Thursday, February 9, 2012

While dinner is cooking....

I thought I would take the time out to blog :)

I dropped my kiddies off to their step mum and then came home, thinking I will use my freedom wisely and get some extra training in and some study. I need to practise my running skills, I totally look unco when I run so practise will help fix up my stride and improve my speed as I would really love to be able to run the lake in 40 minutes before my birthday in July, i think that is doable :)

Today was another awesome day, I trained with Michael at Perfit Ballarat and then trained my gorgeous client Heather before having lunch and then picking up my kiddies ready to drive them to Melbourne. Michael totally trashed my arms and back, I did some new moves and really improved on my form! Its so awesome to notice changes so fast, my concentration levels were spot on today and I was determined not to take rest in between exercise and I managed to keep my breakie down hehe

So tonight I am kiddie free so I thought why not be naughty! Yes you heard me, I have been craving pasta and calamari so I am in the process of making the best ever marinara pasta, I make mine with tomato pasta sauce and lots of herbs its just the yumiest not so naughty, naughty meal ever hehe I don't think you should not have yumi foods or cut certain foods out I just believe in finding healthier ways to make them :)

Oh I totally have a funny story to tell you all!!!! When I went to pick up my kiddies I nearly walked into the big glass doors cause I was too busy perving.....On myself hehe, I really cannot get over the changes in my body, its silly but for the first time ever I feel like a normal every day person which if you know me is a total lie cause nothing about me is normal hehe. its so hard to describe but I no longer feel people are starring at me or judging me for being 'fat' or 'unhealthy' like it used to be that I would eat say red rooster chips out in public and I would feel as though people were judging me negatively for eating them when I was so over weight, now I can eat them (occasionally of course) and not feel like people are watching me....Its such an awesome feeling!!!

Well my dinner is ready, so I am going to put on a DVD, dish up my dinner and then slump into the corner of my leather couch hehe but I wont get too comfy cause I have the urge to hit the gym later....the joy of having a gym that's open 24 hours I can go whenever the mood takes me :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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