Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Warning this may contain traces of truth....

So if you can't handle the truth BUGGER OFF :)
I have totally had a gut full of people telling me 'Its OK, you can work it off tomorrow. Its OK you don't need to lose anymore weight anyway. Its OK ones not going to hurt you....' The list goes on while the anger levels go up!
You know what, I have chosen my path and that path doesn't involve chocolate, chips or most take away or even processed foods from the super market. This is my choice, if you don't like it then that's something you have to deal with, don't tell me whats good for me and don't tell me to change my path just because you think I deserve a treat! I know when I deserve a treat and you know what I am not a dog so food is not the way I choose to treat myself anyway!
Now don't get me wrong I still slip up and make mistakes, I have only been on this journey since May 2011 so I am still learning and thanks to Julian at Perfit I am learning at a fast pace and I am now more confident in myself and my abilities to choose foods that will fuel my body and power me through my training sessions not only at Perfit Ballarat but also my own training. I now believe more than ever that YOU ARE WHAT YOU EAT!

Now you might be thinking gee Em that's a little harsh, you gotta enjoy the good stuff every now and then.... And you know what I totally agree but think of it this way, offering a fatty food addict a hamburger is like offering a crack addict drugs! I am not afraid to admit it, I love food and if its in front of me it doesn't stand a chance in hell of surviving lol So what do I do I work my bloody arse off to make sure that temptation is out of sight, my home is free of 'junk' foods why because I just don't trust myself and its better to know that and be honest about that then to have temptation laying in wait for you to pounce on it when the going gets tough!

You have got to be real, be honest, because in the end you only have yourself to blame if you stuff up! And for most people one stuff up means the end to it all.... It shouldn't but in the most part when one slips up it leads to other slip ups until a total derail happens.
If this were the case then i would simply still be FAT, I have slipped up many times sometimes knowingly and sometimes by mistake but I have always made a conscience effort to make the next meal count and also analyse why I slipped up in the first place so that I can then put buffers in place to minimise it happening again.

If you think that I am to harsh or strict on myself then remember that I am not just after the simple pleasure of being healthy..... Oh no my goal is much bigger then that! My ultimate goal is to strip the fat and enter into my first female figure bodybuilding competition mid to late 2013, so the choices I make now will greatly impact my future goal but also I don't plan to have an on or off season I plan to maintain my fitness and body composition all year round because this isn't just a goal this is my LIFESTYLE :)

WOW I cannot tell you how good it feels to get that off my chest hehe

So what else did I get upto today, well bugger all really it was just not a day that went the way it should of but all good because I got some homework done, some washing done and had an awesome coffee with my mum :) Tomorrow I plan on a road trip, training by the beach and maybe even in a new gym with a close friend talk about exciting stuff :)

Anyway time for me to go feed my kiddies and get their homework done before I do my homework and finish some housework off too.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)


  1. Em I cannot believe how harshly you are being treated. Like you said it's your life you shouldn't have to answer top anyone but yourself.
    I've been told mI've lost weight ( i cannot see it though ). I've also been told I'm frail, anorexic, too skinny etc, I'm getting a bit tired of it all, so I can only imagine how you are feeling with people telling you to eat more or you need junk food etc. Em all of these people are verly jealous of your success.
    Keep being the gorgoeus person you are.

  2. Lorraine, those things are horrid to hear but people have no idea how hurtful their words are, the same thing happened to my mum when she started to lose weight (infact those words really got to mum she has now gone off her good eating and exercise plan because of someone saying she looked sickly) it is so hard to block it out but I try and remind myself that I know whats best for me and I know how awesome I feel and you know what I have never been happier so those people can go take a running jump hehe :)

  3. Em that is disgusting someone would hurt your Mum like that. I can understand why she would have gone off her eating and exercise plan. With you by her side she will be back doing what is best for her long before she knows it.
    I really don't know what is wrong with people bullying others, just because they are unhappy doesn't mean they have the right to take it out on everyone else. It is only just recently that people have been saying I'm anorexic etc. And can you believe this is no word of a lie, a few years ago I had to get a script filled for my blood pressure tablets, the stupid woman called me obese, ( I was far from it ), she told me I needed to call the National Heart Foundation, I asked why, she said because I was obese and needed to exercise and get a healthy eating plan. I then told her I went to the gym three times a week what else was I supposed to do. My blood was boiling by the time I left.
    Em you keep up with your awesome work and don't let anyone drag you or your mum down.