Thursday, March 8, 2012

Pass me my blanky

This week has been spent recovering, no work and minimal training most in order to keep my sanity because if I didn't train I know I would go nuts sitting round the house seeing valuable kiddie free time being wasted watching days of our lives BLA!!!

I am so very lucky to have the boys at Perfit in my corner, not only are they understanding but they are also well equipped to tailor each workout to fit my ever slumping energy levels, they have really helped me through my health issues and kept me sane!

My head space has been rather negative and its apparent in the fact that old eating habits have reared their ugly heads again.....Not eating or eating too late at night or just eating the wrong thing....due to being so exhausted routines went out the window and as I have been stessing in my blog 'fail to prepare, prepare to fail!' on the plus side the scales have not changed but this is the kick in the arse to make sure they continue going down and stop my negative cycle in its tracks!

I am starting to notice my head space is clearing and my energy levels are starting to return, my Tuesday session with Julian was the best I've had in what seems like a really long time! Can't wait to see how I go tomorrow morning with Michael, I know I know I wont push myself but I will definitely be putting in a bit more effort and work up a sweat before I head off to my client Heather....God I have missed my clients!!!!

So I am going to ease back into work with my clients, I am still working for free but I don't care its still work for me and I am loving helping people that really appreciate what I am all about, if I could I would continue to work for free but unfortunately I will be fully certified soon (once AIPT get into gear!) but right now I am loving what I have and hope that I can continue on my way and show women that they have the power within them to change what they see in the mirror and how they feel on the inside :)

Well I think I have babbled enough time for me to head to bed and rest up ready to kill training in the morning :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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