Monday, June 18, 2012

It is on!

The count down has begun, I have 20 days to see what I can pull off!

So what have I been doing, I have been consuming 6 meals so roughly eating every 3 hours I have been mixing it up with liquid meals and solid meals (3 of each most days) I am eating high protein low and high carbs (High carbs are only after training) I am also consuming omega 3's with each meal too.... I am training heavy weights twice a week and then interval training for cardio 2-3 times a week.

So far I have lost about 2kg and the tops that were tight last week when I bought them are now loose :)

It is proof that if you truly stick to the plan 100% you will make changes fast! In my first 12 weeks of MP I still had foods that were not part of the program or perhaps weren't exactly spot on but healthish.... Now I can see just how powerful eating the right foods really is! I mean I knew what was right and wrong but now that I am actually doing whats right I can see huge changes.

I went into Athletes With Attitude Ballarat today and so glad I did as I got a wonderful dose of motivation from Suzanna, it's really lovely to have such wonderful support from the whole team at AWA as they all have experience and understand what I am going through. I've been feeling a bit tired and flat but left the shop feeling on top of the world :)

It was also great on the weekend when I went into Anytime Fitness Ballarat and my coach was there training and he offered to spot me if I need it, its really awesome to see that even out of work he wants to help :)

I am really feeling in control and on top of the world right now, I have been able to say no to cake and hot chips, taken all my meals out with me and stuck to drinking long black coffee when I am out socially.... Having something to work for that you really want is super motivational and really does help to keep the focus! I am so excited about the AWA met and greet, I am super motivated and so excited to have the opportunity to rub shoulders with amazing professional athletes that I have looked up to and been inspired by :)

The next 20 days I am going to give it all I've got and I know I am going to see some awesome changes and so too will everyone else, not only will I do AWA and Perfit proud I will also make myself proud, because never before have I been so determined, I am amazing myself with my commitment to diet, something that has always been my weakness.... food! But no more, I am going to make food my bitch, its going to work for me not against me! Bring it on :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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