Monday, June 25, 2012

Refueling weekend...

All I can say is BUGGER....

I decided to make the weekend a refueling weekend but unfortunately its turned into an extended weekend BLA

I think this is now an insight into what bodybuilders might go through after comp season?

I feel like all I want is carb filled sugary/salty foods, I have not eaten anything too bad and I havent been able to eat alot because my tummy has certainly shrunk but the cravings persist and  I was even craving the silliest of things like burn chicken and burnt bacon along with lots of garlic! Also guilty feeling grew boo hoo

so kiddies what can we learn from this, well nothing negative because negativity does not help any situation! So the positive side is that I managed to give my all to my new diet for two whole weeks wwithout cheating and managed to lose a whole dress size! I have also proven that even though it was bloody tough and I felt that I was losing my mind that I could do it and most of all I have learnt that i am stronger than I ever though possible!

I thought I was a food addict, I thought there were certain foods thats I could never live with out (chocolate, pasta, garli bread) but this diet proved to me that I had the strength to say no...

I think this was more of my head taking over, I felt after I gave into the cravings over my refueling weekend that I didnt really want them.... I think that even now I am just thinking/craving things for the sake of it! So my inner toddler is going to stomp its foot and say NO MORE hehe
So what else have I been experiencing....

Along with my feather brain, I have been experiencing mood changes and with these mood changes I think it makes negative people gravitate towards me, I got cut off by a lady in the parking area so I yelled out to her asking her if she got her license out of a fruitloops packet and then I got cut off by an old duck in the loo let me just point out that firstly there is two liters of water in my bladder and its not going to wait its turn for no one hehe and second of all the toilets were vacant all 6 of them! yet she wanted the one I was half in...Needless to say I mumbled under my breathe that she should stick her head in the loo and flush...when I say mummble I think I mean yell hehe... So the message here is dont get in the way of a dieting women hehe

Luckily my mood has been enhanced by my weekend :)

back to the tretches I still have 13 days left to crank up the diet and exercise and see what I can achieve.... Bring it on :)

Keep smiling and train HARD peeps :)

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