Monday, February 13, 2012

When the going gets tough the tough get going!

Renting a house that is being sold is bloody stressful! But I ain't going to let this get me down...Oh no

So I enjoyed a nice chicken wrap for dinner even though really all I wanted was the fattiest burger ever but I didn't I stayed strong and I am finishing off my night with a sugar hit well OK a fake sugar hit but if you know me it still makes me go loopy hehe, I am enjoying a nice diet jelly and then I am going to end my crappy afternoon by washing it all away in the shower :)

I had the best morning though :) I signed up a new client and I am so very excited!!! Bec is going to see amazing results and I am so lucky to be able to help her along the way!

I am so lucky to be able to say that I love my job, I don't think many people can genuinely say they love their job! Today while training Heather I couldn't help but think how awesome it is to see how much of a difference having my support has changed her, not to toot my own horn though, Heather has such a huge inner strength she is so focused and determined its so inspirational for me to see and be a part of :)

SO lets talk motivation.....

What motivates you?

I find that posting pictures of sexy girls with a body type that I desire is a huge motivation along with watching workout videos of my fave bodybuilders such as Dana Linn Bailey and I also love visiting motivational websites that have quotes along with tips and advice on.

Facebook is a huge one stop spot for motivation and a great way to surround yourself with inspirational people, that's how I found the gorgeous Glenn and the AWA family :)

The other thing I love to do is use post it notes around the house to remind myself of the awesome things I have achieved and what I can do if I just put my mind to it! I also use them to remind myself to drink my water and pack my supplements ready for the day ahead.

The other thing that really motivates me is helping others, hearing friends tell me their stories and how my journey has helped spur them on in theirs is just amazing, words cannot describe how motivational it is to hear I am inspiring others :)

Well time to hit the hay, early morning training with Julian at Perfit Ballarat, so pumped to get stuck into it, my legs are feeling awesome no DOMS from the leg press and so pleased to say my hips felt awesome no issues at all which is a first in a very long time! So looking forward to a good butt kicking hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

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