Monday, April 16, 2012

Exciting times ahead.....

The season for comps has started with the first one being in Geelong this coming weekend, a huge line up of divisions and the guest list is looking big so the show should go OFF! Problem is that I have Muay Thai training and I have an awesome training partner Karlie that I totally don't wanna let down so think I will train then sneak off to the show :)
Then on Sunday there is Muay Thai fight night (rebellion 2) in Melbourne that I would totally love to go to and support my new club but think I might of missed out on tickets :( Will ask my instructor!
I have a totally new motivation level now and feel totally switched on diet and exercise wise, everything is tightening up and muscles are showing (a teeny tiny bit, but they ARE there hehe) I am needing to go bra and pants shopping because nothing fits me anymore which is awesome but I wont go wild on buying new stuff cause my body is changing almost every week!
I am still powering on all cylinders so to speak hehe and every day I seem to just fly through daily tasks, I'm also finding myself pushing harder and harder sometimes so hard I shock myself lol For example at Muay Thai last night I never in a million years thought I could of survived the whole one and half hours let along keep up! But I did it, I pushed and pushed and I loved it, the sweat was dripping off of me but nothing could wipe the smile off my face and then to go to Perfit today and push through the muscle soreness and just get it done.... I am no longer afraid to dig deep and give it all I've got.... Its so hard to explain and may sound silly but I finally feel like the bodybuilder/athlete I have always dreamt of being :)
Only 18 more days till my big photo shoot, getting a professional to come to my house and take some body shots so that I can keep a better record of my progress and share them here with all my lovely readers :) I will be also throwing in some poses so that I can have an idea of my all over body composition/physique and where I need to make changes etc....beware I will be in a sports bra and little shorts so I hope I don't frighten you away hehe but this is a bare it all journey and I want people to see the real thing not some photoshopped end product!
Anyway time to dash I have kiddies to pick up and dinner to prepare....mmm dinner hehe
Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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