Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Late night rambling....

The awesome things that I have learnt from Metabolic Precision I am no applying to my packing of my house, pillaging and purging......

I pick up the keys of Friday so the plan is to move everything on the weekend and then have Monday to Thursday to clean the old house so I can get my bond back. So while I am packing I am also making sure I get rid of anything that is no longer in use, broken (put in the I'll fix it one day pile and never fixed lol) things that were given to me but never used and things that now no longer have meaning to me.

Its amazing what you accumulate over time, I have been in this house now for just over 2 years and the collection of bed linen, kitchen utensils and lets not forget the Tupperware hehe.... It got me thinking to how I gained weighted, it didn't happen over night it like my kitchen cupboards accumulated over the years, its a shame that my weight cannot be cleared out over night like my kitchen cupboards hehe but I have now learnt how to lose the weight and keep it off :)

In my cleaning efforts I came across a few empty bottles of Palmer's Body creme and I realised I hadn't really mentioned about how I take care of the outside just as much as I do the inside, being so big the chances of my skin becoming that of saggy walruses hide where high and this worried me because I am only 28! So upon the advice of a past trainer I started using Palmer's range of cremes, my fav is an oil based gel as it really sinks into the skin without that greasy feel, I also use Bio oil on my stretch marks which has helped to fade them :) I am really happy with the way my skin is looking, there are stretch marks but they no longer look as if someone has hacked at me with a blunt knife! I do have a little loose skin on my lower tummy and inner thighs but I have noticed that its starting to become softer and more smoother.... I also make sure that I take a quality fish oil, flax seed oil and drink plenty of water, eating clean foods has also helped my skin too.

While patching up paint (damn blue tack took the paint off oops) and going through paper work I started to think about all the things I haven't done in the past due to one reason or another and I couldn't help but smile that I am doing the one thing I have always wanted to do but yet never had the chance to do..... Getting tanned, making my nails, hair and makeup pretty and girly and even wearing those high heels seems so much closer than before, Not only do I have the wonderful support from my sponsors at Athletes with Attitude I also have the wonderful support of my trainers at Perfit Ballarat and staff at Anytime Fitness Ballarat, I literally have butterflies as I type I am that excited hehe

Hmm so what else can I add to my mad rambling hehe Oh yes I have been tossing up the idea of going back to uni, initially it was to finish my double degree in law and psychology but it wasn't until I was talking to my wonderful sponsor Glenn when he asked me would I use it and in all honesty I wanted to scream NO cause my heart lies in fitness, my passion is throwing the iron around and my dream is to make a name for myself in bodybuilding.... So with that said I am thinking I will find a course that fits my passion, not what I think I should do :)

And on that awesome decision I am now going to slip away to bed....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Here's a little comparison

Ok sorry about the photo quality, I take all my pic's on my iPhone, myself I did have a photographer planned but she never showed up so until I find someone else I have been taking them with my iPhone which I kinda like because it keeps it more real for you guys :)

On the left is a pic I took on the 31st of March and the right on the 20th of May. I am really happy with the progress I am making, my tummy is looking better and better I am so over the moon :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

Oozing awesome....

Damn straight haha

I took a week off from my own training and god damn I feel Fkn awesome!

Today I am going to head in to the gym for some light cardio (yep that's right I am going to force myself to go light, the focus is just getting the body warm and the blood flowing to my well rested muscles) in my time off I have managed to put my 14 days notice in, organise help to move me and organise a house party cause that's bloody important too hehe

So I have been having fun in the kitchen and coming up with new Metabolically Precise meals that taste oh so naughty but are oh so good for my ever shrinking waistline :) I even made the best damn roast on the planet and was able to enjoy every mouthful knowing it was going to help me towards my goals, I don't care what anyone thinks.... if you are determined to get your body into the best ever shape then you need to be mindful of every mouthful because each mouthful of the 'wrong' foods equals a step in the wrong direction! I have had to remind myself of this fact, it has become my mantra in tough times.

I thought it would be a great time to give you a bit of info on what figure competitions are all about, see the minute you tag on bodybuilding to the end of it people start thinking of muscle bound men such as good old Arnie or worse the big green hulk haha.... But this is so wrong, figure is all about showing off the female curves and beauty while also showing muscular tone (not size as such) and muscle symmetry, in a competition there is usually 2 rounds the first round is performed in high heels and bikini the girls perform quarter turns to the right, this allows the judges to observe and judge each girl for symmetry, presentation and other aesthetic qualities. The second round is similar to the first but the judges are now comparing each girl and looking for over all condition and symmetry and critically judging each girl against the next. Figure is all about being feminine and the judges are looking for this, so I guess in some respects its very much like the good old fashioned beauty pageant.

