Sunday, March 11, 2012

Long weekend....

I love long weekends, brings out all the lousy drivers I swear hehe

Went and checked out the other Anytime fitness that is in my local area, its so weird how they are set up rather similar yet one I train like an animal in the other I feel like a caged animal lol.... So not to impressed with the Mt Clear Anytime fitness, I heard it was bigger but it certainly didn't feel it! Oh and who ever said it had better eye candy either lied or has tastes for young boys and I do mean boys!!

I trained with the gorgeous Nicole and then stayed on to do further cardio, felt good to be back in the gym with energy to spare!

Today I went shopping for something nice to wear to my dads wedding ( weekend) it was so awesome to be able to go into the fitting room and try on what felt like everything the store had to offer and actually like everything I put on oh and totally loved having to go back for smaller sizes hehe

Hmm yesterday i took my kiddies to the local begonia festival, we took our pooch Mojo with us which was so much fun as we got to see him socialise with other pooches, one was a great dane which was hilarious because mojo is a Tibetan spaniel cross so rather small and fluffy well the giant great Dane name Angus (such a gentle giant he was) made poor Mojo his chew toy hehe but loved it I on the other hand didn't love all the slobber but hey it's a dogs life :)
Kiddies got to participate in lots of arts and craft activities and I got to enjoy the fresh air and an awesome coffee :)

So another awesome thing that I have been noticing lately is that I cannot eat the same way that I used to, my stomach has obviously shrunk! I think my body is going through another shredding stage too because as I was running I felt lots of jiggling LOL felt sorry for the poor guy workout behind me :P

So lets talk food... I love food and I love something that has good flavour, breakfast is one meal that if its plain and boring I wont eat....lame excuse I know but today I found something oh so yumi and oh so easy!
Max's have come out with a new product that is a protein pancake mix that you just add milk or water to, I used my large shaker cup with the wire ball and I also used low fat milk and all I can say is wow these pancakes taste great and have a nice fluffy texture to them! You can pick a packet of these yumi pancakes up from Athletes with attitude Geelong or Albert park store or order them online via their website (Link on the right hand side of this post) and for only $14.95 why not stock up:) this morning I added a half a banana that I roasted in the oven with Cinnamon and then splashed a small amount of maple syrup on top wow the taste was just amazing I totally enjoyed every mouthful of my breaky this morning :) Filled me up too the point that I could only have two pancakes! see tummy is shrinking YAY

SO even though it is long weekend it doesn't mean time at home for me, I have clients tomorrow morning so I am planning some new circuits and new challenges along with compiling some notes for another client that is interested in supplements and cleaning up his diet, so excited to have this new client :) I mostly work with lovely ladies so its nice to add a guy into the mix and he is interested in strength training so I get to think of awesome ways to torture him in the gym mawhahaha

Well I am off to finish these circuits and then go to bed and read my new book :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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