Friday, March 30, 2012

Lights camera....ACTION

Here is a pic of my tummy so far:

Still got work to do but compared to me back in August last year:

I think I have come a long way :)

So I am going to finally go and organise to find a photograpgher to start taking regular progress photos, I was worried that if I made the pics to professional prospective clients would be turned away thinking perhaps it was staged or altered..... But I cant get the same angle every time and I am just using my iPhone which doesn't always give the best quality and now that I am really starting to see finer details that my photos just aren't picking up so think its really time to bite the bullet and find myself someone that I feel comfy with to take photos not only just of side, front and back but also I want try some posing so will see where I can get advice on poses for figure competitions!

I am really nervous but I am now on the next stage of my journey, its exciting making the new changes and seeing the differences.... I am also blown away by the support I am receiving from my coach Julian Gaylor owner of Perfit Ballarat his one on one coaching sessions on Fridays really set me up for a successful weekend (And after Michael's kill sess a sore weekend hehe) I also got a huge boost after reading on the Perfit FaceBook status update about ME wow talk about make me blush hehe Its really an awesome feeling to know that my hard work is being noticed :)

So this weekend is going to be one of planning, today is a rest day so apart from a bit of housework I am going to do a menu plan, write out a shopping list and also plan out meal times and where they fit into my exercise routine. Sunday is my dedicated cook up day where I prepare my meals ready for the week, I end up doing about 3 cook ups so that I know that I am well stocked up for myself but also for my kiddies as they are eating pretty much the same as me which is great because they are finally eating a wide variety of veggies and protein :)

Well time for me to eat before I head out to coffee, I will also pack a protein shake and apple just in case I am out longer than I thought and I will also take my flax seed oil too may look like an alco but hey I'll make it look sexy hehe

I will also use this weekend to find myself a photographer and also track down some awesome fish oil tablets cause the ones I give me a fishy reflux blur!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ooops I am such a neglectful blogger....

My bad *puts hand out to be smacked*

I haven't blogged in AGES!!! so sorry.....

Here's an update this could get long so go make a very strong coffee you may need it hehe

So life has gotten away with me...gotta love the way things can change .... But its an awesome thing :) I have been studying hard, training harder than ever and working on my business. My energy levels have taken a beating and just as they return I get run down with a cold but I am now firing on all 6 cylinders (Don't ask me why I am comparing myself to a car but hey roll with it hehe)

I have been working very closely with Julian the owner and trainer extraordinaire at Perfit Ballarat on something new and exciting that will be available at Perfit very soon! I am so excited and totally blown away by what I am learning and all I can say is WOW not only is it simple but its gets results straight away and I am not just talking physical results I am talking mind, body this new exciting program is a holistic approach that can get you the body you have always dreamed of and you know what you bloody deserve it too! Anyway cant give away too much yet except to say that I am feeling amazing, I have so much energy and I am so happy my mind finally seems to be catching up with it all and I am just bouncing off the walls :)

Training has finally returned to what I class as normal, training 5 days a week with a mixture of resistance and cardio and I am seeing huge gains, my arms are shrinking and becoming harder or should that be toned, my tummy has shrunk and my strength is up....New PB on leg press of 163kg 4 sets if 8 reps and there was no hip soreness at all YAY

Business, Envy Fitness is coming soon... I am currently training a couple of clients who are friends for free just so I can get a feel for it and some feedback while I am establishing myself and sorting out the dilemma that is AIPT.... I have been getting the run around on a few things so am yet to finish my cert but I am not going to stress as I have decided that once I finish this course through AIPT I will look into furthering my knowledge by going to university part time :) I am also thinking of seeing if I can find myself a job in a gym so that I am not quite the starving uni student that I am currently hehe

Life, well my car blew up on the way home from Melbourne after picking my kiddies up and is now sitting on my front lawn...some people like garden gnomes well I like to be different hehe. Think I will take out the stereo and speaker system and then sale the car for parts as its just not worth fixing as it will cost more than the car is worth plus I simply cant afford to fix it :( But on a positive note I am borrowing my mums car which totally fits my kookie personality hehe its a Mazda 121 :) Told mum if I had the money I would totally pimp the Mazda out she didn't believe me hehe

Ummmm what next Hmmmm think thats about it in a nut shell!

Well I am off to do some yoga with my kiddies :)

keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warning this may contain traces of truth....

