Monday, June 25, 2012

Refueling weekend...

All I can say is BUGGER....

I decided to make the weekend a refueling weekend but unfortunately its turned into an extended weekend BLA

I think this is now an insight into what bodybuilders might go through after comp season?

I feel like all I want is carb filled sugary/salty foods, I have not eaten anything too bad and I havent been able to eat alot because my tummy has certainly shrunk but the cravings persist and  I was even craving the silliest of things like burn chicken and burnt bacon along with lots of garlic! Also guilty feeling grew boo hoo

so kiddies what can we learn from this, well nothing negative because negativity does not help any situation! So the positive side is that I managed to give my all to my new diet for two whole weeks wwithout cheating and managed to lose a whole dress size! I have also proven that even though it was bloody tough and I felt that I was losing my mind that I could do it and most of all I have learnt that i am stronger than I ever though possible!

I thought I was a food addict, I thought there were certain foods thats I could never live with out (chocolate, pasta, garli bread) but this diet proved to me that I had the strength to say no...

I think this was more of my head taking over, I felt after I gave into the cravings over my refueling weekend that I didnt really want them.... I think that even now I am just thinking/craving things for the sake of it! So my inner toddler is going to stomp its foot and say NO MORE hehe
So what else have I been experiencing....

Along with my feather brain, I have been experiencing mood changes and with these mood changes I think it makes negative people gravitate towards me, I got cut off by a lady in the parking area so I yelled out to her asking her if she got her license out of a fruitloops packet and then I got cut off by an old duck in the loo let me just point out that firstly there is two liters of water in my bladder and its not going to wait its turn for no one hehe and second of all the toilets were vacant all 6 of them! yet she wanted the one I was half in...Needless to say I mumbled under my breathe that she should stick her head in the loo and flush...when I say mummble I think I mean yell hehe... So the message here is dont get in the way of a dieting women hehe

Luckily my mood has been enhanced by my weekend :)

back to the tretches I still have 13 days left to crank up the diet and exercise and see what I can achieve.... Bring it on :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Feather brain....

Right so I have been really strict on my diet, no bread or pasta and keeping all carbs low in energy....

This equals one feather brained Em!

In the last 10 days I have lost 3kg and I think also a few brain cells hehe.... I went out to breaky the other morning and nearly left without paying, thank goodness the owner knows me very well, I think I was so focused on not eating the toast that was on the side of my plate that I totally forgot to pay hehe But that's not the end, in fact that's just the start :P I then decided it was time to go and buy some new music, get my mind off toast hehe so I went down to JB and left my purse in the car, then went into BigW and totally forgot why I was in there bahaha

Luckily though I think my brain is returning (I think hehe)

Apart from being tired in the evenings I am coping really well with my new diet (I hate that word) as I have outlined in another post my diet isn't anything stupid I am just being smart about carbs, I have heaps of veggies with each solid meal (3 in total) I am loving how my tummy is coming in I can finally see more definition between my waist and my hips YIPPEE

I will be taking some new pics next week and will post them up for you all to see :)

Well I have shopping to do and a house to tidy....

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Monday, June 18, 2012

It is on!

The count down has begun, I have 20 days to see what I can pull off!

So what have I been doing, I have been consuming 6 meals so roughly eating every 3 hours I have been mixing it up with liquid meals and solid meals (3 of each most days) I am eating high protein low and high carbs (High carbs are only after training) I am also consuming omega 3's with each meal too.... I am training heavy weights twice a week and then interval training for cardio 2-3 times a week.

So far I have lost about 2kg and the tops that were tight last week when I bought them are now loose :)

It is proof that if you truly stick to the plan 100% you will make changes fast! In my first 12 weeks of MP I still had foods that were not part of the program or perhaps weren't exactly spot on but healthish.... Now I can see just how powerful eating the right foods really is! I mean I knew what was right and wrong but now that I am actually doing whats right I can see huge changes.

