Sunday, February 12, 2012

Busy day in the office....

Today was an awesome day, thanks to my gorgeous friend Nicole I have signed up 4 new clients and tomorrow I have 3 clients back to back so a busy day was had!
I also treated myself to a sexy new night cami and new bra's thanks to Tracey's undercover wear party :)

Training has been awesome this weekend, even with work I managed to get a killer back and leg session in yesterday and today cardio. I also managed to get some socialising in and put on a birthday party for my little man who turned 5 on Friday :)

I am now looking into creating a facebook page for Envy Fitness and see if that can also help drum up some business. I am having business cards made up and also getting stickers made for my car, its all so exciting!!!

This year truly has become my year, I feel so alive! I am more organised and more in control that ever before, even with the bad news of my house going on the market I feel happy which in the past news like that would of driven me to binge eat! I also find that because I have my blog and my business and now people are looking to me for help and motivation that I am more inspired to stick to the game plan, its an amazing feeling :)

So today has been super busy, 4 client sign ups, and 2 parties there was lots and lots of temptations but I managed to get through by drinking plenty of water and making sure that I wasn't hungry when around all the yumi food. I find if my hands are filled then I wont eat the wrong thing, so I was armed with a black coffee and before the parties I had a shake so felt satisfied, the other great thing was that the food that was in front of me I didn't have any cravings for and I did allow myself a piece of my sons birthday cake so I didn't feel deprived :)
I was prepared for today, this made things run smoothly and because I was in a relaxed calm mood there was no stress eating to be had, its an awesome feeling to be so in control because usually situations like this would leave me feeling fat and bloated and hating myself for being such a piggy but today I can happily say I am not feeling any of those things :)

Time for me to go and get prepared for tomorrow, school uniforms to lay out and lunches to make then a nice hot shower before I call it a night.

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

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