Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keep on trucking.....

When the going gets tough the tough get going!

My energy levels are still very low, I had to cancel my own training and also a few clients due to no energy and all I have done is sleep! I dropped my daughter at school this morning, plonked my son in front of the TV when we came home (he had prep rest day today) and then slept again, I ended up having to get my mums help because all I did was sleep!

So I'm feeling really lazy!

I went to drop Jaz off at gecko (Kids program run at Perfit Ballarat) and got to speak to Julian and as usual I left feeling bloody awesome! He has put a note in the diary to let Michael know that due to my energy levels we will focus more on strength and still train, I thought he might say take time off (which if he did I think I would of cried a river!) but he was so great and understands exactly where I am coming from so wants to help me stay on track, busy with training but make sure its at a level that wont have me heaving out in the parking lot hehe

So today I came to the realisation that for the time being I just have to tough it out the best I can, just focus on one thing at a time and slowly get through all my daily tasks the best I can because if I let this get into my head I will fall in a heap and not get back up and that's not how I work!

SO tonight I have made up two new programs for tomorrows clients, set up a time and program for my group circuit session and also booked in some socialising time :) school lunches are made, kitchen clean and school uniforms all washed and pressed ready on the ends of the beds for my kiddies to jump into, I have my gym kit set and also my work gear all packed and by the door, tomorrow morning I am helping my mum with her homework (counselling stuff lets hope I can remember it all as its been awhile) then I have a client then I am hoping I will find some energy to train myself maybe a light gym sess.....

SO everything I have done tonight has set me up for an easier morning tomorrow, it has also taken my mind off my slumping energy :) the moral of the story is no matter what the situation if you focus your mind on other things you can get through!

The other thing I want to talk about is support, something so simple yet so hard to get right!

When you have a goal in mind, big or small you need to make sure you surround yourself with people that understand and support your choices and even better can join in on your goal. If you don't have someone that understands they cannot fully support, which isn't a bad thing but it means they wont be able to fully motivate you when the going gets tough! SO how can you find like minded people that will be able to FULLY understand what you want and be able to FULLY support, motivate and where needed give you a good kick up the butt? The first place of course is your gym, talk to the trainers their, employ them as your Personal Trainer but make sure of course that when looking for a trainer before you hand over your hard earned cash look at them and ask yourself do they look like what you want to work towards (Are you after bodybuilding, weightloss...does this trainer look like they will be able to help you?) Then approach them and talk to them about what you want, do they make you feel comfy, do they make you feel empowered/confident, do they understand what you want and most importantly do you think they can help you achieve what you want?????

Now what if your simply can't afford to hand over your hard earned cash? Well your not out of the game you can still get quality support! It might be harder to find but with the awesome world of technology at your finger tips you can grab a hot cup of black coffee sit down and trawl through the google results, the other thing is word of mouth ask your friends if they know anyone that has the same goal as you or already achieved what you want to achieve and see if you can touch base with them also places like facebook can have great fan pages where you can look for people that are into the same sport as you or that has achieved or on the same goal as you.

The other thing I recommend to you is getting rid of the negative, life force sucking vampires that do nothing but drain you of motivation! It might sound rough but think of it this way, why work you arse off on your goals for it all to fall to pieces because some person in your life just doesn't like or agree with what your doing? OK so some people will be hard to part with (Mums are kinda stuck in your life) so you need to work out in your mind how you can deal with those people, whether it be that you limit time spent with them or put down rules of engagement "no talking about...." or grow a think skin, remember the good old saying of stick and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me, words are just that words its us who give those words meaning and power, learn to let certain words become meaningless, water off a ducks back!

If you have the right kinda people in your life you will find that your goals will be more achievable, I will even go as far as saying it will make attaining your goals EASIER! Having someone that understands, that has been in the same place as you or is going to the same place as you (goal wise) will give you motivation and inspiration to keep going when the going gets tough!

Well its time for this bodybuilder in the making to go to bed!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Friday, February 24, 2012

It's not always the way you plan it....

