Monday, February 6, 2012

Life is what you make it...

I started my day by getting my kiddies off to school in record time, they were so good this morning! Jazzy was the good big sister and got Wil his breaky and he actually made a good effort in eating without the usual fuss and because I was super organised all I had to do was put their lunches in their bag cause I made them up last night and out the door we went, i also had my bag packed ready for my Perfit session this morning.

I had an awesome session with Julian today, I have a very sore back after Friday's session with Michael so Julian was really great and made my workout hard but without adding undue pressure to my lower back. I think this is what sets trainers apart, the ability to be flexible, the great thing was that Julian was so on the ball that he didn't even need to really think about it he just said right we will do this instead :) I got to have a go at exercises I have never done before which was awesome, I felt like one of the boys hehe silly but I really did and I loved it! I also did a circuit with running in and I felt really strong and didn't slow down :)

I then went to visit my friend in hospital, which was tough, he was in so much pain I could see it in his face and his whole body was shaking. Its scary and makes me realise just how important it is to make the most of every single day and how important it is too look after myself both inside and out, but also realised how important friends and family really are!

So now I am home studying while watching UFC and plotting out in my head what I need to do before I hit the shower and call it a night. Tomorrow I am going to spend getting on top of my mountain of washing, get the kiddies rooms cleaned and wash the floors so that when the agents come tomorrow they can see that I do actually clean my house hehe (my house is going on the market bla) each time they have come this week my house has been untidy, I feel guilty cause I know usually my house is so clean you can eat off the floor but so busy lately that some things have had to wait but with the possibility of lots of people traipsing through my house I better get back on top of all the dust bunnies hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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