For me though this isn't about winning, its about me challenging myself and striving for the best body I can create! When I step out on stage for the first time I will be doing it with the loo at what you can do with hard work kinda attitude :) I am so much closer to stepping on stage, there is alot of hard work ahead of me but I am more determined that ever to totally own it! I love the way training makes me feel and I love being able to share my story, this journey of mine has just begun so watch out peeps there is heaps more to come :)

OK well enough talking time to go get ready for the gym *insert happy dance here* I have totally been off for too long cause I am so not organised hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things are on the up and up

This week has just been WOW...

I am so blown away by how all of a sudden everything has just fallen into place, firstly I got some awesome news about my health which has been a massive relief but also has explained ALOT so now I don't feel so totally and utterly insane anymore hehe but also I now know what I need to do to hopefully put an end to the daily battle and see even more awesome changes in my body! I also want to send out a big thank you to Julian Gaylor owner and my coach at Perfit Ballarat, without your constant support and help I would never of been able to cope and also a big thank you also to Alex and Anthony for putting up with me and making training work around my energy levels (or lack there of). I battled through my health scare on my own but when it started to effect my training I was able to confide in Julian what was going on he was so understanding, Julian is not only my coach but also my friend and you cant say that often in life!

Along with that wonderful news I also got a phone call today from my lovely rental manager at Ray White Ballarat that I have been accepted into a lovely 3 bedroom home, it has a wonderful secure backyard and a great entertaining area that is also secure. The house that I am currently in was up for sale for about a month but when it didn't sell they decided to give me a 60 day vacate notice, there is some pretty nasty things happening between the landlord and his father inlaw so the faster I am out of here the better, the father inlaw was trying to blame me for the house selling and has even been watching my house and made threats to my agent...luckily Gail is one tough lady and has stood up for me :) The painter has been through and fixed up a few dints in the walls so now all that's left is for me to get the gardens up to date and pack, then I am out of here and no longer have to stress about the psycho father inlaw!

So with all this good news I have decided that I am going to have a total clear out, with my health now on the mend and a new house I can honestly say that I am ready to move on and look positively to the future knowing that I have already accomplished so much, now I can strive for even more :)

I have also decided that I am going back to uni, I have so much more that i want to learn but also i want to finish what I started! As much as I have loved my holidays I have totally missed my uni routine and using my brain, when I am ready to get Envy Fitness fully up and running I will then look at cutting uni to part time but I am not ready to get Envy Fitness fully operational yet...But soon Envy HQ will be in full swing :)

So this week has not only been full of good news its also been one of rest and reflection, getting my mind back into the game and evaluating what I really want to do in life. I have sat down and planned out training for the rest of the month and also planned out menus and shopping lists to see me through till the end of the month :) I have even added in some awesome new Metabolic Precision recipes into my menu and also came up with some awesome new HEALTHY lunch box foods for my kiddies! Which reminds me....I totally forgot to tell you, my kiddies have been getting picked on for taking 'weird' food to school, firstly i was angry and very upset at the behavior of these children then my daughter (10) turned around and said to these children 'I'm lucky because my mum makes the time to make me healthy, yumi food...Your mums don't' I was flawed, my little girl is a tough little cookie, so super proud :)

Any way I must dash and feed my kiddies because my little man has just informed me he is starving while pointing to his very sucked in tummy hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

Friday, May 11, 2012

The weekend is here :)

I love weekends (who doesn't) it means I can sleep in and not have to be anywhere at any particular time, the weekend is my time to catch up on housework, time with my family and time for myself.

This weekend I am planning some quality family time with my gorgeous kiddies and my mum and sister to celebrate mothers day and also catching up on the washing and rearranging my kitchen cupboards....Its funny but rearranging my kitchen cupboards excites me hehe :)

If you have been following my blog then you will have read some of the ups and downs that I have experienced so far, I don't like being negative so try very hard to make my post upbeat.... But I also want to make sure that my posts are real! So this morning I want to talk about some negative experiences that I have been going through lately and how I have been handling them.....