Life can sometimes deal you a curve ball, but does this mean its the end of it all?
I have had to make a really hard decision, its a decision I never thought I would have to make in my life time and to be honest it frightens the hell out of me! But the truth of the matter is that my health comes first and as you all know I have been over doing it (although this past week I have been a very good girl you'd be proud at how sort of lazy I have been lol) so in the coming week or two I will be taking some time off, I will keep you all posted on when that is.
So the reason why I am sharing this with you is so I can help myself mentally while hopefully passing on some helpful tips to you my lovely readers :)
I think sometimes life can be cruel but the thing is that's life, plain and simple so we have to become strong and instead of calling it quites figure out how to handle what is simple the fact of life 'its hard sometimes'.
So last night to help me make my decision I went for a walk around my local lake

Isn't that just gorgeous!

I then came home to watch some trashy TV (sex in the city so not my usual thing) and read a trashy mag with lots of bitchy celebrity stuff in (Definitely not my usual thing) I enjoyed a nice coffee and then went to bed and played text message wars with a good friend of mine before passing out.

I am not really one to talk things out and I am usually the type to just go it alone, but sometimes you need support of someone you can trust and sometimes an outside opinion helps.

It is important that when you need to make tough decisions that you do it in a way that makes you feel comfy, don't let others tell you how you should feel!

Pamper yourself! I reckon the best thing to do is once a decision is made solid in your mind you need to go out and spoil yourself whether it be with some special candles and bath bubbles so you can go home and relax in a bath, or a new lipstick so you can go out on the town in style, go do something you normally wouldn't do, go for a swim or a walk.... Do what ever it takes to ease your mind and become confident in your decision!

What we sometimes forget is that even though life is tough we still have choices!

We are in the drivers seat, we have control of how we react to things in life, so think things through calmly, grab your diary and write it all out and if you feel the need rip the pages out later and burn them.

I have made my choice and I am confident that its the right thing for me :)

Now bring on the weekend of freedom!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Can't keep this girl down for long!

Last night I was rocked by a private message I got through Facebook from a so called friend, long message short (And censored) he was telling me that the photos I post on Facebook for motivation are gross and very unattractive and if I were to look like that I would be disgustingly unattractive and no man would want to be with me!

To say I was gutted was an understatement, I think my heart was shattered!

I decided to put up a status (which I have done before) saying that if you do not appreciate what I am posting then delete me cause negative comments will not be tolerated. I saw my friends list get a little smaller and then I did some culling of my own hehe. I really don't understand why people feel the need to share their negative and sometimes down right hurtful comments with me and my supporters???

I also don't understand why people cannot look past the muscle and see the hard work and dedication that the individual ladies in the photos put in, I don't understand why people have to be so judgemental, half the time the people commenting have no idea what it takes to be a bodybuilder at the kind of level that the ladies in the photos have to put in or maybe its just because they are afraid that a girl can do something they cannot?

I understand that what I am doing is not for everyone, I especially know that for some people it is hard to comprehend why I want to do what I do. But I also know what it takes to just get fit and healthy because that's what I am doing right now, I would never put a person down knowing full well how hard the journey to weightloss is let alone someone who is trying their hardest to get on to the bodybuilding stage, come on do you really wanna mess with someone that's carb depleting hehe that could mean death and it would be a quick one that's for sure!

I can laugh about it all now while concocting some awesome mental images of what would happen to the poor bugger if he were to cross my path when I was in comp prep hehe but its only thanks to my wonderful friends and supporters on facebook that I can laugh about it, I hate to admit it but I was second guessing my goals last night....But not for long... The bitch is back and ready to show the haters out their that I am doing what they cant!

Anyway I better dash I have a hungry little boy that just may eat the couch hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thanks heaps I love you all X

