Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend musing

I have had an amazing weekend both at home and out and about with my family, it's weekends like this that really recharge my battery! Sometimes life gets so busy that I forget the other aspects to life, such as quality family time that isn't on the clock so to speak and enjoy things like reading a book or baking cakes together :)

As a family we also went to a local strongman event, I am very blessed to have kiddies that love all things bodybuilding and strength related. My little boy a few weeks ago tried to lift my friends BMW just like the strongman guys hehe and my girl is getting into fitness 'just like mum' she is wonderful in the kitchen too :)

After witnessing those boys throw some bigs weights around I am now more motivated than ever to smash some PB's at Perfit Ballarat this week! I am also really excited to be getting stuck into other aspects of fitness too, learning more and more about whole foods and how much my body is adjusting and loving my new approach to getting healthy, my recovery time has sped up and my energy levels stay high without and crashes even when I have done something off plan. This last 6 weeks of my program I am focusing on tightening up my nutrition by making sure my protein portions are correct by weighing them and making my carb portions a little larger, then once I have that nailed I can look at adding more exercise in which I am hanging for because as much as I know I am doing the right thing but feel so lazy by not exercising 6 days a week, but this is where this program is so different and its taking a lot of time to get used to but once I am used to it I know that I will be able to sustain it for the rest of my life!

I also managed to do a cook up and made some stirfries and also tried a new recipe that used loads of veggies and heart smart mince beef it was oh so yumi and got the seal of approval from my growing kiddies who asked for seconds! Yep seconds of veggies I know who'd of thought it possible hehe I also managed to get some washing up to date and tidy up a bit, will be doing more cleaning tomorrow as I have a house inspection oh the joy of renting lol

Well time for me to have my night time shake and head to bed :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Technology and me sooo dont mix...

Trying to put up a banner of the before and now (new pic) but its just not liking me at the moment so I will post it here for you hopefully you can see it better :)

Why am I such a scardy cat???

Yup its true, I am such a scardy cat that sometimes even my own shadow scares me..... hehe ok so that's not true but I do find myself easily intimidated by people and feel that I am not good enough to be around them.

I have figured it out.... see when I was fat no one noticed me because I didn't put myself out there in fact I think I was becoming quite the hermit! But now I am putting myself out there, not only by going to Perfit and meeting new people through there but also my gym and Barbarians (Muay Thai) and through facebook and my blog.

Don't get me wrong I am totally loving my new lifestyle but there are times where I feel that I am not good enough, I guess I forget how hard I worked to get to where I am now, its so easy to forget how horrible I felt every day waking up in my 'unhealthy' body I feel spoilt by the energy I wake up with every morning now and how I bounce out of my bed excited to start my day as I never had these feeling before...Before you wouldn't even look at me till I had at least 1 coffee in me and the 'quiet time' to myself to wake up which usually took a good hour and that's being generous hehe I freely admit I was a right moo cow in the mornings hehe.... But no more :)

I am now confident to walk into a gym in a racer back top, something I never even dreamt of but I was so ashamed of my wibbly wobbly arms that I hid them under long sleeve tops no matter what the weather! And I would always layer my clothing to try and hide the muffin top but now I am thinking I want to wear less to show off all my hard work so far. I now just have to apply this confidence to other aspects of my life, like finding a job!

This really is a life journey, its not simply losing weight or working on a numbers goal.... I have been slowly noticing my whole self change in a very positive way, it really is like caterpillar turning into a butterfly, I was never one for believing that analogy but I really feel like I am transforming not only my body but also in how I think and view the world....God I am so sounding like a tree hugging hippy right now lol sorry hehe

Training has really stepped up, I am going heavier each session which is just amazing and my running is also improving. I am still really nervous at Barbarians but I am loving the fact that I can keep up, I have an awesome feeling that this is going to be an amazing art to add to my career :)

So now to focus not only building my strength within my muscles but also in my mind, build my confidence starting by remembering how hard I have worked to get to where I am today and focus on how amazing I am going to be in the future, to really start visualising what I want for the rest of my journey, starting with a job in a gym doing what I love and hopefully helping to inspire people to dig deep and do whatever it takes to lose the weight and find themselves :)

I have blabbered on enough time for me to do some food preparations for tomorrow.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bring it on

OK time for me to sound super silly but....

I am so totally and utterly feeling like a personal trainer and bodybuilder!

