Monday, May 7, 2012

Everythings inside out and upside down...

My head hurts....

Talk about mental overload! With house hunting, juggling money, juggling study, playing mummy, training etc my head has started to hurt.... time to really sit down and decide an action plan!

Feeling a bit MEH lately, with so much happening and so little time to really focus....

But that's no reason to be negative!

I went through a lovely townhouse today so fingers crossed I get it, it's close to my kiddies school and shops etc also it has a lockable garage along with a dishwasher and also an en suite, very neat and contained :) I also got a lovely painter to give me a quote and take paint sample so that when we leave this house it will be all spotless so I'll get all my bond back ready for the next home, my lovely rental manger visited and gave me a great list of things to do before I leave so that's another stress off my mind :)

I did find the time between house openings and work to go and visit Glenn and his lovely partner at the new Athletes With Attitude store here in Ballarat, the store looks awesome! I spotted some very sexy pants that I am going to treat myself to and also some new tops beings nothing fits me anymore hehe. I found out today that there is a ban on geranium so this will render products such as Oxy Elite and Jacked banned, so you better get in and purchase a good supply because they will be off the shelves in September (I think)

Training has been awesome, I even got the pleasure to be trained by Julian on Friday and boy did he work my muscles to failure! I worked really hard and I loved it, Julian is a great motivator and support and he coached me through some tough lifts where I didn't think I could go any further yet he made me dig deep and ended pushing out another 3! I loved it :) My eating I will be honest and say hasn't been to good in the fact that I have missed meals due to not feeling good, but I recognise where I am going wrong and I need to come up with strategies to over come my feelings but whats so wonderful about working with Julian is that he has armed me with the tools I need to keep fighting and keep pushing through!

Anyway I must run I have chicken nuggets and sweet potato chips to make for my kiddies and then bake them some goodies for their lunch boxes, I'll also attack the washing that needs folding hehe

Today I am finding the silver lining in the clouds!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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