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Everyone has their own limits, their own line drawn in the sand and I think I have reached mine....
I am feeling exhausted to the point of being dizzy and feeling like I am going to puke during training, I think burning the candle at both ends is finally catching up on me! Late nights studying and early mornings with children and then days spent with clients, my own training is suffering and I cant have that so things have to be re-evaluated.
Today was my Fitness test at Perfit Ballarat and to say that I felt sick is an understatement, but as usual I made myself push through but the dizziness got me and my head was just not in it! I know I could of done better, I improved on my hover and pushups but man I felt every rep and every second of each! I have been feeling off for the past 1-2 weeks and its now getting into my head and by getting frustrated at myself I am only stressing my body out more. I am still averaging a 1kg loss a week which will be messing with my hormones and the centimeters are melting off me too, but of course I feel I could be doing better!
I took a year off law and psychology so I could focus on myself and my fitness goals and even though I am making progress at what cost?
I realised today while with a special someone that my issue is that I don't talk about the real things, the things that really count and the things that impact on me, instead I try to avoid them and push them out of my mind. Denial isn't going to fix it, maybe in the short term but not in the long run, I should know this lesson already after my health 'issues' back in the end of 2010 all bought on due to stress!
So what am I going to do?
Firstly I am going to head to the doctor's but also going to cut down my training load, it was suggested I take a week off but if I do that it could end in someone being murdered hehe so instead I am going to do as Michael and Julian suggested, cut my training load down. I will also be revisiting my nutrition with the boys on Friday and I will go back to measuring everything again and up my water intake.
I will then look at reflective writing and actually making time to do so, this is pretty much writing a diary but you do it in a manner where you ask yourself questions and try to look at certain situations or feelings from different angles to try and work your way through them instead of running away from them.
Making time for myself to relax is another thing I haven't done since deciding to start working on envy fitness, I cannot even tell you the last time I wore a dress cause I haven't had time to shave my leggy pegs (yes I know that's so gross hehe) So like scheduling my training and clients I will start scheduling me time into my diary too.
This is just a hurdle and I will over come it, I will learn from it and in future will not take on so much at once. This year is the year of balance but also don't want something I am so passionate about bring me undone!
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Saturday, February 18, 2012

I went shopping :)

I had a morning on my own, I was going to exercise but I thought beings I have been feeling so fatigued lately that I would take today of and go for a stroll around the markets and a bit of the lake just to get the blood flowing and then went and had a naughty breaky of black coffee an fruit toast wow it was better than sex hehe haven't had fruit toast in forever!

I then decided I would start hunting down some training equipment, now I have never really paid attention to the sports stores in Ballarat and today I realised why! Not only was my experience frustrating but also made me realise why some people just don't bother with getting equipment for home, because not only do you get poor service by people who have no clue (if your lucky to get served in the first place) but also because it is so over priced! I left feeling rather frustrated and to be honest pretty pissed off!

What frustrated me a little more was the fact that the two places that I did make purchases from where not your normal sports store in fact one was Sam's warehouse and the other was Kamart. Not only did I save myself over $100 I also got better service!

I got home feel still rather frustrated so decided to google the things that I was after and I am so shocked at the price differences, so I have planned to go on a road trip to Melbourne to pick up some bargains and also go pop into my wonderful sponsor and touch base :)

I am so excited tomorrow I have a group of 4 for a training session round the lake in the morning, I have been on a walk round the lake with them before but not trained them in the way I play tomorrow so this will be fun, they are of the same fitness level and also of the same age/gender so I have devised a program that should raise their heart rates while also adding resistance for a total body workout in about 45 minutes I think it will work out to be but as this is all in the trial stage I will see how it goes tomorrow because whats on paper might not be the same as what happens but I think I can be flexible and change anything on the spot if need be :)

I am also seeing the gorgeous Heather in the morning and its the big weigh in day, so excited for her as I have a good feeling that she will get a kick out of the numbers, I know the before photos we took showed dramatic changes in a matter of a week!

Well time for me to get my beauty sleep!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Progress pics

OK I have decided its time to get a bit more daring with my progress pics......

So here we go, left pic was taken 11/1/2012 and right was taken 16/2/2012, this is proof that hard work does pay off and that results can be seen and felt early on which helps keep motivation levels high!

I want to send out a big thank you to Julian and Michael, I could post awesome results like this without your help :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to get a little more serious....

Right so yesterday I spoke about motivation and how goals can be a very motivational tool to use that help direct your path....

