Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dreams do come true....

If you work your arse off!!!

I have been dreaming about being a skinny girl for so long, ever since primary school I was always the 'big' girl, comments such as its only puppy fat were made frequently along with I am sure she will grow into her body...

I thought that if I were skinny that I would be more accepted, more liked!

The thing is I never could of predicted what I am now experiencing, I bumped into to my younger brother Saturday night and as usual gave him a big hug..... his reaction will stay with me forever.... MATE YOUR DISAPPEARING!!! as he squeezed me harder hehe or the time I was out shopping and a lady I have never meet before tapped me on the shoulder and said 'OMG what are you doing, you look amazing!' Words can not describe how amazing these comments made me, they also helped me to realise that I am well on my way to reaching my dreams and not only that but also helped me realise that my dream to 'be skinny' was too broad....

So what is my true dream? What do I truly desire from this journey I am on?

I dream of rock hard abs and a sculpted body that I can show off in a figure competition, To feel confident in high heels and a tiny bikini oh and fake tan that's a must hehe. I want to be able to use my experiences to help inspire other women (and men) to realise their own potential and that all they need to do is commit to themselves and put in the hard work!

I never realised how much my mind set would change by taking this journey, the confidence that I have in myself and my skills, the wonderful people that have influenced me to dig deep and find true happiness, the inner strength that I have found and my new can do attitude. I am now able to be the genuine me, the me that is happy and bubbly and rises above any obstacles and most of all doesn't take crap from anyone!

To reach your dreams you need to look within yourself and find what motivates you, what drives you? Get yourself a diary and write about what you want and why, use the answers to motivate and drive you!

Today another dream was realised, I love helping people in any way I can and through personal training I have found a way to not only teach people new skills but also support them on their journey, be their personal cheer leader, counsellor or that kick up the bum, not only do they become accountable but they become empowered by being able to look back and see what they have achieved because in the end its their hard work and commitment that gets them through each session with me :) This is what makes life worth it, this is what motivates me to stick to my journey and work even harder!

So far I have 2 clients that are absolutely amazing, I am so excited by my new client, I want to welcome Julie into team envy and wish her all the best for her journey, cant wait to train with you again :)

I have had an awesome day! Just got to wash the dishes, make lunches and then relax with a hot shower before I jump into my PJ's and study in bed.... Best way to end such an amazing day :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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