Friday, April 6, 2012

Cleaning out the top shelf....

I am ashamed for what I am about to admit....

As you all know with my new way of life it requires a certain amount preparation and organisation, well I have been neglecting one part of my cleaning and that is the top cupboard in my kitchen pantry....

This is where I stash all the goodies for my kiddies, but with it being Easter and they are away I thought I better make room for what will inevitably be coming home.... But then I thought to myself why in hell do I fill my kiddies tummy with shit that I wouldn't put into my own?

I feel ashamed that even though I have been filling their tummies with veggies, good quality grain bread, lean protein and other yumi delights that I cook up in the kitchen I have still been allowing them 'treat foods' sugar laden, fatty, processed foods that serve no purpose other than to taste good and line your tummy with fat!

You may be thinking this is harsh but in reality I am training my kiddies to want only treats, rewarding them by giving them something sugary is not they way to teach your kiddies to act, they are not dogs!

So the times are a changing :)

I have cleared the pantry out of everything! There are no so called foods that are just for the kiddies from now on if I don't eat it neither do they!

Instead I am going to use this time to bake goodies for my gorgeous kiddies, dark chocolate muffins made without the use of sugar or butter, muffin bars made with wholemeal flour and loads of sweet veggies such as carrots and or something savoury such as pumpkin and feta yumi.... The silly thing about my revelation is that my kiddies love it when I bake wholesome goodies for them in fact they prefer it, the sad truth is that I used the age old excuse of 'I don't have time' but really it was more 'I'm to lazy'

Not any more :)

I am going to have a sit down with a nice coffee while I plan out what I am going to bake.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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