Lets revisit my goals:
My first goal was to strip the fat and improve my fitness, this is a great goal but there is no real direction for me to follow, goals really need to be a how to guide to get to your destination. So lets break it down:

How can I achieve this goal?
1# Join a gym that offers me an environment that I will want to train in and feel comfortable in, make sure that it is accessible so that excuses such as time, travelling to etc are eliminated.
2# Find a trainer that can push me and understands my end goal of getting on stage, someone that I felt comfortable with and that I can learn from
3# Find the diet that works for me and the supplements that will help compliment my goals without just filling space in my cupboard
4# Surround myself with supportive people that understand where I am at and where I want to be (ditch the negative nacies)
5# Once 1-4 is achieved build training and eating into a routine, set reminders in my phone for when I need to eat and drink water, plan meals ahead of time and always have my bags packed and ready by the door
6# channel my inner Dori...Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....
7# Reach my goal, do the happy dance.... But not for long cause its time to plot the next goal :)

The more in depth your goals the better a guide it is, set time limits too this will help give urgency to your goals and help push you and keep you from slacking off!

I already have my next goal planned out and its only 10kg away from being implemented, that goal is to get on stage in a bodybuilding competition, I am yet to give really in depth thought into this goal because it all depends on how my body tightens up after the 10kg drop, I am unsure of which division I will suit :) But my urge to get on stage and show of what 'anyone' can do if they work hard and stay committed to their goals is so strong so I know when it comes time to plot out this goal that it will come easier when I am finished my first goal!

Time to fly, I have programs to write :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, February 13, 2012

When the going gets tough the tough get going!

Renting a house that is being sold is bloody stressful! But I ain't going to let this get me down...Oh no

So I enjoyed a nice chicken wrap for dinner even though really all I wanted was the fattiest burger ever but I didn't I stayed strong and I am finishing off my night with a sugar hit well OK a fake sugar hit but if you know me it still makes me go loopy hehe, I am enjoying a nice diet jelly and then I am going to end my crappy afternoon by washing it all away in the shower :)

I had the best morning though :) I signed up a new client and I am so very excited!!! Bec is going to see amazing results and I am so lucky to be able to help her along the way!

I am so lucky to be able to say that I love my job, I don't think many people can genuinely say they love their job! Today while training Heather I couldn't help but think how awesome it is to see how much of a difference having my support has changed her, not to toot my own horn though, Heather has such a huge inner strength she is so focused and determined its so inspirational for me to see and be a part of :)

SO lets talk motivation.....

What motivates you?

I find that posting pictures of sexy girls with a body type that I desire is a huge motivation along with watching workout videos of my fave bodybuilders such as Dana Linn Bailey and I also love visiting motivational websites that have quotes along with tips and advice on.

Facebook is a huge one stop spot for motivation and a great way to surround yourself with inspirational people, that's how I found the gorgeous Glenn and the AWA family :)

The other thing I love to do is use post it notes around the house to remind myself of the awesome things I have achieved and what I can do if I just put my mind to it! I also use them to remind myself to drink my water and pack my supplements ready for the day ahead.

The other thing that really motivates me is helping others, hearing friends tell me their stories and how my journey has helped spur them on in theirs is just amazing, words cannot describe how motivational it is to hear I am inspiring others :)

Well time to hit the hay, early morning training with Julian at Perfit Ballarat, so pumped to get stuck into it, my legs are feeling awesome no DOMS from the leg press and so pleased to say my hips felt awesome no issues at all which is a first in a very long time! So looking forward to a good butt kicking hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy day in the office....

Today was an awesome day, thanks to my gorgeous friend Nicole I have signed up 4 new clients and tomorrow I have 3 clients back to back so a busy day was had!
I also treated myself to a sexy new night cami and new bra's thanks to Tracey's undercover wear party :)

Training has been awesome this weekend, even with work I managed to get a killer back and leg session in yesterday and today cardio. I also managed to get some socialising in and put on a birthday party for my little man who turned 5 on Friday :)

I am now looking into creating a facebook page for Envy Fitness and see if that can also help drum up some business. I am having business cards made up and also getting stickers made for my car, its all so exciting!!!