So if you can't handle the truth BUGGER OFF :)
I have totally had a gut full of people telling me 'Its OK, you can work it off tomorrow. Its OK you don't need to lose anymore weight anyway. Its OK ones not going to hurt you....' The list goes on while the anger levels go up!
You know what, I have chosen my path and that path doesn't involve chocolate, chips or most take away or even processed foods from the super market. This is my choice, if you don't like it then that's something you have to deal with, don't tell me whats good for me and don't tell me to change my path just because you think I deserve a treat! I know when I deserve a treat and you know what I am not a dog so food is not the way I choose to treat myself anyway!
Now don't get me wrong I still slip up and make mistakes, I have only been on this journey since May 2011 so I am still learning and thanks to Julian at Perfit I am learning at a fast pace and I am now more confident in myself and my abilities to choose foods that will fuel my body and power me through my training sessions not only at Perfit Ballarat but also my own training. I now believe more than ever that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

Now you might be thinking gee Em that's a little harsh, you gotta enjoy the good stuff every now and then.... And you know what I totally agree but think of it this way, offering a fatty food addict a hamburger is like offering a crack addict drugs! I am not afraid to admit it, I love food and if its in front of me it doesn't stand a chance in hell of surviving lol So what do I do I work my bloody arse off to make sure that temptation is out of sight, my home is free of 'junk' foods why because I just don't trust myself and its better to know that and be honest about that then to have temptation laying in wait for you to pounce on it when the going gets tough!

You have got to be real, be honest, because in the end you only have yourself to blame if you stuff up! And for most people one stuff up means the end to it all.... It shouldn't but in the most part when one slips up it leads to other slip ups until a total derail happens.
If this were the case then i would simply still be FAT, I have slipped up many times sometimes knowingly and sometimes by mistake but I have always made a conscience effort to make the next meal count and also analyse why I slipped up in the first place so that I can then put buffers in place to minimise it happening again.

If you think that I am to harsh or strict on myself then remember that I am not just after the simple pleasure of being healthy..... Oh no my goal is much bigger then that! My ultimate goal is to strip the fat and enter into my first female figure bodybuilding competition mid to late 2013, so the choices I make now will greatly impact my future goal but also I don't plan to have an on or off season I plan to maintain my fitness and body composition all year round because this isn't just a goal this is my LIFESTYLE :)

WOW I cannot tell you how good it feels to get that off my chest hehe

So what else did I get upto today, well bugger all really it was just not a day that went the way it should of but all good because I got some homework done, some washing done and had an awesome coffee with my mum :) Tomorrow I plan on a road trip, training by the beach and maybe even in a new gym with a close friend talk about exciting stuff :)

Anyway time for me to go feed my kiddies and get their homework done before I do my homework and finish some housework off too.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long weekend....

I love long weekends, brings out all the lousy drivers I swear hehe

Went and checked out the other Anytime fitness that is in my local area, its so weird how they are set up rather similar yet one I train like an animal in the other I feel like a caged animal lol.... So not to impressed with the Mt Clear Anytime fitness, I heard it was bigger but it certainly didn't feel it! Oh and who ever said it had better eye candy either lied or has tastes for young boys and I do mean boys!!

I trained with the gorgeous Nicole and then stayed on to do further cardio, felt good to be back in the gym with energy to spare!

Today I went shopping for something nice to wear to my dads wedding ( weekend) it was so awesome to be able to go into the fitting room and try on what felt like everything the store had to offer and actually like everything I put on oh and totally loved having to go back for smaller sizes hehe

Hmm yesterday i took my kiddies to the local begonia festival, we took our pooch Mojo with us which was so much fun as we got to see him socialise with other pooches, one was a great dane which was hilarious because mojo is a Tibetan spaniel cross so rather small and fluffy well the giant great Dane name Angus (such a gentle giant he was) made poor Mojo his chew toy hehe but loved it I on the other hand didn't love all the slobber but hey it's a dogs life :)
Kiddies got to participate in lots of arts and craft activities and I got to enjoy the fresh air and an awesome coffee :)

So another awesome thing that I have been noticing lately is that I cannot eat the same way that I used to, my stomach has obviously shrunk! I think my body is going through another shredding stage too because as I was running I felt lots of jiggling LOL felt sorry for the poor guy workout behind me :P

