Saturday, January 14, 2012

Weekend bliss

I swear the weekend came along faster this week and left in hurry! Guess that old saying of 'time flies when your having fun' is true :)

So Friday I was totally blitzed after Perfit in the morning and then Ben in the afternoon, I then drove the kiddies to their dads ready for their weekend sleep over (talk about bliss but shhh don't tell them that hehe) enjoyed a nice dinner with my girlfriends before having an early night. Saturday was great lunch out after blitzing my chest at the gym (by myself) my weights have gone up on inclined bench press and also on the fly machine so happy :) then in the evening I went to watch the wrestling at my local sports centre, I much prefer UFC but hey it got me out of the house for the night hehe.

Sunday oh Sunday my friend hehe I use Sunday as my day off plan, active rest so usually just a nice walk around the lake or a bike ride at the gym with my friend followed but today I was so sore so instead I went straight for an awesome bacon and egg brekky and then went shopping before I picked up my kiddies and came on home.

Its now lazy time in front of the TV watching police academy with my kiddies before they hop off to bed and my books are open ready for that moment of silence hehe :) Although I was just thinking soon I wont know myself as my youngest starts school in Feb, so I am going to be able to plan out more training sessions along with more study time (hmmm my housework is never going to be upto date hehe but so not important as long as the kiddies and i have clean undies its all good right hehe) I am so going to cry when he toddles off in his over sized uniform and bag bigger than him on his back!

I love weekends, gives me chance to take stock of my week, figure out where I need to make changes and also where I have made improvements so I can give myself a pat on the back hehe. This weekend I realised just how far I have come, not only is my body changing shape but so to is my emotional well being, I have managed to take back control of alot of aspects of my life and its really showing! I am happier and stronger and learning to no give a flying duck what others think, I am so pumped and cannot wait to start my journey to stage and with the Arnold classics and the FitX Expo just around the corner I am starting to get very excited! This year is going to be my year to travel around all the different shows and finally see my wonderful friends and AWA team hit the stage and get the inspirational juices flowing :)

Time to hit the books, silence has fallen on the house...well ok the dog is snoring so its not all that quiet hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

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