Saturday, January 28, 2012

Your in the drivers seat of life....

Sometimes its the simple things we forget, the simple things we take for granted.....

Today I realised something that I had totally forgotten 'I am in control, I am in the drivers seat of my life' this means I control my actions and reactions, I control what I can and cannot do but most of all I am in control of the direction my life is heading and who shares that direction with me.

Something so simple yet so easily forgotten in the hum drum of life, because we get so wrapped up living for others that we forget to live for ourselves. We get wrapped up in making other people happy that when we do finally figure out that we are not happy so go to change that we then get called 'selfish'. Also in my journey I have noticed that when people don't understand what your doing they just become negative and hate on everything you do or say in order to obtain your goals, I get it all the time on my Facebook page, where I like to post photos of females bodybuilders or athletes that have rock hard bodies, I then get criticised or told how disgusting the girl looks! Seriously if you don't like something then fine but why try and bring someone down by making such harsh comments? Why not just look at the pic and say 'damn she works hard' and then move on or don't look at all, pretty damn simple I reckon!

I am slowly learning that making myself happy is NOT selfish and in fact by making myself happy I have made others around me happy because they enjoy how high energy I am and how full of life I am, all because now I am doing what I want, I still have times where I feel a little down or disorganised but I think that's all part of being a responsible adult!

So ask yourself, what makes you really happy? So happy you are bouncing off the walls, glowing with life and have the biggest smile all day long!

Yesterday I welcomed Heather to team EP, she is my first client and this women is an example of glowing with life, Heather is a real trooper and is totally committed to her goals and to me as her trainer and I cannot tell you what a wonderful feeling it is! I feel so totally pumped and motivated by Heather's energy and totally looking forward to working with her in the coming weeks :) Yesterday I experienced what really makes me happy, what makes me glow with life and I love it!! I cannot wait to build team EP and get these wonderful ladies moving towards their goals, this is what life is for, this is why I do what I do :)

No more living for others, start living for yourself, live with passion, do what makes you happy and expect nothing but the best from yourself..... It may not happen over night but it will happen hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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