Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Things are on the up and up

This week has just been WOW...

I am so blown away by how all of a sudden everything has just fallen into place, firstly I got some awesome news about my health which has been a massive relief but also has explained ALOT so now I don't feel so totally and utterly insane anymore hehe but also I now know what I need to do to hopefully put an end to the daily battle and see even more awesome changes in my body! I also want to send out a big thank you to Julian Gaylor owner and my coach at Perfit Ballarat, without your constant support and help I would never of been able to cope and also a big thank you also to Alex and Anthony for putting up with me and making training work around my energy levels (or lack there of). I battled through my health scare on my own but when it started to effect my training I was able to confide in Julian what was going on he was so understanding, Julian is not only my coach but also my friend and you cant say that often in life!

Along with that wonderful news I also got a phone call today from my lovely rental manager at Ray White Ballarat that I have been accepted into a lovely 3 bedroom home, it has a wonderful secure backyard and a great entertaining area that is also secure. The house that I am currently in was up for sale for about a month but when it didn't sell they decided to give me a 60 day vacate notice, there is some pretty nasty things happening between the landlord and his father inlaw so the faster I am out of here the better, the father inlaw was trying to blame me for the house selling and has even been watching my house and made threats to my agent...luckily Gail is one tough lady and has stood up for me :) The painter has been through and fixed up a few dints in the walls so now all that's left is for me to get the gardens up to date and pack, then I am out of here and no longer have to stress about the psycho father inlaw!

So with all this good news I have decided that I am going to have a total clear out, with my health now on the mend and a new house I can honestly say that I am ready to move on and look positively to the future knowing that I have already accomplished so much, now I can strive for even more :)

I have also decided that I am going back to uni, I have so much more that i want to learn but also i want to finish what I started! As much as I have loved my holidays I have totally missed my uni routine and using my brain, when I am ready to get Envy Fitness fully up and running I will then look at cutting uni to part time but I am not ready to get Envy Fitness fully operational yet...But soon Envy HQ will be in full swing :)

So this week has not only been full of good news its also been one of rest and reflection, getting my mind back into the game and evaluating what I really want to do in life. I have sat down and planned out training for the rest of the month and also planned out menus and shopping lists to see me through till the end of the month :) I have even added in some awesome new Metabolic Precision recipes into my menu and also came up with some awesome new HEALTHY lunch box foods for my kiddies! Which reminds me....I totally forgot to tell you, my kiddies have been getting picked on for taking 'weird' food to school, firstly i was angry and very upset at the behavior of these children then my daughter (10) turned around and said to these children 'I'm lucky because my mum makes the time to make me healthy, yumi food...Your mums don't' I was flawed, my little girl is a tough little cookie, so super proud :)

Any way I must dash and feed my kiddies because my little man has just informed me he is starving while pointing to his very sucked in tummy hehe

Keep smiling and train HARD :)

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