With each week comes new changes in my body and I am really starting to notice my tummy shrinking (my stubborn spot) I am getting stronger and stronger and every training session I reach a new personal best, this Friday was 70kg for barbell squats which is a massive change as a few months back I struggled with 30kg, so I can definitely say this new lifestyle is helping me towards my goals :)

I am more and more realising that my goal to be on stage is not so far away and that it is possible, the rush I get just thinking about it is enough to motivate me to keep going :)

I have had a couple of late nights and off plan meals but the wonderful thing about this lifestyle is its so easy to get back on track and you also don't feel like you've been a naughty and I am loving enjoying a glass of wine and a square of chocolate every now and then too. Its amazing how easy things can be when they are written out in a handy guide format!

I got talking to a lovely guy at Perfit before my session on Friday, he too is doing the same lifestyle changing program that I am doing. Its funny how we both agreed on how the program has flipped everything that we falsely perceived as the 'Right' way of going about weightloss/body transformation is in fact all 'Wrong' and how the biggest head spinning moment is how we perceive our goals to work, we have all been focusing on the wrong way to go about gaining our goals! It was so lovely talking to him, it's neat because he is a night shift worker and I am a mum of two so it just proves that the two most busiest lifestyles can in fact accomplish many things by adding this program to their daily life :)

Anyway I am off to the supermarket, its way better going at night as its not only quiet but you can also pick up some greatly reduced pieces of meat, cold water fish and poultry! Plus I am kiddies free so going to use my time wisely :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, April 16, 2012

Exciting times ahead.....

The season for comps has started with the first one being in Geelong this coming weekend, a huge line up of divisions and the guest list is looking big so the show should go OFF! Problem is that I have Muay Thai training and I have an awesome training partner Karlie that I totally don't wanna let down so think I will train then sneak off to the show :)
Then on Sunday there is Muay Thai fight night (rebellion 2) in Melbourne that I would totally love to go to and support my new club but think I might of missed out on tickets :( Will ask my instructor!
I have a totally new motivation level now and feel totally switched on diet and exercise wise, everything is tightening up and muscles are showing (a teeny tiny bit, but they ARE there hehe) I am needing to go bra and pants shopping because nothing fits me anymore which is awesome but I wont go wild on buying new stuff cause my body is changing almost every week!
I am still powering on all cylinders so to speak hehe and every day I seem to just fly through daily tasks, I'm also finding myself pushing harder and harder sometimes so hard I shock myself lol For example at Muay Thai last night I never in a million years thought I could of survived the whole one and half hours let along keep up! But I did it, I pushed and pushed and I loved it, the sweat was dripping off of me but nothing could wipe the smile off my face and then to go to Perfit today and push through the muscle soreness and just get it done.... I am no longer afraid to dig deep and give it all I've got.... Its so hard to explain and may sound silly but I finally feel like the bodybuilder/athlete I have always dreamt of being :)
Only 18 more days till my big photo shoot, getting a professional to come to my house and take some body shots so that I can keep a better record of my progress and share them here with all my lovely readers :) I will be also throwing in some poses so that I can have an idea of my all over body composition/physique and where I need to make changes etc....beware I will be in a sports bra and little shorts so I hope I don't frighten you away hehe but this is a bare it all journey and I want people to see the real thing not some photoshopped end product!
Anyway time to dash I have kiddies to pick up and dinner to prepare....mmm dinner hehe
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today was a reality check for me!

I have come to the realisation that I have slipped into a state of complacency, feeling comfortable with the status quot and not pushing harder when I know I can do better!

Usually I am quite the perfectionist, especially when it comes to home work but I slacked off this week and I paid for it! SO time to make sure I don't leave things to the last minute and to make sure I re-read my homework so that when I go for my coaching sess with Julian I am not staring at him with a vacant expression on my face cause I forgot the answer due to not making the time to reread my answers and I didn't reread the chapter either which is a big no no for me, due to my busy lifestyle (school holidays) I have to make sure I read things at least twice for it to stick in my brain..... Lesson learnt!

So today was weigh in, which I must admit it was dismal..... My measurements are going down really well but the scales on the other hand are just not budging! Now usually I wouldn't let this get me down (I know what I am doing is working, my energy levels are through the roof and my clothes are falling off me!) but my scales at home are going down but not the ones at perfit, so Julian gave me a peep talk and now I am all set to keep going.... consistency will win the day! So next week I will take my food diary in and Julian will be able to point out places where I need to make tweaks, I have to remember this is all new to me and I am still learning.... I just really want to bring big numbers and big changes for Julian.....

