Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Creativity in the kitchen....

I am so totally and utterly loving my top secret hush hush lifestyle change!

It offers me so much flexibility while only being limited by my imagination....Which I have to say is truly buzzing this week! I have created so many tasty meals that have felt so naughty hehe but yet have been nothing but clean, fresh foods that in the right combination set the taste buds on fire!

I am totally convinced that this new lifestyle is the way to be for the rest of my life but also the lives of my kiddies :)

Today I made the bestest ever smoothie and it was soooooo simple it took me like 5 min and if I was prepared with pre-cut/cooked veg it would of taken me about 1 minute! Seriously how amazing is that oh and before you go 'not another smoothie/shake diet' Em says NO its not a diet for starters its a lifestyle plan and secondly you don't have to have smoothies but its a great way to get all your essential nutrients in one easy and convenient manner! So today I pureed carrot, apple and ginger with 1 cup of water, 1 cup of ice and a serve of vanilla whey protein...whiz with a wand blender thingy and BAM your meal is served :)

So a little sneak peak into what I am doing, my new lifestyle entails clean eating, exercise that's both resistance and cardio base...... There are no long hours in the gym nor are there any meals that I would say I wouldn't eat (well maybe just one or two that contain brussel sprouts lol) and to be honest with a little bit of preparation life has never been easier!

Tonight for dinner I made the simplest meal ever! It contained quality protein, carbs and omega 3&6 talk about a beautiful nutrition packed meal! I used a firm tofu that was marinated in soy and garlic simply cut it into slices, sliced up snow peas and mushrooms and threw in some flax seeds for added omf stir fried it all up and BOOM there was my last meal for the day :)

Anyway its nearly 10pm which means sleep time for me.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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