Saturday, February 18, 2012

I went shopping :)

I had a morning on my own, I was going to exercise but I thought beings I have been feeling so fatigued lately that I would take today of and go for a stroll around the markets and a bit of the lake just to get the blood flowing and then went and had a naughty breaky of black coffee an fruit toast wow it was better than sex hehe haven't had fruit toast in forever!

I then decided I would start hunting down some training equipment, now I have never really paid attention to the sports stores in Ballarat and today I realised why! Not only was my experience frustrating but also made me realise why some people just don't bother with getting equipment for home, because not only do you get poor service by people who have no clue (if your lucky to get served in the first place) but also because it is so over priced! I left feeling rather frustrated and to be honest pretty pissed off!

What frustrated me a little more was the fact that the two places that I did make purchases from where not your normal sports store in fact one was Sam's warehouse and the other was Kamart. Not only did I save myself over $100 I also got better service!

I got home feel still rather frustrated so decided to google the things that I was after and I am so shocked at the price differences, so I have planned to go on a road trip to Melbourne to pick up some bargains and also go pop into my wonderful sponsor and touch base :)

I am so excited tomorrow I have a group of 4 for a training session round the lake in the morning, I have been on a walk round the lake with them before but not trained them in the way I play tomorrow so this will be fun, they are of the same fitness level and also of the same age/gender so I have devised a program that should raise their heart rates while also adding resistance for a total body workout in about 45 minutes I think it will work out to be but as this is all in the trial stage I will see how it goes tomorrow because whats on paper might not be the same as what happens but I think I can be flexible and change anything on the spot if need be :)

I am also seeing the gorgeous Heather in the morning and its the big weigh in day, so excited for her as I have a good feeling that she will get a kick out of the numbers, I know the before photos we took showed dramatic changes in a matter of a week!

Well time for me to get my beauty sleep!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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