Sunday, April 29, 2012

Weekend musing

I have had an amazing weekend both at home and out and about with my family, it's weekends like this that really recharge my battery! Sometimes life gets so busy that I forget the other aspects to life, such as quality family time that isn't on the clock so to speak and enjoy things like reading a book or baking cakes together :)

As a family we also went to a local strongman event, I am very blessed to have kiddies that love all things bodybuilding and strength related. My little boy a few weeks ago tried to lift my friends BMW just like the strongman guys hehe and my girl is getting into fitness 'just like mum' she is wonderful in the kitchen too :)

After witnessing those boys throw some bigs weights around I am now more motivated than ever to smash some PB's at Perfit Ballarat this week! I am also really excited to be getting stuck into other aspects of fitness too, learning more and more about whole foods and how much my body is adjusting and loving my new approach to getting healthy, my recovery time has sped up and my energy levels stay high without and crashes even when I have done something off plan. This last 6 weeks of my program I am focusing on tightening up my nutrition by making sure my protein portions are correct by weighing them and making my carb portions a little larger, then once I have that nailed I can look at adding more exercise in which I am hanging for because as much as I know I am doing the right thing but feel so lazy by not exercising 6 days a week, but this is where this program is so different and its taking a lot of time to get used to but once I am used to it I know that I will be able to sustain it for the rest of my life!

I also managed to do a cook up and made some stirfries and also tried a new recipe that used loads of veggies and heart smart mince beef it was oh so yumi and got the seal of approval from my growing kiddies who asked for seconds! Yep seconds of veggies I know who'd of thought it possible hehe I also managed to get some washing up to date and tidy up a bit, will be doing more cleaning tomorrow as I have a house inspection oh the joy of renting lol

Well time for me to have my night time shake and head to bed :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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