Tuesday, February 7, 2012

One of those crappy days....

Today is nearly coming to an end and I have to admit I cannot wait to see the back of it!

This morning about 10 real estate agents came through my house to check it out as the landlord has decided to sell, I wasn't really worried because the first agent that is in charge of selling the house said it will be marketed as a rental property. Anyway after they left I went to see my friend in the hospital (still no improvements) then as I was leaving the hospital I got a call from the agent saying that they are having an open day at my house on Saturday (joy) yes yes that's fine then drove home to see the sign was already out the front of my home....

The dull thud of reality hit me, my home is not mine.....

Anyway shook it off and took the kiddies to their Gecko kids session at Perfit Ballarat, then went and did the shopping, put petrol in my mums car that I am borrowing while mine gets fixed before heading back for the kiddies. I picked up my niece to take back to my mums where my step dad came to the door to tell me that he is having trouble fixing the boot and then handed me the bills for the other work I had done on my all I will say is that his promise is like pie crust (bloody crumbly) it wasn't cheap at all :(

So came home, dull thud of reality struck again as I saw the sign shining on the front lawn.....

Kiddies have had dinner and now having a bath before getting ready to watch some TV before its time to call it a night as they have school in the morning :)

I am not going to let today's events ruin my night, I have a yumi dinner planned and then a nice long ride on the exercise bike while listening to some loud music before finishing up with a long soak in a hot bath!

Its days like this that make my journey that bit harder, back in the day i would be grabbing the chocolate and potato chips a bottle of coke and heading to bed to watch a crap movie and go through a box of Kleenex..... But not anymore!

I find that exercise is a great stress buster, I also find if I allow myself to be lazy such as not do the dishes or fold the washing and just chill out with my diary and have a good whinge in my diary or make up a nice coffee and crawl into bed early after a hot shower or soak in the bath I feel heaps better :)

I just got to ride out tonight and then wake up to a new day!

On an awesome note, I went through some old photos that I have been taking on my journey of my tummy and how I look half naked and I am seeing some HUGE changes so I think I will post them up here and show you all :) I am feeling so much more confident about my body shape and for once in my life I am actually rather happy with where I am at and where I am going even with bumps like this in the road I know that things will turn out for the best :)

Anyway I better go get prune boy outta the bath hehe

Be back to post some pics up later.....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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