Tuesday, January 24, 2012

What an awesome day!

Perfit Ballarat was the first on today's "To Do" list, I had a blast and got totally killed by Julian! I can feel every single squat that's for sure, I am so super proud of my efforts today, I was even on two steps with 20kg kettle bell getting deep into each squat! Something I would never have been able to do a few months back! I then did this nasty circuit that totally hit my body for six, but this is what I love so much about Perfit, every session is fresh and new :)

So after I crawled back to the car I grabbed myself a black coffee and my mum (get this) a soy decaf cappuccino (ummm that's so not a coffee that's almost as bad as my weetbix without banana lol) any way back to my day hehe, then meet my mum and my kiddies at the park enjoyed the fresh air before the heat kicked in and then came home, would of stayed a little longer but my little man was feeling sick so bought him home for a cool bath which fixed him up :) Then did what all wonderful parents do told them to amuse themselves while I study hehe..... Hey I made them lunch and dinner so I am not all bad hehe

Got heaps of reading done, I am about submit another assessment and I have made a time to meet with my very first client, I am just a little excited ok I am secretly doing a happy dance but shhh its our secret hehe cant wait to welcome this lovely lady to my team and unveil my business name and plan :)

I even fitted in going shopping and tidying around the house! Bloody hell I am turning into super women....Nah her outfit so isn't my colour hehe ooo speaking of colour (totally off topic and very girly of me here) I have been using a gradual self tanner and damn I am loving it, I keep getting comments on how healthy I look and even got told I look way younger than I am now that's awesome hehe its also doing wonders for the elasticity of my skin, with losing so much weight its a great idea to make sure you give your skin alot of TLC so that it can snap back into shape and not sag! I swear by both bio oil as it helps to lighten up my stretch marks (sorry boys hehe) and I also love all the Palmers range smells awesome and my skin is absolutely glowing :) Oh and of course plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated!!

Well time to treat my body to some cardio and yoga before i hit the books again :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)


  1. Em I hope everything went well with your very first client. *happy dance*. How exciting to know your dreams are coming true. Em you are an inspiration to all. xox

  2. Lorraine you are gorgeous :) I am having an utter blast right now life is just beautiful!!!
    I hope your having a fantastic week, nearly the weekend YAY xxx

  3. Thank you Em, you are gorgeous too.
    My week was great up until today, made my bed this morning and have been in pain all day. Couldn't train this morning. Went to the dr this afternoon, ( not my normal one ), she tells me I have muscle soreness , well I already knew that. i hope it gets better soon as it's hard to get anything done.

    Have an awesome weekend. xox

  4. Lorraine, I hope your pain has subsided? Nothing worse than being unable to do things due to pain, rest up and get back into it when your feeling better :)
    Have an awesome weekend X