Sunday, March 4, 2012

Getting it done!

Been keeping busy, even though I had to take some time off from work I have managed to finish off some paperwork and get my washing up to date, but I still cant see much of my desk so that will be the next thing on my to do list hehe

I worked today which is not my usual thing but I signed up a new client, he is looking to focus on strength training something that I love! I am so excited :)
But something really hit home today and that is that training of any kind is not just physical but also psychological, I think in every career you will find that counselling skills come in handy but I feel this more so with personal training! Lets just say I am so glad I have done so many years of study in both counselling and psychology :)

So lets talk emotions:
Emotion in its complexity is the psychophysiological reaction to internal or external stimuli..... Lets cut out the psycho babble and simplify this, humans create the emotional responses to situations! So we are in control of how we act and react, so keeping this in mind lets talk emotional weight gain, lack of confidence and other negative reactions that we have when we gain weight.

When I was over weight all I wanted to do was stay at home, sit on the couch and watch TV or devote all my time to my little girl, I was very unhappy in life but also felt that I didn't deserve the things that I dreamt of. These emotional reactions steam from a lack of support from my family and a bad marriage, things that were said I believed and because I believed them I proceeded to become them, this was my reaction to external stimulus. But now I am fighting what has now become internal stimulus, I am doing this by realising I am in control of what I can and cannot do and you can do the same.

Through training (and finding the right support) I have managed to fight my inner demons and the courage that I show in the gym now shows in my every day life, when I over come a stumbling block in the gym I am able to relate that to my life and over come that stumbling block in my life! Its all about realising what your really capable of and then being able to relate that to other aspects of your life!

So the moral to my rant is that talking things out and working through your emotions in training is one way to take back control and when you take back the control in one aspect of your life it will be easier to relate this control to the other parts of your life :)
So if you can be confident in the gym you can also be confident out of the gym, if you can change your mindset in the gym you can also change your mindset out of the gym....Its an awesome cycle :)

Time to paint my nails, think I have earned it after working on my only day off hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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