Saturday, April 21, 2012

Bring it on

OK time for me to sound super silly but....

I am so totally and utterly feeling like a personal trainer and bodybuilder!

With each week comes new changes in my body and I am really starting to notice my tummy shrinking (my stubborn spot) I am getting stronger and stronger and every training session I reach a new personal best, this Friday was 70kg for barbell squats which is a massive change as a few months back I struggled with 30kg, so I can definitely say this new lifestyle is helping me towards my goals :)

I am more and more realising that my goal to be on stage is not so far away and that it is possible, the rush I get just thinking about it is enough to motivate me to keep going :)

I have had a couple of late nights and off plan meals but the wonderful thing about this lifestyle is its so easy to get back on track and you also don't feel like you've been a naughty and I am loving enjoying a glass of wine and a square of chocolate every now and then too. Its amazing how easy things can be when they are written out in a handy guide format!

I got talking to a lovely guy at Perfit before my session on Friday, he too is doing the same lifestyle changing program that I am doing. Its funny how we both agreed on how the program has flipped everything that we falsely perceived as the 'Right' way of going about weightloss/body transformation is in fact all 'Wrong' and how the biggest head spinning moment is how we perceive our goals to work, we have all been focusing on the wrong way to go about gaining our goals! It was so lovely talking to him, it's neat because he is a night shift worker and I am a mum of two so it just proves that the two most busiest lifestyles can in fact accomplish many things by adding this program to their daily life :)

Anyway I am off to the supermarket, its way better going at night as its not only quiet but you can also pick up some greatly reduced pieces of meat, cold water fish and poultry! Plus I am kiddies free so going to use my time wisely :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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