Thursday, April 12, 2012


Today was a reality check for me!

I have come to the realisation that I have slipped into a state of complacency, feeling comfortable with the status quot and not pushing harder when I know I can do better!

Usually I am quite the perfectionist, especially when it comes to home work but I slacked off this week and I paid for it! SO time to make sure I don't leave things to the last minute and to make sure I re-read my homework so that when I go for my coaching sess with Julian I am not staring at him with a vacant expression on my face cause I forgot the answer due to not making the time to reread my answers and I didn't reread the chapter either which is a big no no for me, due to my busy lifestyle (school holidays) I have to make sure I read things at least twice for it to stick in my brain..... Lesson learnt!

So today was weigh in, which I must admit it was dismal..... My measurements are going down really well but the scales on the other hand are just not budging! Now usually I wouldn't let this get me down (I know what I am doing is working, my energy levels are through the roof and my clothes are falling off me!) but my scales at home are going down but not the ones at perfit, so Julian gave me a peep talk and now I am all set to keep going.... consistency will win the day! So next week I will take my food diary in and Julian will be able to point out places where I need to make tweaks, I have to remember this is all new to me and I am still learning.... I just really want to bring big numbers and big changes for Julian.....

So today seems to be a 'self evaluation' day for me, there are alot of things in my life that I have just walked away from and never really finished.... I also think I have habit of getting frightened which I know must sound silly but the successful I become in something the more I panic I am going to fail and fall on my face so this too is something I need to face and remind myself that failure isn't the end in fact its just the beginning because I will get up and try again but this time do it differently and learn from the failure not repeat it!

So today has been a day of learning, but its also been a day for great success because not only am I learning from my mistakes I also pushed myself to learn more about my technique in training and really focus on nailing good form during deadlifts, which totally killed me by the way but my new PB is 75kg yay me :)

Time to run I have a pile of dishes that need to washed up and some beetroots begging to be roasted ready for dinner tonight yumi!!!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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