Friday, March 30, 2012

Lights camera....ACTION

Here is a pic of my tummy so far:

Still got work to do but compared to me back in August last year:

I think I have come a long way :)

So I am going to finally go and organise to find a photograpgher to start taking regular progress photos, I was worried that if I made the pics to professional prospective clients would be turned away thinking perhaps it was staged or altered..... But I cant get the same angle every time and I am just using my iPhone which doesn't always give the best quality and now that I am really starting to see finer details that my photos just aren't picking up so think its really time to bite the bullet and find myself someone that I feel comfy with to take photos not only just of side, front and back but also I want try some posing so will see where I can get advice on poses for figure competitions!

I am really nervous but I am now on the next stage of my journey, its exciting making the new changes and seeing the differences.... I am also blown away by the support I am receiving from my coach Julian Gaylor owner of Perfit Ballarat his one on one coaching sessions on Fridays really set me up for a successful weekend (And after Michael's kill sess a sore weekend hehe) I also got a huge boost after reading on the Perfit FaceBook status update about ME wow talk about make me blush hehe Its really an awesome feeling to know that my hard work is being noticed :)

So this weekend is going to be one of planning, today is a rest day so apart from a bit of housework I am going to do a menu plan, write out a shopping list and also plan out meal times and where they fit into my exercise routine. Sunday is my dedicated cook up day where I prepare my meals ready for the week, I end up doing about 3 cook ups so that I know that I am well stocked up for myself but also for my kiddies as they are eating pretty much the same as me which is great because they are finally eating a wide variety of veggies and protein :)

Well time for me to eat before I head out to coffee, I will also pack a protein shake and apple just in case I am out longer than I thought and I will also take my flax seed oil too may look like an alco but hey I'll make it look sexy hehe

I will also use this weekend to find myself a photographer and also track down some awesome fish oil tablets cause the ones I give me a fishy reflux blur!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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