Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Time to get a little more serious....

Right so yesterday I spoke about motivation and how goals can be a very motivational tool to use that help direct your path....

Lets revisit my goals:
My first goal was to strip the fat and improve my fitness, this is a great goal but there is no real direction for me to follow, goals really need to be a how to guide to get to your destination. So lets break it down:

How can I achieve this goal?
1# Join a gym that offers me an environment that I will want to train in and feel comfortable in, make sure that it is accessible so that excuses such as time, travelling to etc are eliminated.
2# Find a trainer that can push me and understands my end goal of getting on stage, someone that I felt comfortable with and that I can learn from
3# Find the diet that works for me and the supplements that will help compliment my goals without just filling space in my cupboard
4# Surround myself with supportive people that understand where I am at and where I want to be (ditch the negative nacies)
5# Once 1-4 is achieved build training and eating into a routine, set reminders in my phone for when I need to eat and drink water, plan meals ahead of time and always have my bags packed and ready by the door
6# channel my inner Dori...Just keep swimming, swimming, swimming....
7# Reach my goal, do the happy dance.... But not for long cause its time to plot the next goal :)

The more in depth your goals the better a guide it is, set time limits too this will help give urgency to your goals and help push you and keep you from slacking off!

I already have my next goal planned out and its only 10kg away from being implemented, that goal is to get on stage in a bodybuilding competition, I am yet to give really in depth thought into this goal because it all depends on how my body tightens up after the 10kg drop, I am unsure of which division I will suit :) But my urge to get on stage and show of what 'anyone' can do if they work hard and stay committed to their goals is so strong so I know when it comes time to plot out this goal that it will come easier when I am finished my first goal!

Time to fly, I have programs to write :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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