This year truly has become my year, I feel so alive! I am more organised and more in control that ever before, even with the bad news of my house going on the market I feel happy which in the past news like that would of driven me to binge eat! I also find that because I have my blog and my business and now people are looking to me for help and motivation that I am more inspired to stick to the game plan, its an amazing feeling :)

So today has been super busy, 4 client sign ups, and 2 parties there was lots and lots of temptations but I managed to get through by drinking plenty of water and making sure that I wasn't hungry when around all the yumi food. I find if my hands are filled then I wont eat the wrong thing, so I was armed with a black coffee and before the parties I had a shake so felt satisfied, the other great thing was that the food that was in front of me I didn't have any cravings for and I did allow myself a piece of my sons birthday cake so I didn't feel deprived :)
I was prepared for today, this made things run smoothly and because I was in a relaxed calm mood there was no stress eating to be had, its an awesome feeling to be so in control because usually situations like this would leave me feeling fat and bloated and hating myself for being such a piggy but today I can happily say I am not feeling any of those things :)

Time for me to go and get prepared for tomorrow, school uniforms to lay out and lunches to make then a nice hot shower before I call it a night.

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

While dinner is cooking....

I thought I would take the time out to blog :)

I dropped my kiddies off to their step mum and then came home, thinking I will use my freedom wisely and get some extra training in and some study. I need to practise my running skills, I totally look unco when I run so practise will help fix up my stride and improve my speed as I would really love to be able to run the lake in 40 minutes before my birthday in July, i think that is doable :)

Today was another awesome day, I trained with Michael at Perfit Ballarat and then trained my gorgeous client Heather before having lunch and then picking up my kiddies ready to drive them to Melbourne. Michael totally trashed my arms and back, I did some new moves and really improved on my form! Its so awesome to notice changes so fast, my concentration levels were spot on today and I was determined not to take rest in between exercise and I managed to keep my breakie down hehe

So tonight I am kiddie free so I thought why not be naughty! Yes you heard me, I have been craving pasta and calamari so I am in the process of making the best ever marinara pasta, I make mine with tomato pasta sauce and lots of herbs its just the yumiest not so naughty, naughty meal ever hehe I don't think you should not have yumi foods or cut certain foods out I just believe in finding healthier ways to make them :)

Oh I totally have a funny story to tell you all!!!! When I went to pick up my kiddies I nearly walked into the big glass doors cause I was too busy perving.....On myself hehe, I really cannot get over the changes in my body, its silly but for the first time ever I feel like a normal every day person which if you know me is a total lie cause nothing about me is normal hehe. its so hard to describe but I no longer feel people are starring at me or judging me for being 'fat' or 'unhealthy' like it used to be that I would eat say red rooster chips out in public and I would feel as though people were judging me negatively for eating them when I was so over weight, now I can eat them (occasionally of course) and not feel like people are watching me....Its such an awesome feeling!!!

Well my dinner is ready, so I am going to put on a DVD, dish up my dinner and then slump into the corner of my leather couch hehe but I wont get too comfy cause I have the urge to hit the gym later....the joy of having a gym that's open 24 hours I can go whenever the mood takes me :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Like clock work.....

WOW, today was amazing it really did work out like clock works!

Diary in hand I had everything planned out to the letter, this morning after dropping my kiddies to school I made my way to the lake where I did a 30 minute body weighted circuit that included sprints, lunges, push-ups and some ab work I then went to see my gorgeous client Heather and I have to admit I am blown away by her commitment!

I don't know where to begin! This lady is just amazing a HUGE inspiration to me and a true example of what you can do when you with a little bit of hard work, I took photos of Heather 8 days ago and today when she greeted me at the door I could see a dramatic change, so out came those pics to have a good look..... Not only does Heather's skin look hydrated and have a healthy glow there was a noticeable change to her abdomen, while chatting a very happy smiling heather informed me not only is she able to stand longer but also stand better and walk better, no longer are simple tasks taking her breath away but she is finding herself having more energy and if this wasn't enough to have me performing a personalised happy dance Heather went on to tell me she has had her lowest EVER blood sugar levels!

