Friday, May 18, 2012

Oozing awesome....

Damn straight haha

I took a week off from my own training and god damn I feel Fkn awesome!

Today I am going to head in to the gym for some light cardio (yep that's right I am going to force myself to go light, the focus is just getting the body warm and the blood flowing to my well rested muscles) in my time off I have managed to put my 14 days notice in, organise help to move me and organise a house party cause that's bloody important too hehe

So I have been having fun in the kitchen and coming up with new Metabolically Precise meals that taste oh so naughty but are oh so good for my ever shrinking waistline :) I even made the best damn roast on the planet and was able to enjoy every mouthful knowing it was going to help me towards my goals, I don't care what anyone thinks.... if you are determined to get your body into the best ever shape then you need to be mindful of every mouthful because each mouthful of the 'wrong' foods equals a step in the wrong direction! I have had to remind myself of this fact, it has become my mantra in tough times.

I thought it would be a great time to give you a bit of info on what figure competitions are all about, see the minute you tag on bodybuilding to the end of it people start thinking of muscle bound men such as good old Arnie or worse the big green hulk haha.... But this is so wrong, figure is all about showing off the female curves and beauty while also showing muscular tone (not size as such) and muscle symmetry, in a competition there is usually 2 rounds the first round is performed in high heels and bikini the girls perform quarter turns to the right, this allows the judges to observe and judge each girl for symmetry, presentation and other aesthetic qualities. The second round is similar to the first but the judges are now comparing each girl and looking for over all condition and symmetry and critically judging each girl against the next. Figure is all about being feminine and the judges are looking for this, so I guess in some respects its very much like the good old fashioned beauty pageant.

For me though this isn't about winning, its about me challenging myself and striving for the best body I can create! When I step out on stage for the first time I will be doing it with the loo at what you can do with hard work kinda attitude :) I am so much closer to stepping on stage, there is alot of hard work ahead of me but I am more determined that ever to totally own it! I love the way training makes me feel and I love being able to share my story, this journey of mine has just begun so watch out peeps there is heaps more to come :)

OK well enough talking time to go get ready for the gym *insert happy dance here* I have totally been off for too long cause I am so not organised hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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