Wednesday, May 2, 2012

My YouTube debut and the secret revealed....

Here is the YouTube vid that Julian and I did and was posted up for the world to view on Monday! Talk about nervous, but boy did I love sharing my experience of not only Perfit but also my personal journey. I am very passionate about Perfit Ballarat, my journey may not of started here but it has certainly hit a HIGH note since being here and I know that this is something I am going to commit to for the rest of my life, the support from Julian and his team has been unwavering! Julian and the boys have seen me at the lowest of lows and the highest of highs, these boys have not only helped me to make huge changes but also are willing to support me all the way to the stage :) I cannot thank them enough!

Now onto the big thing that everyone has been waiting for.......

The cat is outta the bag! last night I got to stand up in front of a room full of people and tell them the secret to my success :)

For the past 7 weeks I have been working closely with Julian my coach on an awesome new program called Metabolic Precision, this incredible program turns everything I thought I knew about exercise and nutrition on its head! It has been a learning curve that has not only affected the way I approach food but also the way my kiddies approach food, the awesome news is that what I have learnt has all been put into a handy manual in plain English no big words or complicated scientific jargon! It clearly explains what needs to change, how to do it and how to maintain it and it even comes with an awesome cookbible that I love trying new things out of :)

What I also love about this new program is that its continual, you start off with a 12 week program which I see as 12 weeks of learning and creating your new lifestyle and then in the next 12 weeks you look at how you can maintain, improve and add to your new lifestyle.... I say lifestyle because it really is something that you can maintain for LIFE!

My personal experience with MP is that when I make mistakes I don't feel its the end of the world, I also have learnt that exercise although important is not to be done 6 days a week unless my diet is able to support that (which it isn't until I get the hang of the program) so I follow the 10 point system until I get the go ahead from my coach to up the points, I have also learnt that goals aren't just a number its all about how to get to that number that makes the goal achievable. Physically I am experiencing huge changes more so in my body shape than anything like I can see muscle definition in my arms, legs and back, my strength is improving weekly and my energy levels are through the roof :)

If you are interested in learning more please give the boys at Perfit Ballarat a call :)

Well that's all from me today I have fresh veggies to chop up ready for my omelette's and dinner to cook up for my kiddies and I.

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

I still get to enjoy a nice glass of red and chocolate too hehe

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