So today seems to be a 'self evaluation' day for me, there are alot of things in my life that I have just walked away from and never really finished.... I also think I have habit of getting frightened which I know must sound silly but the successful I become in something the more I panic I am going to fail and fall on my face so this too is something I need to face and remind myself that failure isn't the end in fact its just the beginning because I will get up and try again but this time do it differently and learn from the failure not repeat it!

So today has been a day of learning, but its also been a day for great success because not only am I learning from my mistakes I also pushed myself to learn more about my technique in training and really focus on nailing good form during deadlifts, which totally killed me by the way but my new PB is 75kg yay me :)

Time to run I have a pile of dishes that need to washed up and some beetroots begging to be roasted ready for dinner tonight yumi!!!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creativity in the kitchen....

I am so totally and utterly loving my top secret hush hush lifestyle change!

It offers me so much flexibility while only being limited by my imagination....Which I have to say is truly buzzing this week! I have created so many tasty meals that have felt so naughty hehe but yet have been nothing but clean, fresh foods that in the right combination set the taste buds on fire!

I am totally convinced that this new lifestyle is the way to be for the rest of my life but also the lives of my kiddies :)

Today I made the bestest ever smoothie and it was soooooo simple it took me like 5 min and if I was prepared with pre-cut/cooked veg it would of taken me about 1 minute! Seriously how amazing is that oh and before you go 'not another smoothie/shake diet' Em says NO its not a diet for starters its a lifestyle plan and secondly you don't have to have smoothies but its a great way to get all your essential nutrients in one easy and convenient manner! So today I pureed carrot, apple and ginger with 1 cup of water, 1 cup of ice and a serve of vanilla whey protein...whiz with a wand blender thingy and BAM your meal is served :)

So a little sneak peak into what I am doing, my new lifestyle entails clean eating, exercise that's both resistance and cardio base...... There are no long hours in the gym nor are there any meals that I would say I wouldn't eat (well maybe just one or two that contain brussel sprouts lol) and to be honest with a little bit of preparation life has never been easier!

Tonight for dinner I made the simplest meal ever! It contained quality protein, carbs and omega 3&6 talk about a beautiful nutrition packed meal! I used a firm tofu that was marinated in soy and garlic simply cut it into slices, sliced up snow peas and mushrooms and threw in some flax seeds for added omf stir fried it all up and BOOM there was my last meal for the day :)

Anyway its nearly 10pm which means sleep time for me.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

The worlds your oyster....

Never really understood why compared the world to something slimy and has the texture of runny snot but..... The meaning to my post is no matter what you want in this life time you can have it!

My dilemma is, I have no real clue what I want.... I mean I have a vague road map that coffee has spilt on and now the maps smudged haha but that's about it!

I have been playing around with the idea of getting a job in a gym, unfortunately Ballarat isn't exactly crying out for employees and I don't have any experience in a gym setting as such so what to do?

I have been toying with the idea of moving maybe this will help increase my chances of finding a job, but then again I am too chicken haha Ballarat is all I know!

SO anyway the moral to my story is..... That the only thing that stands between me and what I want is ME, I have a basic idea of what I want now I just have to flesh it out. Like with my training, I have now found the formula that works for me (thanks to Julian!) so now I have to find the formula that works for me career wise!

The idea of starting my own business while still a strong possibility for the future is right now to grandiose as I really need steady hours and a steady income (being on single parent income is a struggle, but this isn't me whinging its me accepting that I can do more) so its time to not just think about it but DO, time to put the wheels in motion and get my name out there and see what I can find :)

I cant wait to get stuck into my new path in this game called life!!!

Wish me luck :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Friday, April 6, 2012

Cleaning out the top shelf....

I am ashamed for what I am about to admit....

As you all know with my new way of life it requires a certain amount preparation and organisation, well I have been neglecting one part of my cleaning and that is the top cupboard in my kitchen pantry....

This is where I stash all the goodies for my kiddies, but with it being Easter and they are away I thought I better make room for what will inevitably be coming home.... But then I thought to myself why in hell do I fill my kiddies tummy with shit that I wouldn't put into my own?

I feel ashamed that even though I have been filling their tummies with veggies, good quality grain bread, lean protein and other yumi delights that I cook up in the kitchen I have still been allowing them 'treat foods' sugar laden, fatty, processed foods that serve no purpose other than to taste good and line your tummy with fat!

You may be thinking this is harsh but in reality I am training my kiddies to want only treats, rewarding them by giving them something sugary is not they way to teach your kiddies to act, they are not dogs!

