Thursday, June 7, 2012

Metabolic Precision week 1

If you haven't been following my blog then you may not know what Metabolic Precision is.... MP is a nutrition and exercise plan like none other, it is a 12 week program but at the end of the 12 weeks you either continue on or you begin another 12 weeks program where you consolidate and tweak your goals which will in turn make the 12 weeks fresh and new and you can keep doing 12 week blocks until you achieve your goals. What is so fantastic is that this program is not just weightloss focused it is focused on a total body and mind transformation, it will work for anyone at any point in their life! This program is not just a 12 week program it is a lifestyle that is easy and maintainable.

So how do you go about learning more, I highly recommend my coach Julian Gaylor from Perfit Ballarat but if you are not in the Ballarat area you can jump on the Metabolic Precision homepage and find a MP coach in your local area. Julian has been an amazing support, his role as an MP coach is to help you learn how to impliment the program into your lifestyle and along the way give you tips and advice on how you can make each meal count! For me personally I found that the one on one coaching sessions helped me to focus, to understand why timing is important and also to help consolidate what I had read in the manual, it is also a very positive and supporting experience because if I made a mistake Julian would give me ideas of how to over come the mistake if it were ever to happen again. If you have any further questions please don't hesitate to contact Julian or even me :)

Right so I am currently in my first week of my second 12 week MP program (wow that's a mouthful hehe) the first week is all about learning what the metabolism really is, daily influences and the 3 objectives that are essential to gaining your dream body. So I am re-reading the chapter and going back through the 3 essential objectives, making sure that I make each meal metabolically precise and that my exercise consists of 2 ICE (Intense Cardio Exercise) sessions and 2 RE sessions (Resistance Exercise) this will mean I am sticking to the 10 point guideline set out in the MP manual.

So here are my measurements:
Bust- 97cm
Waist- 92cm
Hips- 123cm

Here is my side pic:

So this week I have stocked up on all the essentials (protein powder, fish oil, flax seed oil) my cupboard has been stocked with yumi protein thanks to Glenn and the team at Athletes with Attitude Ballarat, my freezer is filled with veggies, chicken and fish, my fridge is filled with eggs, fresh veggies and herbs..... I have pre-chopped all my veggies ready for my breakie omelette's and I have bottles of water all set to be sipped on during the day ooo and I also have my pre and post workout shakes packed ready for tomorrows RE sesh at Perfit Ballarat and in the oven I am slow cooking some lean steak ready for tomorrows post workout steak wrap YUMI!

Right now I am off to pack my kiddies lunch boxes, lay out my gym gear and put on some washing then I can relax and do some homework :)

Preparation is key peeps!

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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