I went into Athletes With Attitude Ballarat today and so glad I did as I got a wonderful dose of motivation from Suzanna, it's really lovely to have such wonderful support from the whole team at AWA as they all have experience and understand what I am going through. I've been feeling a bit tired and flat but left the shop feeling on top of the world :)

It was also great on the weekend when I went into Anytime Fitness Ballarat and my coach was there training and he offered to spot me if I need it, its really awesome to see that even out of work he wants to help :)

I am really feeling in control and on top of the world right now, I have been able to say no to cake and hot chips, taken all my meals out with me and stuck to drinking long black coffee when I am out socially.... Having something to work for that you really want is super motivational and really does help to keep the focus! I am so excited about the AWA met and greet, I am super motivated and so excited to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with amazing professional athletes that I have looked up to and been inspired by :)

The next 20 days I am going to give it all I've got and I know I am going to see some awesome changes and so too will everyone else, not only will I do AWA and Perfit proud I will also make myself proud, because never before have I been so determined, I am amazing myself with my commitment to diet, something that has always been my weakness.... food! But no more, I am going to make food my bitch, its going to work for me not against me! Bring it on :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Stuff 'em

Good morning my loyal readers, today I am going to share with you some opinions that you may or may not agree with so grab a coffee get comfy and enjoy....

I am tattooed, I have many body piercings and I have ATTITUDE! I am crude and swear and when I am passionate about something I will let it be known and I will fight for what I think is right (even if at times it may be wrong in the eyes of others) I am who I am and I am never going to change, so you can either love me as is or BUGGER OFF!

I wont do what others think I should do, I will do what I think I should do! People have to realise that their expectations of others may not be what that person expects from themselves! I am very lucky to be surrounded by people that 'Get' what I am doing, a gorgeous besty of mine was telling me about how she has changed her eating to be more healthy (clean) and that people at work are now saying to her 'why are you eating that, you don't need to lose weight' my gorgeous friend was stunned and didn't know how to reply... What business is it of anyone what you eat? I am so proud of my friend for wanting to 'be healthy' she runs every day and now she wants to clean up her diet shouldn't her work mate be patting her on the back saying good on you?

Society has such a screwed up idea on 'being healthy' they think that healthy is about losing weight and then going back to their normal behavior once the weight is gone.... come on doesn't take a genius to tell you wants going to happen.... Your going to gain it back and then some in a very short amount of time.... being healthy is a lifestyle choice thus its for life!

What also amazes me is that when you tell people that your preparing to get on stage they think that your diet must consist of what you'd feed your pet rabbit..... Em say's no people! I am preparing for an AWA sponsored athletes gathering and I want to see what I can achieve in the next three weeks so my diet (a term I use loosely) has been tightened up, no chocolate and no junkie or sugary foods.... I am still eating carbs (high carb sources after training and low carb sources with every other meal) I am not depriving myself at all, today for lunch I am having satay prawns on a bed of steamed veggies.... Clearly not eating like a pet rabbit!

I also got a dig on my facebook saying that curvy is better than skinny bitches (something along those lines) and I would of gladly appreciated the comments if he didn't refer to skinny women as bitches also there is a huge difference between skinny and healthy bodies! I cant understand why people can't appreciate the finer details of what I post on my facebook, such as the hard work and dedication that each of those girls in the pic's put in to their bodies, the confidence and determination that those girls posses or the simple fact that these girls love what they are doing... why be a critic? if you love you the way you are then more power to you, if you don't love you then do something about it, don't go hating on others just because they are doing what you can't!

Life is to be lived people, learn about things before you hate on them!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Week 2 of MP

OK so week one wrap up.... I cleaned out my home and made it safe (luckily apart from a few bars of chocolate my first clear out from the first MP program has stuck) I then did a cook up and restocked my freezer which had been depleted as I was living on it because I had become a little lazy...Not anymore though. I have lost .5kg so far and I feel as I have a new form of energy, although this time round I am finding it hard to fit in all my meals each meal that I am having are MP correct :)

So I am now in the middle of week 2, I am still full of energy and loving trying new meals and getting stuck into my training with new strength gains being made.... My water intake is up and my meal timing is improving although I know I am going to get told off for over training as I have been hitting the gym with my friend alot as I am her gym buddy and she is working her butt off to get ready for her wedding (I reckon this should let me off the hook with Julian right??? hehe nah he's gonna tell me off :P)

I have been really really strict with my food, no room for error! I have a meet and greet with the AWA team and other AWA sponsored athletes and there will be photos taken and I really want to see what changes I can make in the next 3 weeks. I think that being super strict has set me up for cravings because on the first 12 week MP program I didn't have cravings because I was more flexible (naughty) where as this time round I am being hard on myself NO MISTAKES! So I had a really bad craving for chocolate last night and allowed myself 2 pieces of dark chocolate (which is allowed on MP) and it just didn't cut it, so I made up an awesome recipe that Julian gave me and it totally hit the spot :) I am going to stick fast and not cave in again, instead I will try and find MP alternatives and if that doesn't help I will keep myself busy...More blogging hehe

