from training! Go me

I feel so good as well, it really was what my body needed.

I got a few more assessments back from my course provided AIPT yesterday, so over the moon as I have passed them all :) I am so excited the end is getting closer and closer!

So lets talk food, I love food hehe but food doesn't always love me :( oh so sad but then I have to think to myself whats more important to me.... Being able to anything I want for that moment of pleasure followed by the moment of complete body hate or that feeling of 'boo hiss' I want cake followed by GOD DAMN I have a ribcage under there hehe

So these are some simple changes I made under the guidance of my awesome team:

# Eliminate bread
# Substitute pasta with basmati rice
# Add in lots more colourful veggies
# Add in more lean cuts of meat my fave is chicken and fish
# Cut out cappuccinos
# Cut out most take aways, convenience foods, lollies and potato chips
# Add in one cheat meal on a Sunday preferably during the day
# Drink lots of water
# and last but not least make sure I am eating 6 small meals a day (usually every 3 hours)

Now I am by no means perfect and I make stuff ups here and there, but you know what its not about the mistake its about how you you recover from the mistake that makes the difference!

Preparation is key to any success story:

* Plan ahead, if you know your going to be away from the house for a meal then take your meal with you have it all ready to go in the fridge so that all you need to do is put it into your insulated bag and put it by the door with your handbag or manbag for you guys that are reading hehe

* Do a big cook up on a lazy weekend like today, then when the week gets hectic you can just pull a meal out of the freezer and heat

* Eating healthy doesn't have to be difficult or time consuming when you are a savvy shopper you can by steam fresh veggies and salmon (just remember if your getting a marinated peace of fish to read the label don't want anything too salty or added fat) bang them in the microwave and BAM there is your meal! sometimes you will find that is healthier than fresh veggies cause you never know how long the fresh veg has been sitting around at the supermarket where as frozen veg is snap frozen as soon as its picked fresh.

* I always pack extra, even when I think I am going to miss one meal I will pack two just in case!

* Always have a bottle of water with you, AWA now sell 2 liter water bottles a great way to know how much water your consuming while your out :)

I find the more prepared I am the less likely I am to eat off plan or worse miss a meal!

Hope your all having a wonderful lazy Sunday.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)


  1. Em I hope you enjoyed your break over the weekend. I'm so proud of everything you have done so far.Remember your dream of getting on stage is only around the corner.

  2. Hi Lorraine,
    I certainly did, I had to hold myself back from doing cardio at home though hehe.
    The wonderful thing about inspiring others is that it inspires me, seeing these women take the leap of faith with me is just amazing! I am also making sure that I juggle my schedule so that i still have time to do my training because I want to lead by example but also get this butt of mine stage ready to fullfill my other dream :)
    Hope you had a lovely weekend hun xxx

  3. Hi Em,
    That is fantastic to hear. You know when you need to rest up, your body will certainly tell you that.
    It is awesome to know that you are inspiring others along the way. See you are getting your name out there. As long as you don't get run down withe everything you are doing Em you will be fine and I can also see you getting on that stage sooner rather than later, look at everything you have achieved so far. Getting on stage will be the icing on the cake for you. ( so to speak ).
    My weekend was busy as always. xoxox

  4. Lorraine your so right, I am going to work really hard to create balance in my life, luckily with my kiddies going back to school I can try and make my biz work hours between 9am and 3pm then I will be finished in time to put on the mummy cap again hehe
    Mmmm cake hehe I can certainly see myself on stage I cant wait, its been my goal for so long and now I can finally see it happening :)
    Oh hun you so need to make your weekends more lazy hehe