Monday, April 2, 2012

When all said and done....

When all said and done you only have yourself to hold accountable for what has or has not worked out the way you thought it would.....

Thoughts are amazing things, we can imagine amazing things but unless you do what you create in your mind and put it to work in the real world it will remain just in your head!

I know my head is filled with many images, idea's, thoughts..... I have plucked one at a time out and written them down on paper...they are no longer thoughts in my head they are know in writing in the physical world....What next... Time to plot out how I can make it come from the page and into the material world.....Step by step I work, build, sweat and toil over making it a reality!

Life is to short to just allow things to stay inward, your only hiding yourself from reality if you do!

I have never felt so ready or so focused as I do now! I am seeing and feeling the changes in my body, muscle definition is finally peaking through, my fitness and strength are growing every week and my confidence in my skills increases with every training session!

My dream of being on stage is closer than ever now, I can feel it!

I am focusing on what I put into my body, how and when I put it into my body but also why....

So what have you imagined, dreamed, though of but never done anything to bring it into reality? Why not?

Nothing is ever too hard, sometimes it comes down to timing I know for me I have been trying to lose weight for YEARS and it is only truly happening now because the timing is perfect, I have the right information and support, the right mindset and most importantly the determination to be the real me!

If I can do it so can you! Get the diary out, read back on your past entries or write news, think about your dreams and desire, your thoughts your idea's and then write about how you can bring these things to life :)

Ooo so deep and meaningful tonight hehe but also so very true, I have never felt such happiness as I do now and its all down to focusing on how I can bring my dream of stepping on stage to reality, I am not saying its easy because its very far from easy..... failed marriage, university stress, money worries.....the list goes on but it all comes down to being determined and working hard to do whatever it takes to over come the obstacles and stay on track to bringing your dream to life :)

So stay focused, smile and train HARD peeps :)

You can do it!

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