So this week I have been feeling a bit off, not with training or diet but with confidence in myself and my skills.... I have been tossing up whether or not I go back to uni or not and still cant decide, the next study period starts very soon and I have about a week to decide whether to continue or not, I love law and psychology but am I really going to use it? But then I fear am I going to be a good enough personal trainer do I have what it takes? I have awesome trainers and look up to them and feel that I will never be as good as them.... I lack confidence in myself and my skills although I am still learning, I have been thinking maybe I need to finish my certification on campus in a proper tafe course so that I get more hands experience and this will help bust my skills and confidence!

I guess my 'Inner fat girl' is playing a part in this too because I still worry that I am not skinny enough to be a personal trainer, how can I teach people when I am still losing weight bla bla whinge whinge... You know know typical 'fat girl' thinking! I am not going to let this negative self talk win, I have made huge changes and really love the way I am looking and feeling and this is something that I want to share, I want to share my journey the ups and the downs and prove that it can be done I also want to prove that with the right support the journey can be that little bit easier :)

I have been so lucky to have the amazing support of Julian and the team at perfit and the support of Glenn and the team at AWA, they are both my support but also my role models and I hope to one day be half as good as them :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Weekend rambles...

Don't you hate it when your away from the laptop or iPhone you always come up with awesome ideas but by the time you need that awesome idea you have forgotten it.... That's what has happened to me, I had an awesome topic for my blog and now its gone :(

So I am flying by the seat of my pants here peeps, sorry in advance hehe

Having one of those self doubting days today.... Feeling fat, ugly, the scales haven't changed and the I hate all my clothing as its either too big or too small attitude is so taking over.... Oh god I sound so whinny BLA

So I think its time to have a look back, I am ever so focused on the future that I forget where I have come from!

Back in the day when I was fat I never would of dreamed of employing a personal trainer (let alone becoming one) and I never would of dreamed the strength that I would posses! I was very much house bound, I wouldn't go out and I wouldn't be doing this! I am so much happier, I am bubbly and full of enthusiastic energy that can sometimes be annoying hehe but I am me and you know what I genuinely love being me :) But I think sometimes I forget that because I am so focused and dedicated to getting on stage, I don't actually take the time to enjoy where I am at, it wasn't until I was a pic from an AWA stand was posted that I realised you know what I ain't that bad to look at!

So its time to make sure that I stay focused and on target for stage but that I also remember just how far I have come :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Metabolic Precision week 1

If you haven't been following my blog then you may not know what Metabolic Precision is.... MP is a nutrition and exercise plan like none other, it is a 12 week program but at the end of the 12 weeks you either continue on or you begin another 12 weeks program where you consolidate and tweak your goals which will in turn make the 12 weeks fresh and new and you can keep doing 12 week blocks until you achieve your goals. What is so fantastic is that this program is not just weightloss focused it is focused on a total body and mind transformation, it will work for anyone at any point in their life! This program is not just a 12 week program it is a lifestyle that is easy and maintainable.

So how do you go about learning more, I highly recommend my coach Julian Gaylor from Perfit Ballarat but if you are not in the Ballarat area you can jump on the Metabolic Precision homepage and find a MP coach in your local area. Julian has been an amazing support, his role as an MP coach is to help you learn how to impliment the program into your lifestyle and along the way give you tips and advice on how you can make each meal count! For me personally I found that the one on one coaching sessions helped me to focus, to understand why timing is important and also to help consolidate what I had read in the manual, it is also a very positive and supporting experience because if I made a mistake Julian would give me ideas of how to over come the mistake if it were ever to happen again. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Julian or even me :)

Right so I am currently in my first week of my second 12 week MP program (wow that's a mouthful hehe) the first week is all about learning what the metabolism really is, daily influences and the 3 objectives that are essential to gaining your dream body. So I am re-reading the chapter and going back through the 3 essential objectives, making sure that I make each meal metabolically precise and that my exercise consists of 2 ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) sessions and 2 RE sessions (Resistance Exercise) this will mean I am sticking to the 10 point guideline set out in the MP manual.