To say that I am proud would be an utter understatement! I am totally over the moon and so very proud of Heathers achievements and lets not forget her gorgeous supportive hubby who has also decided its time to get healthy and joins Heather on her walks and healthy eating :)

Heather you are a true testament to what Envy Fitness stands for :)

So I left heather's doing a happy dance and went on to go see my friend in hospital, which I am so happy to say is recovering finally! He was sitting up and being rather cheeky so he is definitely on the mend :)

I then went and had an amazing lunch with my gorgeous girl friend who I have to say was looking absolutely AMAZING!! I am also very excited because she is going to join team Envy in the coming weeks, I cant wait to work with her, she has always been so supportive of me and now I get to support her on her journey :)

Ooo and on the work note I have designed my work shirts and am going to get one made up as soon as I get Glenn to send through some AWA sponsorship logos, so excited and cant wait to proudly strut my stuff in them!!!!

Tonight I am going to treat myself to a manicure and give myself some TLC after my night time cardio session and lots of stretching as I am rather sore still (well earned soreness) I am also going to sit down and write out myself a new resistance program and outdoor circuit because next week I plan on upping my training! Cant wait to see what this new body of mine can pull off, I have already found some new speed to my running so lets see what new strength I can find :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Some progress photos

I can see huge changes in my abs, legs and arms :)
I am so excited I took these photos in January I will be taking more photos like these so I can do comparisons this month and see what changes can be seen.....
Look look there are muscles in those arms hehe :)
I swear I never owned ribs before, but I am starting to feel them now ooo and the best bit is I think I my have some butt muscles too hehe

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One of those crappy days....

Today is nearly coming to an end and I have to admit I cannot wait to see the back of it!

This morning about 10 real estate agents came through my house to check it out as the landlord has decided to sell, I wasn't really worried because the first agent that is in charge of selling the house said it will be marketed as a rental property. Anyway after they left I went to see my friend in the hospital (still no improvements) then as I was leaving the hospital I got a call from the agent saying that they are having an open day at my house on Saturday (joy) yes yes that's fine then drove home to see the sign was already out the front of my home....

The dull thud of reality hit me, my home is not mine.....

Anyway shook it off and took the kiddies to their Gecko kids session at Perfit Ballarat, then went and did the shopping, put petrol in my mums car that I am borrowing while mine gets fixed before heading back for the kiddies. I picked up my niece to take back to my mums where my step dad came to the door to tell me that he is having trouble fixing the boot and then handed me the bills for the other work I had done on my all I will say is that his promise is like pie crust (bloody crumbly) it wasn't cheap at all :(

So came home, dull thud of reality struck again as I saw the sign shining on the front lawn.....

Kiddies have had dinner and now having a bath before getting ready to watch some TV before its time to call it a night as they have school in the morning :)

I am not going to let today's events ruin my night, I have a yumi dinner planned and then a nice long ride on the exercise bike while listening to some loud music before finishing up with a long soak in a hot bath!

Its days like this that make my journey that bit harder, back in the day i would be grabbing the chocolate and potato chips a bottle of coke and heading to bed to watch a crap movie and go through a box of Kleenex..... But not anymore!

I find that exercise is a great stress buster, I also find if I allow myself to be lazy such as not do the dishes or fold the washing and just chill out with my diary and have a good whinge in my diary or make up a nice coffee and crawl into bed early after a hot shower or soak in the bath I feel heaps better :)

I just got to ride out tonight and then wake up to a new day!

On an awesome note, I went through some old photos that I have been taking on my journey of my tummy and how I look half naked and I am seeing some HUGE changes so I think I will post them up here and show you all :) I am feeling so much more confident about my body shape and for once in my life I am actually rather happy with where I am at and where I am going even with bumps like this in the road I know that things will turn out for the best :)

Anyway I better go get prune boy outta the bath hehe

Be back to post some pics up later.....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Life is what you make it...

I started my day by getting my kiddies off to school in record time, they were so good this morning! Jazzy was the good big sister and got Wil his breaky and he actually made a good effort in eating without the usual fuss and because I was super organised all I had to do was put their lunches in their bag cause I made them up last night and out the door we went, i also had my bag packed ready for my Perfit session this morning.