So lets talk food... I love food and I love something that has good flavour, breakfast is one meal that if its plain and boring I wont eat....lame excuse I know but today I found something oh so yumi and oh so easy!
Max's have come out with a new product that is a protein pancake mix that you just add milk or water to, I used my large shaker cup with the wire ball and I also used low fat milk and all I can say is wow these pancakes taste great and have a nice fluffy texture to them! You can pick a packet of these yumi pancakes up from Athletes with attitude Geelong or Albert park store or order them online via their website (Link on the right hand side of this post) and for only $14.95 why not stock up:) this morning I added a half a banana that I roasted in the oven with Cinnamon and then splashed a small amount of maple syrup on top wow the taste was just amazing I totally enjoyed every mouthful of my breaky this morning :) Filled me up too the point that I could only have two pancakes! see tummy is shrinking YAY

SO even though it is long weekend it doesn't mean time at home for me, I have clients tomorrow morning so I am planning some new circuits and new challenges along with compiling some notes for another client that is interested in supplements and cleaning up his diet, so excited to have this new client :) I mostly work with lovely ladies so its nice to add a guy into the mix and he is interested in strength training so I get to think of awesome ways to torture him in the gym mawhahaha

Well I am off to finish these circuits and then go to bed and read my new book :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pass me my blanky

This week has been spent recovering, no work and minimal training most in order to keep my sanity because if I didn't train I know I would go nuts sitting round the house seeing valuable kiddie free time being wasted watching days of our lives BLA!!!

I am so very lucky to have the boys at Perfit in my corner, not only are they understanding but they are also well equipped to tailor each workout to fit my ever slumping energy levels, they have really helped me through my health issues and kept me sane!

My head space has been rather negative and its apparent in the fact that old eating habits have reared their ugly heads again.....Not eating or eating too late at night or just eating the wrong thing....due to being so exhausted routines went out the window and as I have been stessing in my blog 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail!' on the plus side the scales have not changed but this is the kick in the arse to make sure they continue going down and stop my negative cycle in its tracks!

I am starting to notice my head space is clearing and my energy levels are starting to return, my Tuesday session with Julian was the best I've had in what seems like a really long time! Can't wait to see how I go tomorrow morning with Michael, I know I know I wont push myself but I will definitely be putting in a bit more effort and work up a sweat before I head off to my client Heather....God I have missed my clients!!!!

So I am going to ease back into work with my clients, I am still working for free but I don't care its still work for me and I am loving helping people that really appreciate what I am all about, if I could I would continue to work for free but unfortunately I will be fully certified soon (once AIPT get into gear!) but right now I am loving what I have and hope that I can continue on my way and show women that they have the power within them to change what they see in the mirror and how they feel on the inside :)

Well I think I have babbled enough time for me to head to bed and rest up ready to kill training in the morning :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting it done!

Been keeping busy, even though I had to take some time off from work I have managed to finish off some paperwork and get my washing up to date, but I still cant see much of my desk so that will be the next thing on my to do list hehe

I worked today which is not my usual thing but I signed up a new client, he is looking to focus on strength training something that I love! I am so excited :)
But something really hit home today and that is that training of any kind is not just physical but also psychological, I think in every career you will find that counselling skills come in handy but I feel this more so with personal training! Lets just say I am so glad I have done so many years of study in both counselling and psychology :)

So lets talk emotions:
Emotion in its complexity is the psychophysiological reaction to internal or external stimuli..... Lets cut out the psycho babble and simplify this, humans create the emotional responses to situations! So we are in control of how we act and react, so keeping this in mind lets talk emotional weight gain, lack of confidence and other negative reactions that we have when we gain weight.

When I was over weight all I wanted to do was stay at home, sit on the couch and watch TV or devote all my time to my little girl, I was very unhappy in life but also felt that I didn't deserve the things that I dreamt of. These emotional reactions steam from a lack of support from my family and a bad marriage, things that were said I believed and because I believed them I proceeded to become them, this was my reaction to external stimulus. But now I am fighting what has now become internal stimulus, I am doing this by realising I am in control of what I can and cannot do and you can do the same.

Through training (and finding the right support) I have managed to fight my inner demons and the courage that I show in the gym now shows in my every day life, when I over come a stumbling block in the gym I am able to relate that to my life and over come that stumbling block in my life! Its all about realising what your really capable of and then being able to relate that to other aspects of your life!

So the moral to my rant is that talking things out and working through your emotions in training is one way to take back control and when you take back the control in one aspect of your life it will be easier to relate this control to the other parts of your life :)
So if you can be confident in the gym you can also be confident out of the gym, if you can change your mindset in the gym you can also change your mindset out of the gym....Its an awesome cycle :)

Time to paint my nails, think I have earned it after working on my only day off hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)