So here are my measurements:
Bust- 97cm
Waist- 92cm
Hips- 123cm

Here is my side pic:

So this week I have stocked up on all the essentials (protein powder, fish oil, flax seed oil) my cupboard has been stocked with yumi protein thanks to Glenn and the team at Athletes with Attitude Ballarat, my freezer is filled with veggies, chicken and fish, my fridge is filled with eggs, fresh veggies and herbs..... I have pre-chopped all my veggies ready for my breakie omelette's and I have bottles of water all set to be sipped on during the day ooo and I also have my pre and post workout shakes packed ready for tomorrows RE sesh at Perfit Ballarat and in the oven I am slow cooking some lean steak ready for tomorrows post workout steak wrap YUMI!

Right now I am off to pack my kiddies lunch boxes, lay out my gym gear and put on some washing then I can relax and do some homework :)

Preparation is key peeps!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Where to start????

Starting at the beginning is always best haha

So I have moved into my lovely cosy home, that is actually so well heated that we can sit around in T-shits and not get frost bite hehe... My ex landlord was quite the nasty pasty pasty and reminded me of a nasty little chiwawa that I would gleefully kick over the back fence (now wouldn't it be funny if he read my blog hehe) anyway he whinged and whined that I left the house in a state, my agent pretty much laughed at him and told me not to stress so that's what I am doing :)

So it took me two days to fully move in as I was doing it by the car load until I was able to get the boys to help me out, I finally unpacked the last box on Sunday....Damn it felt good! So I am officially all settled in :)

I officially signed up as an Athletes With Attitude sponsored athlete and boy oh boy does it feel amazing! I literally feel like doing the happy dance :) The support that I am receiving from the AWA team is amazing but the best bit ever is being able to help others by sharing my experiences, this 'weightloss' thing is bloody hard work and you know what I think it cant do it without the right advice and support! So not only do I get all my supplement needs from Athletes with Attitude I also get alot of motivation and inspiration to keep going :)

Through AWA I have also had the pleasure to meet some amazing people, just yesterday I had coffee with the gorgeous Jess who is stepping on stage for the first time this year (October) I am very excited and totally thrilled to call this girl my friend! She is a huge inspiration, so down to earth and has been such a huge support to me, this girl is just super inspiring! her body transformation is jaw dropping and her dedication to her dreams/goals is unwavering and has totally rubbed off on me :)

Ooo and lets not forget the gorgeous Rhi, a newbie to the world of supplements, I meet Rhi at AWA Ballarat store and we just hit it off, sharing a weight loss journey similar to mine we get to swap stories and recipes and give each other that motivational kick when needed :)

Then just today as I was going in to buy some new AWA T-Shirts I meet Samantha who is training with the boys down at Perfit and is also doing the Metabolic Precision coaching with Julian, we got talking about the program and the training and food prep... reckon we could of stood there for ages just gas bagging hehe I loved it!

I am so motivated and totally buzzing.... Helping people really is an awesome feeling :)

So lets talk dirty...Diet that is hehe.... So while I was moving my diet was oh so DIRTY in fact it was down right filthy!!!! I was so so so so so sick... I think I had about every take away meal known to man blur.... But this laps in diet has proven to me that what I am doing is working for me, that my lifestyle that I have worked hard to build is and always will be the only way that I will eat! After 4 or so days of poor eating I became bitchy, tired and lethargic.... 1 day of clean eating MP style found me feeling energised and pretty much 100% again, although when I cardioed I literally sweated out all the yuckies that I had put into my poor body... While eating poorly I noticed that my training was suffering but now its back on track :)

So I am starting my next 12 week Metabolic Precision program, this doesn't really change as such its more my goals for the 12 weeks have change for example I want to tighten up my metabolic window so I am using it more effectively and I also want to make sure that I track better this time round because I did let that slip towards the end of my first 12 week program. This time round I am also going to make specific blog entries that just cover the MP 12 weeks along with pics and measurements so that then you guys can get a better idea of what MP is all about (of course you can also contact Julian head coach at Perfit Ballarat)

So let me share a pic with you that I took last week, its a close up progress pic of my tummy I took it on my iPhone so its real no photoshop here! To avoid that crinkly old lady skin I have been using heaps of Palmers body cream and oil along with Bio oil and also by making sure I drink heaps of water and take lots of fish oil and flax seed oil... working inside and out to get results like this :)

Right so I think I have blabbered on enough, so should of given a warning that caffeine will be need before reading this post hehe :P

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)