I had an awesome session with Julian today, I have a very sore back after Friday's session with Michael so Julian was really great and made my workout hard but without adding undue pressure to my lower back. I think this is what sets trainers apart, the ability to be flexible, the great thing was that Julian was so on the ball that he didn't even need to really think about it he just said right we will do this instead :) I got to have a go at exercises I have never done before which was awesome, I felt like one of the boys hehe silly but I really did and I loved it! I also did a circuit with running in and I felt really strong and didn't slow down :)

I then went to visit my friend in hospital, which was tough, he was in so much pain I could see it in his face and his whole body was shaking. Its scary and makes me realise just how important it is to make the most of every single day and how important it is too look after myself both inside and out, but also realised how important friends and family really are!

So now I am home studying while watching UFC and plotting out in my head what I need to do before I hit the shower and call it a night. Tomorrow I am going to spend getting on top of my mountain of washing, get the kiddies rooms cleaned and wash the floors so that when the agents come tomorrow they can see that I do actually clean my house hehe (my house is going on the market bla) each time they have come this week my house has been untidy, I feel guilty cause I know usually my house is so clean you can eat off the floor but so busy lately that some things have had to wait but with the possibility of lots of people traipsing through my house I better get back on top of all the dust bunnies hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dreams do come true....

If you work your arse off!!!

I have been dreaming about being a skinny girl for so long, ever since primary school I was always the 'big' girl, comments such as its only puppy fat were made frequently along with I am sure she will grow into her body...

I thought that if I were skinny that I would be more accepted, more liked!

The thing is I never could of predicted what I am now experiencing, I bumped into to my younger brother Saturday night and as usual gave him a big hug..... his reaction will stay with me forever.... MATE YOUR DISAPPEARING!!! as he squeezed me harder hehe or the time I was out shopping and a lady I have never meet before tapped me on the shoulder and said 'OMG what are you doing, you look amazing!' Words can not describe how amazing these comments made me, they also helped me to realise that I am well on my way to reaching my dreams and not only that but also helped me realise that my dream to 'be skinny' was too broad....

So what is my true dream? What do I truly desire from this journey I am on?

I dream of rock hard abs and a sculpted body that I can show off in a figure competition, To feel confident in high heels and a tiny bikini oh and fake tan that's a must hehe. I want to be able to use my experiences to help inspire other women (and men) to realise their own potential and that all they need to do is commit to themselves and put in the hard work!

I never realised how much my mind set would change by taking this journey, the confidence that I have in myself and my skills, the wonderful people that have influenced me to dig deep and find true happiness, the inner strength that I have found and my new can do attitude. I am now able to be the genuine me, the me that is happy and bubbly and rises above any obstacles and most of all doesn't take crap from anyone!

To reach your dreams you need to look within yourself and find what motivates you, what drives you? Get yourself a diary and write about what you want and why, use the answers to motivate and drive you!

Today another dream was realised, I love helping people in any way I can and through personal training I have found a way to not only teach people new skills but also support them on their journey, be their personal cheer leader, counsellor or that kick up the bum, not only do they become accountable but they become empowered by being able to look back and see what they have achieved because in the end its their hard work and commitment that gets them through each session with me :) This is what makes life worth it, this is what motivates me to stick to my journey and work even harder!

So far I have 2 clients that are absolutely amazing, I am so excited by my new client, I want to welcome Julie into team envy and wish her all the best for her journey, cant wait to train with you again :)

I have had an awesome day! Just got to wash the dishes, make lunches and then relax with a hot shower before I jump into my PJ's and study in bed.... Best way to end such an amazing day :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Saturday, February 4, 2012

School holidays coming to an end...

And an action packed weekend, filled with socialising and study.

I think this weekend has been a great mix of fun and work, I started off with taking my kiddies to gecko a kids program being run by the boys at Perfit Ballarat which my kiddies absolutely loved and start tomorrow after school, they are super excited! I then ended up catching up with my dad and then went home to study before I caught up with an old friend that I hadn't seen since I was like 13 or 14! It was so awesome nothing has changed and the shit stirring began pretty much straight away hehe. I then went out at meet up with friends to celebrate a friends birthday, lets just say I am glad I didn't drink!

