Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Ooops I am such a neglectful blogger....

My bad *puts hand out to be smacked*

I haven't blogged in AGES!!! so sorry.....

Here's an update this could get long so go make a very strong coffee you may need it hehe

So life has gotten away with me...gotta love the way things can change .... But its an awesome thing :) I have been studying hard, training harder than ever and working on my business. My energy levels have taken a beating and just as they return I get run down with a cold but I am now firing on all 6 cylinders (Don't ask me why I am comparing myself to a car but hey roll with it hehe)

I have been working very closely with Julian the owner and trainer extraordinaire at Perfit Ballarat on something new and exciting that will be available at Perfit very soon! I am so excited and totally blown away by what I am learning and all I can say is WOW not only is it simple but its gets results straight away and I am not just talking physical results I am talking mind, body this new exciting program is a holistic approach that can get you the body you have always dreamed of and you know what you bloody deserve it too! Anyway cant give away too much yet except to say that I am feeling amazing, I have so much energy and I am so happy my mind finally seems to be catching up with it all and I am just bouncing off the walls :)

Training has finally returned to what I class as normal, training 5 days a week with a mixture of resistance and cardio and I am seeing huge gains, my arms are shrinking and becoming harder or should that be toned, my tummy has shrunk and my strength is up....New PB on leg press of 163kg 4 sets if 8 reps and there was no hip soreness at all YAY

Business, Envy Fitness is coming soon... I am currently training a couple of clients who are friends for free just so I can get a feel for it and some feedback while I am establishing myself and sorting out the dilemma that is AIPT.... I have been getting the run around on a few things so am yet to finish my cert but I am not going to stress as I have decided that once I finish this course through AIPT I will look into furthering my knowledge by going to university part time :) I am also thinking of seeing if I can find myself a job in a gym so that I am not quite the starving uni student that I am currently hehe

Life, well my car blew up on the way home from Melbourne after picking my kiddies up and is now sitting on my front lawn...some people like garden gnomes well I like to be different hehe. Think I will take out the stereo and speaker system and then sale the car for parts as its just not worth fixing as it will cost more than the car is worth plus I simply cant afford to fix it :( But on a positive note I am borrowing my mums car which totally fits my kookie personality hehe its a Mazda 121 :) Told mum if I had the money I would totally pimp the Mazda out she didn't believe me hehe

Ummmm what next Hmmmm think thats about it in a nut shell!

Well I am off to do some yoga with my kiddies :)

keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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  1. Em I cannot wait to hear your good news. Sounds very exciting. A holistic approach sounds amazing. Look out for when Envy Fitness is up and running. How busy are you going to be.