Saturday, February 4, 2012

School holidays coming to an end...

And an action packed weekend, filled with socialising and study.

I think this weekend has been a great mix of fun and work, I started off with taking my kiddies to gecko a kids program being run by the boys at Perfit Ballarat which my kiddies absolutely loved and start tomorrow after school, they are super excited! I then ended up catching up with my dad and then went home to study before I caught up with an old friend that I hadn't seen since I was like 13 or 14! It was so awesome nothing has changed and the shit stirring began pretty much straight away hehe. I then went out at meet up with friends to celebrate a friends birthday, lets just say I am glad I didn't drink!

So today I will be busy cleaning and get my house up to date so that I wont have to stress, I have my last assessment which is writing programs to finish and then i have to get client profiles ready for tomorrows two sessions, so pumped :)

Ooo and just dropped my car off to get my new car boot on today so I can finally go wash my car and start putting all my training gear away in the boot and put my AWA stickers up yay!!! Which totally reminds me I must ask Glenn if its OK for me to put my AWA sponsorship onto my new work uniforms :)

Right so its official I have 14kg to lose and then I will be at my first goal weight, which will mean my next focus will be on stripping nutrition back and adding heavier weights in to help build muscle, so in order to do that I need to work out what my 1 repetition max is (1RM) and then when I train I will go about 75% of my 1RM to assist muscle growth (hypertrophy) and do about 8-12 reps. My back is really coming in nicely I can see small changes that I know will be amazing by the end of this year, going to step up shoulders to bring them in with my back and thanks to the boys at Perfit Ballarat my chest has come along in leaps and bounds, although I want to put in a complaint about my shrinking bosom lol

Now all these changes do unfortunately do for me come with a consequence, I am now noticing loose skin that I will admit does get into my head at times but mostly I am bloody happy with my transformation! Right now the loose skin seems to be around my lower abdomine and my upper inner thighs, I think if I hadn't of been using Palmer's body products then my skin would not look as healthy as it does right now, I have also been using the Palmer's build a tan which has really helped my skin glow with health.

I am thinking I will follow the lead of one of my gorgeous friends Katie who is doing a blog about her amazing body transformation and do some more revealing photos of my body transformation, I have been taking those kinds of pics but so not brave enough to put them up but that's all changing now :)

Any way enough of me rambling on time to go attack that pile of washing that I swear grew over night lol

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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