So today I will be busy cleaning and get my house up to date so that I wont have to stress, I have my last assessment which is writing programs to finish and then i have to get client profiles ready for tomorrows two sessions, so pumped :)

Ooo and just dropped my car off to get my new car boot on today so I can finally go wash my car and start putting all my training gear away in the boot and put my AWA stickers up yay!!! Which totally reminds me I must ask Glenn if its OK for me to put my AWA sponsorship onto my new work uniforms :)

Right so its official I have 14kg to lose and then I will be at my first goal weight, which will mean my next focus will be on stripping nutrition back and adding heavier weights in to help build muscle, so in order to do that I need to work out what my 1 repetition max is (1RM) and then when I train I will go about 75% of my 1RM to assist muscle growth (hypertrophy) and do about 8-12 reps. My back is really coming in nicely I can see small changes that I know will be amazing by the end of this year, going to step up shoulders to bring them in with my back and thanks to the boys at Perfit Ballarat my chest has come along in leaps and bounds, although I want to put in a complaint about my shrinking bosom lol

Now all these changes do unfortunately do for me come with a consequence, I am now noticing loose skin that I will admit does get into my head at times but mostly I am bloody happy with my transformation! Right now the loose skin seems to be around my lower abdomine and my upper inner thighs, I think if I hadn't of been using Palmer's body products then my skin would not look as healthy as it does right now, I have also been using the Palmer's build a tan which has really helped my skin glow with health.

I am thinking I will follow the lead of one of my gorgeous friends Katie who is doing a blog about her amazing body transformation and do some more revealing photos of my body transformation, I have been taking those kinds of pics but so not brave enough to put them up but that's all changing now :)

Any way enough of me rambling on time to go attack that pile of washing that I swear grew over night lol

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Drum role please....

The beginning of something amazing!

Personal training in the comfort of your own home with a trainer that has transformed her life by going on the journey that is weight loss!

I want to thank all my friends and family that has supported me and helped me to make my dream a reality, I also want to thank Perfit Ballarat and AWA for their support with my own weight loss without you guys I wouldn't be where I am today :)

I also want to thank my first client Heather for being so amazing she is a true testament to what determination can achieve!

Bring on next week, I cannot wait to welcome on board my new clients and get this thing call life rolling :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)


While with my beautiful client, I had the pleasure of meeting her daughter and her 2 grandsons.

To say that I was touched by this little boy (the eldest of the 2) would be an understatement! He took my breath away, his story will resonate within me for the rest of my life and it will spur me on to continue the work that I am doing!

He stood in front of me with a cheeky little smile, listening to me talk to his Nan so well mannered he didn't butt in he waited till we were getting ready to leave for a walk when he plucked up the courage to tell me his story of torment that is his school life. Bullied for being fat, now let me tell you this little man that stood before me was not fat! But the children at his school have taken it upon themselves to beat this boy down with their harsh words and sometimes even physical contact, the school seem to take this lightly, its not fair that such a sweet natured boy is being tormented so! His mum is just beautiful and has tried hard to prevent the bullying but unfortunately to no avail.

But today he found the courage to ask me how he could find his six pack and sweetly asked if it was already there or did he have to grow it hehe, He has been joining his Nan and doing the exercises I set her and came today with us on our walk. We talked about what activities he liked to play but he said he got picked on for either not being good or not knowing the rules, all I could think of was how unfair it was! He told me he loved UFC so sitting here this evening I have come up with some ideas :) I also told his mum all about Gecko for kids that is being run at Perfit Ballarat the open day is on Saturday the 4th, I think the activities and socialising will be good for him and I know the boys at perfit will have some sure fire ways to boost self esteem and self worth :)

SO today really pulled at the heart strings, it bought home to me what I went through when I was growing up and what I later went through as an adult. I remember I found my way to cope by turning to Tae Kwon Do, started when I was 12 and when the kids at high school found out they left me alone, but it never really leaves you does it, it does mark you for life! But today I realised its how you use those memories those marks that makes the difference!

I am where I am today because of my past, no matter how crap things got, no matter how many tears were shed, I am the strong willed person I am today because of my past! I know that what I have learnt I can use to help others just like me, one person at a time I know I can make a difference and I am so much more determined today!

Bring it on!!!!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)