So the times are a changing :)

I have cleared the pantry out of everything! There are no so called foods that are just for the kiddies from now on if I don't eat it neither do they!

Instead I am going to use this time to bake goodies for my gorgeous kiddies, dark chocolate muffins made without the use of sugar or butter, muffin bars made with wholemeal flour and loads of sweet veggies such as carrots and or something savoury such as pumpkin and feta yumi.... The silly thing about my revelation is that my kiddies love it when I bake wholesome goodies for them in fact they prefer it, the sad truth is that I used the age old excuse of 'I don't have time' but really it was more 'I'm to lazy'

Not any more :)

I am going to have a sit down with a nice coffee while I plan out what I am going to bake.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Thinking of an epic title....ummmm....gym brain

What a week and its not completely over yet!

I am excited as I had a group session on Monday which was a huge success, one client has lost 2 whole dress sizes and I have stuck to the plan nutrition and training wise... So much to be proud of :)

Unfortunately 4 days straight of work, training and playing mum has left me rather exhausted but luckily its a long weekend for me as my kiddies will be going to their dads tomorrow until Sunday evening so I will be enjoying some of that freedom by relaxing.

I have uploaded some new tunes to my iPhone to get me through some intense cardio tomorrow evening and have my menu all set for the weekend :) So after work in the morning I will drop my kiddies to Melton then home to get fueled up for the track going to do intervals round the lake i think.

Cooking dinner tonight for some close friends of mine, so excited as I am cooking extra clean and they wont even know it hehe It feels like an eternity since I have had friends over for dinner....Life certainly had gotten the better of me, sickness took its toll that's for sure but then with added stressors like family ummm disagreements (lets be diplomatic shall we hehe) my car blowing up and other matters of the heart.... But its time to move on, start fresh!

I have booked my photo shoot in for the 5th of May, the photographer is coming to my house so I will be able to keep the natural no air brush look that I am after, I want people to see me for me stretch marks and all.... This is my journey and I want people to see it's real! I will later be able to use these pics for advertisement (yikes scary stuff)

I have also been playing with some new tattoo ideas as I want to mark the start of my next part of my journey, I sometimes forget how much I have changed!

Rewarding yourself for a job well done is a great way to keep yourself motivated and on track, if you know that you will be reward for each achievement you will put in more effort and not deviate from your path....Of course you need to make your reward of some significance to you and also make sure that its not a food reward, food should never be used as a reward or treat it is a means of fueling your body and creating the physique you desire, so focus on something that will drive you to go harder, eat cleaner and stay committed!

Well time for me to check on my roast *smelling awesome*

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter X

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, April 2, 2012

When all said and done....

When all said and done you only have yourself to hold accountable for what has or has not worked out the way you thought it would.....

Thoughts are amazing things, we can imagine amazing things but unless you do what you create in your mind and put it to work in the real world it will remain just in your head!

I know my head is filled with many images, idea's, thoughts..... I have plucked one at a time out and written them down on paper...they are no longer thoughts in my head they are know in writing in the physical world....What next... Time to plot out how I can make it come from the page and into the material world.....Step by step I work, build, sweat and toil over making it a reality!

Life is to short to just allow things to stay inward, your only hiding yourself from reality if you do!

I have never felt so ready or so focused as I do now! I am seeing and feeling the changes in my body, muscle definition is finally peaking through, my fitness and strength are growing every week and my confidence in my skills increases with every training session!

My dream of being on stage is closer than ever now, I can feel it!

I am focusing on what I put into my body, how and when I put it into my body but also why....

So what have you imagined, dreamed, though of but never done anything to bring it into reality? Why not?

Nothing is ever too hard, sometimes it comes down to timing I know for me I have been trying to lose weight for YEARS and it is only truly happening now because the timing is perfect, I have the right information and support, the right mindset and most importantly the determination to be the real me!

If I can do it so can you! Get the diary out, read back on your past entries or write news, think about your dreams and desire, your thoughts your idea's and then write about how you can bring these things to life :)

Ooo so deep and meaningful tonight hehe but also so very true, I have never felt such happiness as I do now and its all down to focusing on how I can bring my dream of stepping on stage to reality, I am not saying its easy because its very far from easy..... failed marriage, university stress, money worries.....the list goes on but it all comes down to being determined and working hard to do whatever it takes to over come the obstacles and stay on track to bringing your dream to life :)

So stay focused, smile and train HARD peeps :)

You can do it!