Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Keep on trucking.....

When the going gets tough the tough get going!

My energy levels are still very low, I had to cancel my own training and also a few clients due to no energy and all I have done is sleep! I dropped my daughter at school this morning, plonked my son in front of the TV when we came home (he had prep rest day today) and then slept again, I ended up having to get my mums help because all I did was sleep!

So I'm feeling really lazy!

I went to drop Jaz off at gecko (Kids program run at Perfit Ballarat) and got to speak to Julian and as usual I left feeling bloody awesome! He has put a note in the diary to let Michael know that due to my energy levels we will focus more on strength and still train, I thought he might say take time off (which if he did I think I would of cried a river!) but he was so great and understands exactly where I am coming from so wants to help me stay on track, busy with training but make sure its at a level that wont have me heaving out in the parking lot hehe

So today I came to the realisation that for the time being I just have to tough it out the best I can, just focus on one thing at a time and slowly get through all my daily tasks the best I can because if I let this get into my head I will fall in a heap and not get back up and that's not how I work!

SO tonight I have made up two new programs for tomorrows clients, set up a time and program for my group circuit session and also booked in some socialising time :) school lunches are made, kitchen clean and school uniforms all washed and pressed ready on the ends of the beds for my kiddies to jump into, I have my gym kit set and also my work gear all packed and by the door, tomorrow morning I am helping my mum with her homework (counselling stuff lets hope I can remember it all as its been awhile) then I have a client then I am hoping I will find some energy to train myself maybe a light gym sess.....

SO everything I have done tonight has set me up for an easier morning tomorrow, it has also taken my mind off my slumping energy :) the moral of the story is no matter what the situation if you focus your mind on other things you can get through!

The other thing I want to talk about is support, something so simple yet so hard to get right!

When you have a goal in mind, big or small you need to make sure you surround yourself with people that understand and support your choices and even better can join in on your goal. If you don't have someone that understands they cannot fully support, which isn't a bad thing but it means they wont be able to fully motivate you when the going gets tough! SO how can you find like minded people that will be able to FULLY understand what you want and be able to FULLY support, motivate and where needed give you a good kick up the butt? The first place of course is your gym, talk to the trainers their, employ them as your Personal Trainer but make sure of course that when looking for a trainer before you hand over your hard earned cash look at them and ask yourself do they look like what you want to work towards (Are you after bodybuilding, weightloss...does this trainer look like they will be able to help you?) Then approach them and talk to them about what you want, do they make you feel comfy, do they make you feel empowered/confident, do they understand what you want and most importantly do you think they can help you achieve what you want?????

Now what if your simply can't afford to hand over your hard earned cash? Well your not out of the game you can still get quality support! It might be harder to find but with the awesome world of technology at your finger tips you can grab a hot cup of black coffee sit down and trawl through the google results, the other thing is word of mouth ask your friends if they know anyone that has the same goal as you or already achieved what you want to achieve and see if you can touch base with them also places like facebook can have great fan pages where you can look for people that are into the same sport as you or that has achieved or on the same goal as you.

The other thing I recommend to you is getting rid of the negative, life force sucking vampires that do nothing but drain you of motivation! It might sound rough but think of it this way, why work you arse off on your goals for it all to fall to pieces because some person in your life just doesn't like or agree with what your doing? OK so some people will be hard to part with (Mums are kinda stuck in your life) so you need to work out in your mind how you can deal with those people, whether it be that you limit time spent with them or put down rules of engagement "no talking about...." or grow a think skin, remember the good old saying of stick and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me, words are just that words its us who give those words meaning and power, learn to let certain words become meaningless, water off a ducks back!

If you have the right kinda people in your life you will find that your goals will be more achievable, I will even go as far as saying it will make attaining your goals EASIER! Having someone that understands, that has been in the same place as you or is going to the same place as you (goal wise) will give you motivation and inspiration to keep going when the going gets tough!

Well its time for this bodybuilder in the making to go to bed!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)


  1. Great blog Em, keep up the great work. We all have ups and downs , its the cicle of life. I have no doubt that you will bounce back and be at the peak again soon. Small steps remember and take you time, you need it and deserve it. Take care :-)

  2. Thank you Gazza,
    You are a great example of support and understanding, the ideas you give me on training is always awesome :)
    Thanks so much for reading :)