My weight loss is now apparent to all those that see me on a regular basis, the lovely comments are flowing in but with the good come the bad! Just recently comments such as you look drawn and tired are you OK or wow your fading away I hope your not going to lose anymore have been made to me, these remarks are hurtful to say the least! I go home and look at myself in the mirror and I can honestly say I don't see what they see, in fact I don't think I have ever looked this GOOD, my face is bright and pimple free, my eyes have that cheeky sparkly and my body is coming in nicely OK there are stretch marks and my tummy is well under construction hehe but come on people I am the healthiest I have ever been in my life! Some very close people to me know that I have been fighting a battle with my health, but even they can't get over how good I am looking :) (I am so lucky to have these wonderful people in my corner!)

Upon reflection I don't understand why these people think its OK to make remarks like that? My mummy taught me that if I didn't have something nice to say then don't say a thing! I don't think people really understand how weight loss works, you cant just target or spot fat loss its simply not possible, so to lose weight/fat you need to focus on what you eat and exercise both resistance and cardio and these three things combined will see you losing fat all over unfortunately you wont lose is evenly and you body does have to play catch up and redistribute fat stores so you will look un-proportioned before you look sexy and bikini ready, but its all part of the journey and I know I am loving seeing the changes in my body, I recently discovered I have a butt hehe

My tummy does upset me a little though, my arms are looking toned and my legs and butt are too and my boobs and waist are looking tight but my tummy is just so slow! Most days I am fine cause I know soon it will come in and I will soon have that flat tummy I have always wanted but when you get remarks like the ones above it does make you question yourself and what your doing.... But I just keep reminding myself that it's all part of the journey and I know that I will get that flat tummy because not only am I working consistently hard I am already seeing awesome changes! I just have to be patient, not my strong point :P But I also have to remember that people simply don't understand the processes and also there are people out there that just don't have what it takes to start the journey let alone finish it so in their own failure they try to bring down those that are succeeding, DON'T let these people get you down!

Find people that will be honest with you but not in a way that will bring you down! My coach was so wonderful yesterday, it was weight in day and my weight hadn't changed another blow for me but he reminded me that not only had I not gone back there was room for me to make changes to keep working at it, this is not the end this is just a speed bump :) So when your feeling like you've hit a wall or that you just cant handle the negative comment anymore go find that support person have a good 'bitch' and walk away knowing your doing the right thing for you!

Right now is the time to get out there and do whatever it takes!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Fighting the inner fat chick

The internal battle of what I used to be and what I am today is in full swing, its holding me back from starting my business properly and it's holding me back from furthering my journey....

Today while visiting Athletes with Attitude Ballarat there was a pair of pants that I really want but I was too frightened that my 'fat butt' wouldnt fit in them so I didnt dare try them on. I have been noticing that I am still stuck in the negative thinking of my once 'obess' self, I always hated trying on clothing because the things I liked never came in a size 26! I can also remember the horrible sinking feeling that I felt when ever something didnt get past my thighs or made look like a sausage...I  remember it as if it were yesterday!

When starting the journey of weightloss, I thought to myself that its going to solve all my problems but the reality is that I was still going to have the same life, the same car, the same family...the list goes on, your body changes and your clothing sizes change but unless you make a move to change your whole 'life' its still all the same.

I have changed a lot, not only in my body but also my mind but I am still learning!

I guess this is why its called a journey (der me) I dont get it as often but I have days where I doubt my progress and doubt my abilities and well feel fat! I know its just psychological but this is one of the harder habits to break, I have broken my binge eating, broken my lazy ways and loads of other unhealthy habits but breaking the habit of negative self talk is the hardest one of all!

So lets think about this, it took me a long time to get as big as I did and to become as negative as I did so its going to take a long time to slowly break down the walls of negativity and rebuild them with positive stronger walls.

Today  I tried to battle each negative thought that popped up by asking myself how that thought was true, I then replaced it with something positive like the other day I was told by a fellow gym goer that she had noticed dramatic changes in me since she last saw me two weeks ago or the fact that my before and after photos have been used to help motivate clients of Glenn and Julian thats pretty bloody amazing!

The moral of todays little rant is that you need to step back and take stock of where you have come from, where you are going and dont forget to enjoy the moment the here and now too, this is a journey and I am bloody proud of where I am at and it high time I started to shed the doubt and self distructive thoughts! The new and confident Em is going to make an appreance in the morning and not go away :)

Time for me to get some sleep, I have mummy duties at schools in the morning so excited :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, May 7, 2012

Everythings inside out and upside down...

My head hurts....

Talk about mental overload! With house hunting, juggling money, juggling study, playing mummy, training etc my head has started to hurt.... time to really sit down and decide an action plan!

Feeling a bit MEH lately, with so much happening and so little time to really focus....

But that's no reason to be negative!

I went through a lovely townhouse today so fingers crossed I get it, it's close to my kiddies school and shops etc also it has a lockable garage along with a dishwasher and also an en suite, very neat and contained :) I also got a lovely painter to give me a quote and take paint sample so that when we leave this house it will be all spotless so I'll get all my bond back ready for the next home, my lovely rental manger visited and gave me a great list of things to do before I leave so that's another stress off my mind :)

I did find the time between house openings and work to go and visit Glenn and his lovely partner at the new Athletes With Attitude store here in Ballarat, the store looks awesome! I spotted some very sexy pants that I am going to treat myself to and also some new tops beings nothing fits me anymore hehe. I found out today that there is a ban on geranium so this will render products such as Oxy Elite and Jacked banned, so you better get in and purchase a good supply because they will be off the shelves in September (I think)

Training has been awesome, I even got the pleasure to be trained by Julian on Friday and boy did he work my muscles to failure! I worked really hard and I loved it, Julian is a great motivator and support and he coached me through some tough lifts where I didn't think I could go any further yet he made me dig deep and ended pushing out another 3! I loved it :) My eating I will be honest and say hasn't been to good in the fact that I have missed meals due to not feeling good, but I recognise where I am going wrong and I need to come up with strategies to over come my feelings but whats so wonderful about working with Julian is that he has armed me with the tools I need to keep fighting and keep pushing through!

Anyway I must run I have chicken nuggets and sweet potato chips to make for my kiddies and then bake them some goodies for their lunch boxes, I'll also attack the washing that needs folding hehe

Today I am finding the silver lining in the clouds!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My YouTube debut and the secret revealed....

Here is the YouTube vid that Julian and I did and was posted up for the world to view on Monday! Talk about nervous, but boy did I love sharing my experience of not only Perfit but also my personal journey. I am very passionate about Perfit Ballarat, my journey may not of started here but it has certainly hit a HIGH note since being here and I know that this is something I am going to commit to for the rest of my life, the support from Julian and his team has been unwavering! Julian and the boys have seen me at the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, these boys have not only helped me to make huge changes but also are willing to support me all the way to the stage :) I cannot thank them enough!

Now onto the big thing that everyone has been waiting for.......

The cat is outta the bag! last night I got to stand up in front of a room full of people and tell them the secret to my success :)

For the past 7 weeks I have been working closely with Julian my coach on an awesome new program called Metabolic Precision, this incredible program turns everything I thought I knew about exercise and nutrition on its head! It has been a learning curve that has not only affected the way I approach food but also the way my kiddies approach food, the awesome news is that what I have learnt has all been put into a handy manual in plain English no big words or complicated scientific jargon! It clearly explains what needs to change, how to do it and how to maintain it and it even comes with an awesome cookbible that I love trying new things out of :)

What I also love about this new program is that its continual, you start off with a 12 week program which I see as 12 weeks of learning and creating your new lifestyle and then in the next 12 weeks you look at how you can maintain, improve and add to your new lifestyle.... I say lifestyle because it really is something that you can maintain for LIFE!

My personal experience with MP is that when I make mistakes I don't feel its the end of the world, I also have learnt that exercise although important is not to be done 6 days a week unless my diet is able to support that (which it isn't until I get the hang of the program) so I follow the 10 point system until I get the go ahead from my coach to up the points, I have also learnt that goals aren't just a number its all about how to get to that number that makes the goal achievable. Physically I am experiencing huge changes more so in my body shape than anything like I can see muscle definition in my arms, legs and back, my strength is improving weekly and my energy levels are through the roof :)

If you are interested in learning more please give the boys at Perfit Ballarat a call :)

Well that's all from me today I have fresh veggies to chop up ready for my omelette's and dinner to cook up for my kiddies and I.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

I still get to enjoy a nice glass of red and chocolate too hehe